£2 5s.

letters, 1830—Poems, vignettes, 1834, first eds., together 2 vol., rebound in buckram, but uncut, 8vo. (75), June 7, Hodgson

Spencer, £? [Transposed vignette. The earliest issue of Italy has two vignettes reversed. One is of a Tomb and the other of a House. In the earliest issue, the House is at the head of the poem “ Arqua.” The pages affected are

88 and 91.-ED. Rogers (S.) Italy, a Poem, 1830—Poems, 1834, vignettes after

Turner and Stothard, 2 vol., mor. gt., g.e., 1830-4, 8vo. (417), Oct. 28, Puttick

Wilson, £1 Rogers (S.) Italy, a Poem, proofs before letters---Poems,

proofs, first eds., vignettes by Turner and Stothard, unusually clean copies, almost unspotted, together 2 vol., contemp. mor., g.e., 1830-34, 8vo. (82), Feb. 4, Hodgson

R. A. Rolfe, £3 125. Rogers (S.) Italy, a Poem, 1830—Poems, 1834, vignettes after

Turner and Sotohard, 2 vol., mor. ex., gt. edges (tops of title-pages cut), presented by Mr. A. L. Payne, 1830-4,

8vo. (1764), April 26, Christie, Red Cross Sale Rogers (S.) Italy, a Poem, mor., g.e., 1830, Poems, mor. gt.,

g.e., 1834, first eds., illustrations by Turner and Stothard,

together 2 vol., 8vo. (149), July 1, Sotheby Rimell, £1 35. Rogers (S.) Poems, proof port. and illustrations after Turner and Stothard, mor., g.e., 1834, 8vo. (91), March 10, Puttick

Maggs, £I IIS. Rohault de Fleury. See Fleury (C. Rohault de) Rohrbacher (F. Ř.) Vies Des Saints pour tous les jours de

l'année à l'usage du clergé et du peuple fidèle, 6 vol., hf. bd., 1853-4, 8vo. (388), March 1, Dowell

75 Rolewinck (w.) Fasciculus Temporum, lit. goth., long lines,

without catch-words or signatures, 15 woodcut views of cities in contemp. hand colouring and 3 woodcut figures (one leaf slightly defective), numerous contemp. MS. notes, old hf. cf., the note on the Invention of Printing at Mentz appears at page lxxxix., Basil., B. Richel, 1482, folio (272), June 2, Sotheby

Heffer, £3 3s. Rollenhagius (G.) Nucleus Emblematum Selectissimorum,

engraved title and 100 engravings, cf., n.d. [? 1611), sm.

4to. (156), May 6, Hodgson Rollenhagius (G.) Nucleus Emblematum Selectissimorum,

engraved title and 100 plates, cf. [? 1611], sm. 4to. (204), July 1, Hodgson

£I IIS. Roman de la Rose. See Lorris (G. de) and Meun (J. de) Roman Empresses, or the Lives and Intrigues, etc. See

Serviez (J. R. de) Romance of Empire Series. Canada, Australia, New Zealand,

Outposts of Empire, India, South Africa and The Land of the Golden Trade, together 7 vol., col. illustrations, pub, at 6s. per vol., Jack, n.d. (1907, etc.), 8vo. (84), March 1, Dowell

78. Romances of Royalty. Dramas and Tragedies of Chivalric

£i 5s. France, plates, 13 vol., orig. cl., t.e.g., Boston, 1909, 8vo. (96), March 10, Puttick

Sutton, £i ios. Romney (Rev. John). Memoirs of the Life and Works of

George Romney, port. from a painting by himself, bds.,

paper label, 1830, 4to. (177), Jan. 20, Puttick Last, 12s. Romney Marsh. See Charter of Henry of England Rooses (Max). Christophe Plantin Imprimeur Anversois,

port., engraved title and illustrations, hf. mor., uncut, t.e.g., Anvers, 1883, folio (372), July 1, Sotheby

Hill, £I 125. Rooses (Max). Fifty Masterpieces of Anthony Van Dyck,

described and historically explained, trans. by F. Knowles, proof illustrations, hf. vell., uncut, 1900, folio (381), July 1, Sotheby

J. Field, 8s. Rooses (Max). Euvres de Rubens : Histoire et Description

de ses Tableaux et Dessins, 430 reproductions, 5 vol., hf. cl., Anvers, 1886-92, folio (469), July 1, Hodgson

C. & E. Brown, £I [£3, hf. mor., t.e.g., Feb. 25, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 4852.] Rooses (Max). The Work of Rubens, trans. by H. Child, 350

reproductions, including 70 full-page illustrations in heliogravure and fac., 2 vol., hf. bd., t.e.g., 1904, 4to. (272), June 7, Hodgson

Pickard, £I 25. Roquelaure (Duc de). Secret Memoirs, by Himself, trans.

into English, 4 vol., vell. gt., uncut, Privately printed,

1896, 8vo. (412), March 4, Hodgson Walford, £3 35 Roscher (W. H.) Ausführliches Lexikon der griechischen und

rämischen Mythologie, illustrations, parts 1 to 68 (ASummanus) and 3 Supplements, Vol. i.-iii., bd. in 6 vol., buckram, t.e.g., remainder in 12 nos., Leipzig, 1884-1913, 8vo. (497), July 14, Hodgson

Heffer, £3 5s. Rose Family of Kilravock. See Genealogical Deduction Rosini (G.) Storia della Pittura Italiana, plates, 7 vol. 8vo.,

and 4 vol. fol. in 2 vol., vell., g.e., Pisa, 1839-47 (467), March 10, Puttick

Morris, 175. [I 158., hf. mor., t.e.g., Oct. 29, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 499.] Ross (Sir J.) Voyage of Discovery and Research in the

Southern and Antarctic Regions during 1839-43, plates, maps and cuts, 2 vol., orig. cl., uncut, 1847, 8vo. (143), Feb. 18, Hodgson

J. J. Kinsey, 18s. Ross (William). Collection of Pipe Music, revised ed., Edin

burgh, n.d. (1885), folio (325), Feb. I, Dowell Rossetti (C.) Poems, col. illustrations by F. Harrison, LARGE

PAPER (one of 350 signed copies), vell. gt., with ties, 1910,

4to. (224), July 9, Hodgson Rossetti (D. G.) The Early Italian Poets (1100-1300), to

gether with Dante's Vita Nuova, first ed., orig. cl., uncut, 1861, 8vo. (96), June 7, Hodgson

Meynell, £1 IS. [£1, orig. cl., uncut, same sale, Lot 97.] Rossetti (D. G.) Poems, first ed., orig. cl., uncut, F. S. Ellis,

1870, 8vo. (124), March 31, Hodgson Dobell, £2_55. [£4, orig. cl., July 15, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 574. The

[ocr errors]


volume contains half-title, title, dedication, contents (vii.xi.), and text pages 1-282, navy blue cl., with gilt design of roses and trellis work on the side. Twenty-four copies

were printed on Large Paper.] Rossetti (D. G.) Poems, 1870–Ballads and Sonnets, 1881,

first eds., 2 vol., orig. cl., uncut (in clean condition), 8vo. (173), Dec. 2, Hodgson

£3 Ios. [“ Poems,” 1870, was published in navy blue cloth, with gilt design on the side, and contains half-title, title, dedication to W. M. Rossetti, contents (vii.-xi.) and text, pp: 1-282. A second edition appeared the same year, and also an edition at Boston (U.S.A.), the latter apparently unauthorised. Ballads and Sonnets,” 1881, contains half-title, title, dedication to Theodore Watts, contents (v.-xii.) and text, pp. 3-335. Of the Poems appearing in this volume, fifty-four had been published previously :

the rest were new.-ED.] Rossetti (D. G.) Poems, 1870–Ballads, 1881, first eds., to.

gether 2 vol., clean copies in the orig. cl. gt., uncut, 1870-81, 8vo. (98), June 7, Hodgson

£3 Rossetti (D. G.) Collected Works, ed. with Preface and Notes

by W. M. Rossetti, orig. cl., 2 vol., 1886, 8vo. (7), Feb. 1, Dowell

£1 25. I 18s., orig. cl., 2 vol. in 4, one of 25 copies on Large Paper, Nov. 20, 1912, Sotheby, Lot 421; £i 7s., orig. cl., small paper, Dec. 10, 1912, Sotheby, Lot 587; £4 25. 6d., orig. cl., 2 vol. in 4, Large Paper, Feb. 20, 1913, Sotheby,

Lot 360.] Rossetti (D. G.) Works, ed. by W. M. Rossetti, 2 vol., mor.

ex., 1890, 8vo. (830), June 2, Sotheby Halliday, 41 6s. Rossi (G. G. de). Scherzi Poetici e Pittorici, orig. ed., front.

and 40 plates, printed in red within ornamental borders, old hf. cf., Parma, Co tipi Bodoniani, 1795, 4to. (237), June 2, Sotheby

Weyhe, 5s. Rossini (L.) Antichità di Roma, 101 large plates in the style

of Piranesi, fine impressions, hf. mor., Roma, 1822-23, folio (400). July 7, Sotheby

Stone, £4 155. Rossini (L.) Antichita di Roma, engraved title, 72 plates, hf. russ., Roma, 1826, atlas folio (911), July 14, Sotheby

Ďavis & Orioli, ios. Rossini (L.) Vedute di Roma, 94 large engravings (loose),

Roma, 1823, folio (441), July 7, Sotheby F. C. Carter, £1 Rostand (Edmond). Chantécler, Piéce en quatre actes,

Japanese vellum paper, with autograph signature of the
author, stamped leather, presented by Miss Winifred
Thompson, 1910, 8vo. (1765), April 26, Christie, " Red
Cross Sale

£6 6s. Rothschild (Lord). See Novitates Zoologicæ Rothschild (Hon. Walter). Extinct Birds, No. 75 of 300

copies printed, signed by the author, 45 col. plates and

other illustrations, hf. mor., g.t., sold in aid of the fund XXIX. (449)


for the Relief of Officers' Families, 1907, folio (285), June 2, Sotheby

Gladstone, 616 (£18, hf. mor., t.e.g., March 27, 1911, Sotheby, Lot 478.] Rothschild (Hon. Walter). Monograph of the Genus Casuarius,

with Dissertation on the Morphology and Philogeny of the Palæognathæ and Neognatha, by W. P. Pycraft, col. plates, etc., hf. mor., t.e.g., 1900, 4to. (732), July 1, Sotheby

Quaritch, 175. Round (Horace). Peerage and Pedigrees, Studies in Peerage

Law and Family History, 2. vol., orig. cl., 1910, 8vo. (1335), June 14, Knight

16s. Rousseau (J. J.) A Mr D'Alembert de l'Académie Francoise

sur son Article Genève . et Particulièrement sur le projet d'établir un Théâtre de Comédie en cette Ville, fieuron on title, Amsterdam, M. Michel Rey, 1758– Discours sur l’Origine et les Fondemens de l'Inégalité parmi les Hommes, front. after Eisen, by Sornique, fleuron on title and vignette to the delication, by Fokké, ib., 1755, 2 vol. in 1, 1758-5—(Euvres, revue, corrigee, et augmentee de plusieurs morceaux qui n'avoient point encore paru, port. and front., after De La Tour, by Cathelin, and plates after Eisen, Cochin and Gravelot, by De Longueil, Pigulle and Le Mire, 6 vol., Neuchâtel, 1764, in all 8 vol. in 7, contemp. cf., first eds., printed upon large Holland paper, 8vo. (102), June 17, Sotheby

Binning, 158. Rousseau (J. J.) Confessions, now first translated, Library

ed., port. and etchings by E. Hedouin, 2 vol., buckram, Privately printed, 1896, 8vo. (395), Jan. 13, Hodgson

Walford, £1 4s. [i 18s., buckram, June 30, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 623 :

ti 25. 6d., buckram, Feb. 29, 1912, Puttick, Lot 147.] Rousseau (J. J.) Emile, first ed., 4 vol. (no hf.-title to Vol. i.),

La Haye, 1762—La Nouvelle Heloise, 4 vol., Neuchatel, 1764-Euvres, 7 vol., 15., 1764-Euvres Posthumes, 12 vol., Genève, 1781-3, anu Letters, 2 vol. in 1, Amst., 1764, 2 ports., and plates after Eisen and Gravelot, together 28 vol., contemp. French mor., gt. backs, g.e., 8vo. (28), July 28, Hodgson

Parsons, £5 5s. Rousseau (J. J.) Euvres Complètes, port, after De La Tour

and plates after Moreau le jeune and Le Barbier, wanting 3 plates of Vol. i. and one plate of Vol. ii., at the end of Vol. x. occurs a folding plate, “ Table Générale de Tons et de toutes les Clefs,” which is not mentioned by Cohen, 12 vol., contemp. French cf. gt., not subject to return, à Londres (Bruxelles], 1774-83, 4to. (448), June 2, Sotheby

Quaritch, £7 ios. Roux (H. Le). Herculanum et Pompéi, Recueil Général des

Peintures, Bronzes, Mosaiques, plates, 8 vol. (with the
Musée Secret), as issued, Paris, 1870-72, imp. 8vo. (1071),
April 5, Dowell

£3 ios. [£3 6s., as issued, March 18, 1912, Sotheby, Lot 2366; £2 159., as issued, May 13, 1912, Puttick, Lot 429.]

[ocr errors]

Roux (H. Le). Herculanum et Pompéi, Recueil Général des

Peintures, Bronzes, Mosaiques, etc., with the Musés
Secret, plates, 8 vol., bds., Paris, 1872-5, imp. 8vo. (63),
May 19, Hodgson

Jones & Evans, £3 7s. 6d. Rowe (Jacob). All Sorts of Wheel Carriage Improved, folding plates, hf. cf., A. Lyon, 1734, 4to. (504), June 21, Christie

Rimell, iis. Rowe (Sir T.) Speech at the Councel Table about the Altera

tion of the Coyn, In July, 1640. With some Observations thereon, 6 leaves, S. Crouch, 1695-A Letter from an English Merchant at Amsterdam to his Friend at London, Concerning the Trade and Coin of England, 6 leaves, S. Crouch, 1695, in i vol., sm. 4to. (216), May 6, Hodgson

McKenzie, £3 35. Rowlandson (T.) Sixteen Views in Cornwall, with Figures and

Cattle (slightly stained), wrapper, 1812, oblong 4to. (523),
March 25, Hodgson

£3 4s. [Apparently not coloured. £9 158., orig. bds., with label, the etchings coloured, July 1, 1901, Sotheby, Lot 414. £5, orig. bds., with label, not coloured, May 9, 1912,

Sotheby, Lot 312.] Rowlandson (T.) Loyal Volunteers of London and Environs,

Infantry and Cavalry, in their respective Uniforms, representing the Manual, Platoon and Funeral Exercise, engraved title, col., and 87 col. plates heightened with gold, mor., t.e.g., R. Ackermann (1798-9), imp. 4to. (506), March 18, Hodgson

£19 Ios. [£28, mor. ex., by Rivière, Jan. 28, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 483; £20 1os., hf. mor., March 26, 1914, Hodgson, Lot

568 ; , old cf., June 19, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 130.] Roxburghe Ballads (The), ed. by Charles Hindley, 2 vol., orig. cl., 1873-4, 8vo., April 5, Dowell

78. Roxburghe Club. Photographic Portraits of Members of the Roxburghe Club, 1892, 4to. (586). June 7, Hodgson

Tregaskis, £11 Roxburghe Club. The Club, 1764-1905, Roxburghe Club,

printed for private circulation, 1905, 4to. (587), June 7, Hodgson

Quaritch, £3 12s. 6d. Royal Academy Exhibition Catalogues, 1769 to 1891, in 7 vol., hf. mor., 1769-1891, 4to. (506), June 21, Christie

Quaritch, £8 Royal Agricultural Society. Journal, from its commencement

in 1840 to 1913, 80 vol., hf. cf. and cl. (and parcel of parts), 1840-1913, 8vo. (383), June 21, Christie Mackay, £8

[First Series, 1840-64, 25 vol. ; Second Series, 1865-1889, with Index, 26 vol. ; Third Series, 1890 to 1913. The bound volumes want the years 1893-7, but these volumes

could be nearly made up from the parts.-Cata-logue.) Royal Astronomical Society of London. Memoirs, plates, Vol.

xxiv. to lx., Part iv. (no Indexes), first 28 vol. in 17, hf. cf., remainder in 28 vol. and parts, bds., as issued, 18561914, 8vo. (99), June 10, Hodgson

Wesley, £7

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