Amman (Jost). Neuwe Biblische Figuren, 108 woodcuts by

Amman, orig. impressions, vell., Franckfurt, 1573, 4to. (232), Oct. 28, Puttick

Kaye, £2_ios. Anacreon. Odaria, with inscription" To David Constable, Esq.,

from his sincere friend, J. T. Gibson Crai copies printed), cf. gt., Parma, 1874, 8vo. (439), March 1, Dowell

8s. 6d. Anacreon. Odes, ed. by A. Bullen, one of no copies on

Japanese vell., plates by Weguelin, hf. vell. gt., t.e.g., 1893, 4to. (163), July 22, Hodgson R. Lumley, 7s.

(135., same state, Jan. 14, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 979.] Ancient Classics for English Readers, ed. by W. L. Collins, 14 vol., hf. vell., Blackwood, v.y., 8vo. (992), April 5, Dowell

£1 25. Andersen (H. C.) Fairy Tales, illustrations by Heath Robin

son, some col., LARGE PAPER (one of 100 signed copies),

vell. ex., t.e.g., 1913, 4to. (221), July 9, Hodgson Andersen (H. C.) Stories and Fairy Tales, trans. by H. Oskar

Sommer, illustrations by Arthur J. Gaskin, 2 vol., buckram gt., uncut, 1893, 4to. (316), July 1, Sotheby

Joseph, 7s. Andersen (H. C.) Stories, ed. de luxe, signed by the artist,

col. illustrations by Edmund Dulac, vell. ex. (1911), 4to. (131), Nov. 18, Hodgson

F. Shepherd, i9s. Anderson (A.) Exposition of the Hymne commonly called

Benedictus, with an ample and comfortable application of the same to our age and people, first ed., black letter, title within ornamental border (small top corner of illustration in fac.), mor. ex., g.e., Henry Middleton (1573), 8vo. (400), July 27, Sotheby

Lulworth, ios. Anderson (. C.) Shropshire, its early History and Antiqui

ties, illustrations, extra-illustrated by the addition of numerous engraved views, etc. loosely inserted, orig. cl., 1864---Hulbert (C.) The Manual of Shropshire Biography, woodcuts, extra-illustrated by the addition of numerous engraved views, etc., orig. cl. (loose), Shrewsburv, 1839, together 2 vol., 8vo. (97), June 2, Sotheby

Laird, 13s. Anderson (Martin). Symbols, Cartoons and Humours of

Cynicus,” edition de luxe, col. illustrations, 3 vol., 1891-3, folio (105), June 24, Hodgson

5s. Anderson (W.) Pictorial Arts of Japan, plates, many in gold and colours, hf. mor., g.e., 1886, folio (150), June 8, Christie

Leer, £4 55. [£4 ios., hf. mor., g.e., Dec. 22, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 335.] Anderson (W.). Pictorial Arts of Japan, with a Sketch of the

Associated Arts, and remarks upon the Pictorial Art of the Chinese and Koreans, plates, some in gold and colours, orig. cl. ex., mor. back, g.e., 1886, folio (339), July 1, Hodgson

Hitchman, £3 55. Andreae (Johannes). Lectura super arboribus consanguinatis affinitatis et cognationis spiritualis, lit. goth., long lines, 33


to a page, 8 leaves, 2 full-page woodcut trees (slightly cut into), bds. [Hain 1019, not in Proctor], Absque nota [Nürnberg, F. Creussner, c. 1474), folio (235), July 14, Sotheby

Leighton, £2 12s. Andresen (Ă.) Der deutsche Peintre-Graveur, 3 vol., hf. cf.,

Leipzig, 1864-6, 8vo. (6), July 14, Sotheby Wheeler, ros. Andrews (H. C.) Botanist's Repository, col. plates, 10 vol.,

russia (some plates cropped), 1797-1815, 4to. (228), June 23, Puttick

Wesley, £7 55. Anecdota Syriaca, collegit J. P. N. Land, facs., 4 vol. in 2, hf.

cf., Lugduni Batavorum, 1862-75, roy. 8vo. (223), April 9, Hodgson

Blackwell, £2 48. Anecdotes on the Origin and Antiquity of Horse-Racing,

front., cf., by T. Gosden, 1825--Gentleman's Compleat Jockey, by A. S., cf., 1717–Markham's Faithfull Farrier, cuts, sheep. 1653-The Smithfield Jockey, or the Character of a Horse-Courser, mor. ex., Printed by W. D., 1675, and others, together 12 vol., 8vo. (8), June 21, Christie

Raphael, £10 1os. Angas (G. F.) South Australia Illustrated, numerous col.

litho. plates (one repaired), hf. mor., g.e., T. M'Lean, 1847,

roy. folio (329), May 6, Hodgson Edwards, £5 12s. 6d. Angas (G. F.) The Kafirs Illustrated in a Series of Drawings

taken among the Amazulu and other Tribes, por.. and 30 col. lithos., hf, mor. (rubbed), 1849, imp. folio (278), Nov. 4, Hodgson

Spencer, £8 17s. 6d. [£7 158., hf. mor., Feb. 17, 1914.] Angelica's Ladies Library, or Parents and Guardians Present,

engraved title and plates by A. Kauffman and H. Bunbury, bds., uncut (title stained), 1794, 4to. (8195), June 2, Sotheby

S. B. Herbert, £I IS. Angelo (D.) L'Ecole des Armes, 46 plates (should be 47) by

Elliot and others, orig. cl., A Londres, 1763, folio (320),
July 22, Hodgson

Ė. J. Symes, 198. Angelo (1.) School of Fencing, with a general explanation of

the principal attitudes and positions peculiar to the Art, in English and French, first ed., 47 plates, hf. cf., 1765, oblong folio (1013), June 14, Knight

£2 5s. Angelo (D.) School of Fencing, second ed., text in English

and French, 47 plates of attitudes, cf., 1787, oblong folio (469), March 18. Hodgson

£I 5s. [£1 12s. 6d., bds. (broken), the orig. ed. of 1765, oblong

folio, Nov. 21, 1912, Puttick, Lot 204.] Angelus (Johannes). Opus Astrolabii Plani in Tabulis ascen

dens continens qualibet Hora atque Minuto, woodcuts and diagrams, gothic letter (stained), cf., Venet., 1494, sm.

4to. (532), Jan. 27, Hodgson Davis & Orioli, £2 8s. Anglo-Saxon Review, ed. by Lady Randolph Churchill, plates,

10 vol., fac. cf. bindings, 1899-1901, 4to. (114), June 8, Christie

Jackson, £1 12s. [£i ios., the 10 vnd, same state, June 30, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 456.]


Anglo-Saxon Review, ed. by Lady Randolph Churchill, plates,

10 vol., cf. (each in a fac. binding), 1899-1901, 4to. (171), June 21, Christie

Jackson, £1 ios. Animadversions upon a Treatise relating to the Publick Debts

and Funds by Archibald Hutchison, Humbly submitted to .... the Bank, East-India and South-Sea Companies, 1718_Essay on the Practice of Stock-Jobbing, In a Letter to a Proprietor of South-Sea Stock, together 2 vol., 1724, 8vo. (224), May 6, Hodgson

Quaritch, £2 Annals of Scottish Natural History from the commencement

in 1892 to 1908, ed. by J. A. Harvie-Brown, J. W. H. Traill and W. E. Clarke, illustrations, 17 vol., Edinb., 1892-1908, 8vo. (698), July 1, Sotheby

Weldon, 5s. [£2 is., 17 vol. in cloth and 1 in parts, 1892-1909, July

21, 1911, Sotheby, Lot 8.] Annals of Sporting, by Caleb Quizem, Esq., col. plates by

Woodward and Rowlandson, cf. ex., uncut, 1809—Another copy, with the plates uncoloured, hf. cf.—Thevenot (M.) Art of Swimming, 40 plates, cf. ex., 1764-Bunbury (H.) Academy of Grown Horsemen, col. plates, hf. cf., 1809Love at First Sight: Matrimonial and Other Advertisements, extra illustrated, mor., 1751, and others, together 12 vol., 8vo. (19), June 21, Christie

Quaritch, 413 Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, Jan., 1822 to June,

1828, col. and other plates, ports., cuts, etc., by Alken, Cruikshank and others, 13 vol., cf. ex., g.e., by Rivière [complete set, with rare June part in Vol. xiii.], 1822-28, 8vo. (18), June 21, Christie

Banks, £48 Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, Jan., 1822 to May,

1828, plates, many col., after Alken, Cruikshank, Herring, etc., also woodcuts in the text, hf. cf., with gilt emblematic stamps on back, 13 vol., 1822-8, 8vo. (2799), July 7, Sotheby

Topling, £24 ios. (Wanting the final number (for June, 1828); pages 121196 of the Turf Herald and Guide” have been inserted in place of this number. The Binder's Directions leaf

occurs at end of Vol. xiii.-Catalogue.] Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, Vol. iii.-xiii., in 6 vol.,

col. plates, hf. cf., Printed for Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1823-28, 8vo. (87), March 1, Dowell

£33 [With the rare June number in Vol. xiii. £58, cf., gold tooled, the complete set of 13 vol., 1822-28, with the rare number and directions to binder, Dec. 10, 1913, Sotheby,

Lot 6.) Anne (Queen). See Paul (H.) Annonius. De Gestis Francorum; Gregorius Turonensis.

Historiæ ; Trithemius. Compendium, etc., woodcut titles and whole-page woodcut, 4 parts in i vol., contemp. stamped pigskin, with clasps, Parisiis, J. Parvus et Ascensius, 1514-22, folio (304), Feb. 18, Hodgson

Quaritch, £3 35. Annual Register from the commencement in 1758 to 1907, with £7 7s.

Index vol. i.-Ixi., 149 vol. in 150, hf. cf. (13 vol. cl.), sound

set, 1758-1907, 8vo. (21), June 21, Christie Joseph, £8 ios. Annual Register, from the commencement in 1758 to 1900,

with Index to 1819, 145 vol., uniform hf. cf. (two or three of the early volumes worn, otherwise the binding in good condition throughout), 1758-1900, 8vo. (193), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Edwards, fil 155. Annual Register from the commencement in 1758 to 1900, 104

vol. and Index, hf. russ., and 38 vol. cl., in all 145 vol.,

1758-1900, 8vo. (1014), June 14, Knight Annual Register, New Series, from 1863 to 1888, 26 vol., orig.

cl., 8vo. (86), April 15, Hodgson Alison, £2 12s. 6d. Anquetil (L. P.) et Gallais (J. P.) Histoire de France, 13 vol.,

contemp. hf. mor., Paris, 1818-19, 8vo. (355), Feb. 18, Hodgson

7s. Anstruther (R.) La Vraie Cronicque d'Escoce : Pretensions

des Anglois a la Couronne de France, Roxburghe Club, 1847, 4to. (505), June 23, Puttick

ti 25. 6d. Answere for the Tyme, to the examination put in print, with

out the authours name, pretending to mayntayne the apparrell prescribed against the declaration of the mynisters of London, unbd., last section with all the blanks and errata, No place or printer (printed abroad ?), 1566, 8vo. (158), April 14, Puttick

Barnard, 145. [i 18s., unbd., title soiled and some margins torn, Nov.

7, 1898, Sotheby, Lot 61.) Anthing (Friedrich). Collection de Cent Silhouettes des Per

sonnes Illustres, par Anthing, 100 silhouette ports., including George III., George Washington, Lafayette, etc., within ornamental borders, also io extra silhouettes of Russian celebrities, together 110 plates, in i vol., old

cf., g.e., Gotha, 1791, 8vo. (167), July 28, Hodgson £16 Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, with descriptions,

containing a Series of Views, 10 vol., russ. gt., 1807-11, 8vo. (909), April 5, Dowell

IIS. 6d. (178., russ., uncut, Jan. 14, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 43.) Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, with descriptions,

containing a series of views, plates, 10 vol., cf. gt., 1807-11, 8vo. (47), June 23, Puttick

Braun, 8s. Antiquarian Itinerary, ed. by Storer and Greig, plates, 7 vol., contemp., 1815-18, 12mo. (223), Mareh 31, Hodgson

David, ios. 6d. ki, hf. mor., uncut, Large Paper, proof plates, Feb. 17, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 1102 ; 14s., hf. mor., uncut, Large

Paper, proof plates, March 10, 1915, Puttick, Lot 339.] Antiquarian Itinerary, comprising specimens of Architecture,

Monastic, Castellated and Domestic, ed. by Storer and
Greig, numerous plates, 7 vol., cf. gt., 1815-18, 12mo. (4),
July 1, Sotheby

Joseph, 75. Antiquarian Repertory, by Grose, Astle and others, numerous

ports., views, etc., LARGE PAPER, 4 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., 1807-09, 4to. (322), July 1, Hodgson Walford, ios. 6d.


Antiquarian Repertory, ed. by Grose, Astle and others, plates,

4 vol., cf., 1807-09, 4to. (1074), April 5, Dowell 16s. Antoninus (Archbp. of Florence). Confessionale, gothic letter,

45 lines to a page, 90 leaves, hf. mor., s.l. et a., sm. 4to. (102), March 31, Hodgson

Reuter, £2 6s. Antoninus (Archbp. of Florence) Summula Confessionis, gothic

letter, double column, with col. capitals, old cf. (w.a.f.),

Venet., 1474, sm. 4to. (440), June 10, Hodgson
Antoninus Marcus Aurelius). Golden Booke of Marcus

Aurelius Emperour, and eloquent Oratour [by Lord
Berners, being the First English Translation), black letter,
old cf. (2 leaves soiled), J. Audeley, 1566, 16mo. (419),
March 18, Hodgson

Maggs, £i 6s. Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius). Thoughts, trans. by G. Long,

limited ed. (500 copies), col. plates by W. Russell Flint, bds., Medici Society, 1909, small 4to. (118), May 6, Hodgson

F. R. Green, £i ros. [[I I2S., same state, June 3, 1915, Puttick, Lot 493.) Anville (Jean B. B. d'). Notice de l'Ancienne Gaule tirée des

Monumens Romains, port. and map, the modern equivalents of the ancient Roman names of places in the Index, written in by Thomas Gray, polished cf., Paris, 1760, sm. 4to. (83), March 31, Hodgson

Maggs, £2 ios. [This appears to be the same copy which sold at Sotheby's on Dec. 3, 1900, Lot 551, for £4 8s. See Book-PRICES

CURRENT, Vol. xv., No. 1134.] Apologeticarum Christianorum Saeculi Secundi Corpus, ed. J.

C. T. eques de Otto, facs., 9 vol. in 4, hf. mor., t.e.g., Jenæ, 1851-81, 8vo. (297), July 14, Hodgson

ti nis. Apperley (C. J.) Chace, the Turf and the Road, first ed.,

port. by Maclise, plates by H. Alken, orig. cl., 1837, 8vo. (852), July 27, Sotheby

Spencer, ios. [£2 4s., orig. cl., June 30, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 9.). [Apperley (C. J.)] Hunting Reminiscences, first ed., illustra

tions by Wildrake, Alken, etc., green cl., Ackermann, 1843.

-Nimrod's Hunting Tours, first ed., port. (inserted), cf. ex., uncut, t.e.g., 1835, together 2 vol., 1843-35, 8vo. (27), June 21, Christie

Maggs, £3 [Apperley (C. J.)] Life of a Sportsman, first ed., 36 col. plates

by H. Alken, orig. blue cl., g.e., Ackermann, 1842, 8vo. (22), June 21, Christie

Tod, £30 (Apperley (C. J.)] Life of a Sportsman, 36 col. plates by

Alken, orig. red cl., Routledge, 1874, 8vo. (23), June 21,

Slocock, £5 (Apperley (C. J.)] Life of Mytton, first ed., 12 col. plates by Alken, mor. ex., g.e., 1835, 8vo. (433), March 10, Puttick

Shepherd, £11 155. [£16, orig. cl. (rebacked), some margins soiled, Dec. 18,

1913, Puttick, Lot 195.) [Apperley (C. J.)] Life of Mytton, first ed., col. plates by

Alken (one wanting), mor. ex., 1835, 8vo. (189), June 3, Puttick

Bumpus. £8 ios.

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