Vanity Fair. Journal, first 24 vol. in 12, col. cartoons, hf. bd.,

1868-80, folio (611), June 24, Hodgson Carter, Ios. Vasari (G.) Vies des Peintres, traduites par L. Leclanché,

with the ports. by Jeanron, 10 vol. in 5, 6 vol., hf. roan, Paris, 1841-2, 8vo. (177), June 7, Hodgson

Davis & Orioli, 19s. Vasari (G.) Le Vita de' piu eccelenti Pittori, Scultori ed

Architettori, con nuove Annotazioni di G. Milanesi, 9 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., Firenze, 1878-85, 8vo. (176), June 7, Hodgson

Hill, £i 155. Vasari Society. Reproductions of the Drawings of Old Masters,

Parts i. to ix., in parts, with portfolios, as issued, 1905-14, folio (522), March 10, Puttick

Reynolds, £7 [The completing part of this series to be delivered to the

buyer on publication, free. Vaughan (Rice). Discourse of Coin and Coinage, cf., T. Dawks, 1675, 8vo. (160), June 23, Puttick Miller, £1 2s.

[The above, which was written about the year 1635, but published posthumously, is the first historical mono

graph in English on the coinage of money.] Vecellio (C.) Habiti antichi et moderni et diverse parti del

Mondo, first ed., about 400 wood engravings of costumes, trades, etc., mor. gt., Venetia, 1590, 8vo. (420), March 1, Dowell

£2 15s. [£6, mor. ex., Nov. 24, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 540.] Vega (Garcilaso de la). Royal Commentaries of Peru, trans.

by Sir P. Rycault, port. and plates, hf. bd., 1688, folio (300), March 25, Hodgson

Eduards, 16s. Vegetius (Fl.) Artis Veterinariæ, lib. iv., first ed., woodcut

border to title, bds., Basilea, 1528, 4to. (533), June 21, Christie

Barnard, £2 155. Venationis, Piscationis et Aucupii Typi, 48 engravings (bril

liant impressions) after Bos by Galle, bds., Antverpiæ,

s.d. (1582], 4to. (534), June 21, Christie Quaritch, £22 1os. “ Venator." See Cooper (John) Venette (N. de). Mysteries of Conjugal Love reveal'd (reprint 1906), 8vo. (208), March 31, Hodgson

178. Vere (Sir F.) Commentaries, being diverse pieces of Service,

wherein he had Command, 3 ports. by Faithorne, the Vere Monument by Gaywood and 6 plans of battles, etc., orig. cf., Camb., John Field, 1657, folio (234), Jan. 20, Puttick

White, 12s. [43, old cf., March 22, 1911, Hodgson, Lot 55.] Vere (Sir F.) Commentaries, being Diverse Pieces of Service

wherein he had Command, 3 ports. by Faithorne, monument by Gaywood and 6 plans of battles, etc., mor. gt.,

fine copy, 1657, folio (1517), June 14, Knight Verheiden (Jac.) Praestantium aliquot Theologorum qui Rom.

Antichristum praecipue oppugnarunt effigies, engraved title, ports., orig. oak bds. covered stamped cf., gt. crown stamped in centre of covers surrounded by initials, with

£3 8s. clasps (rebacked), and MS. inscription, probably in the handwriting of Archbishop Whitgift, Hagae-Comitis, 1602, folio (924), July 14, Sotheby

Lusell, 13s. Verlaine (Paul). Dans les Limbes, first ed., port., hf. cf.,

Paris, 1894, 8vo. (135), June 17, Sotheby Meynell, £2 [An autograph poem, signed, of the author,

Ode en son Honneur,' 1 page 8vo. (28 lines). Verlaine's auto

graph poetry is very rare indeed.] Vernet (C. and H.) Types of the Horse : Hunting, Riding,

Sport and Military Horses, etc., aquatint plates, numbered 1 to 55 (wanting No. 2), hf. cf., Paris, an 11., folio (596), June 21, Christie

Maggs, £6 16s. 6d. Verney (F. P.) Memoirs of the Verney Family during the Civil

War, ports. and illustrations, 4 vol., hf. cf., t.e.g., 1892-99, 8vo. (1080), April 5, Dowell

£3 3s. [£3, hf. cf., t.e.g., June 30, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 762.] Verstegan (R.) Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Anti

quities, first ed., engravings, old cf. (rebacked), name on title, Antwerp, 1605, 4to. (956), June 2, Sotheby

Tregaskis, 6s. Verstegan (R.) Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Anti

quities, engravings in the text, old cf., bookplate of John Darell pasted on back of title, Iohn Bill, 1628, 4to. (752), June 2, Sotheby

Blount, £1 13s. Vertot (Abbé de). History of the Knights Hospitallers of St.

John of Jerusalem, styled afterwards the Knights of Rhodes, and now of Malta, LARGE PAPER, port. of Vertot and 71 heads of the Grand Masters, 2 vol., cf., 1728, folio (479), Jan. 20, Puttick

Davis, his. Vertot (Abbé de). Les Chevaliers Hospitaliers de Malte,

ports. and vignettes, 4 vol., old cf., Paris, 1726, 4to. (539), July 22, Hodgson

Quaritch, £i 38. Vertue (G.) Description of Nine Historical Prints repre

senting Kings, Queens, Princes, etc. of the Tudor Family, with large folding ports., hf. mor., 1776, folio (1740), · June 14, Knight

£2 2s. Vertue (G.) Heads of the Kings and Queens of England, 40 engravings, cf. gt., 1736, folio (1742), June 14, Knight

£1 155. Vertue (G.) Prints of King Charles I. and the Heads of the

Noble Earls, Lords and others who suffered for their Loyalty in the Rebellion and Civil Wars of England, with their character engraved under each print, 19 illustra

tions, cf., 1746, folio (1741), June 14, Knight £i ios. Vestiarium Scoticum. See Stuart (J. S.) Veth (P. J.) Java . . . Tweededruk, maps, 3 vol., hf. mor.,

Haarlem, 1875-82, 8vo. (93), Jan. 20, Puttick Bolleter, 9s.

[A later and better edition appeared at Haarlem, 18961903, 8vo., under the superintendence of J. F. Snelleman

and J. F. Niermeyer.] (Vickaris (A.)) An Essay for Regulating of the Coyn, 17 ]

leaves, James O. for Richard Cumberland at the Angel in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1696, sm. 4to. (221), May 6, Hodgson

McKenzie, £2 5s. Victoria County Histories. Hertfordshire, ed. by W. Page,

illustrations, 4 vol., 1902-14-Essex, ed. by H. A. Doubleday and W. Page, illustrations, Vol. i. and ii., 1903-7, together 6 vol., folio (597), June 21, Christie

Brown, £3 Ios. Victoria History of the County of Somerset, ed. by W. Page,

maps and plates, Vol. i. and ii., orig. cl., 1906-11, folio (309), May 19, Hodgson

Myers, 16s. Victoria (Queen). Coronation Procession of Queen Victoria,

60 feet in length, folding in orig. cl. case, Fores, 1838 (113), Jan. 20, Puttick

Sawyer, £2 Ios. Victoria (Queen). Coronation Procession in Westminster

Abbey, Panoramic Representation of all Royalties, Court Dignitaries, Yeomen of the Guard, etc., first ed., all in their various costumes, illuminated in gold and colours, roft. by 3{ft., orig. cl., 1838, oblong 8vo. (440), July 27, Sotheby

Lulworth, 8s. Victoria (Queen). Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the

Highlands from 1848 to 1861–More Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands, 1861 to 1882, with autograph inscription, “ To Viscount Sydney, in recollection of former happy days, from Victoria R., Osborne, Jan. 31, 1868,” in the first vol., 8vo. (1022), June 14,

Knight Victoria (Queen). Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the

Highlands, from 1848 to 1861, illustrated, cl. gt., g.e., with autograph inscription, To the Viscountess Sydney from Victoria R., Osborne, Jan. 22, 1873,” 4to. (1023), June 14, Knight

£i ros. Vidal (E. E.) Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and

Monte Video, 24 col. aquatints, hf. roan, Ackermann, 1820, 4to. (536), June 21, Christie

Joseph, £10 Vigfusson (G.) Orkneyinga Saga and Magnus Saga, ed. by G.

Vigfusson, col. fac., 2 vol., hf. cl., 1887, roy. 8vo. (3), April 9. Hodgson

£i iis. Villani (G.) Storia di, old parchment, with autograph signa

tures of D, G. Rossetti on outside cover and on front end paper, presented by the Rt. Revd. The Dean of Norwich, Firenze, 1587, 4to. (1818), April 26, Christie, Red Cross Sale

£3 35. Villermont (Marie). Histoire de la Coiffure Féminine, illustra

tions, hf. mor., 1891, 4to. (585), April 14, Puttick Lee, 16s. Villon (F.) Poems, trans. by John Payne, bds. (soiled), Villon

Soc., 1881, 8vo. (508), April 15, Hodgson Beaumont, 16s.

(Ios., bds., uncut, March 31, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 109.) Villon (F.) Poems, trans. by John Payne, vell., t.e.g., Villon

Society, 1892, 8vo. (97), Nov. 4, Hodgson Bain, £i 55.

II 3s., vell., t.e.g., Feb. 25, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 5080.] Vincent (A.) Discoverie of Errours in the First Edition of

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Brooke's Catalogue of the Nobility, cuts of arms (last leaf of Epistle to the Printer wanting), cf., W. Jaggard, 1622, 4to. (293), April 29, Hodgson

155. [98., old cf., June 3, 1915, Puttick, Lot 531.] Vincentius Bellovacensis. Speculum Historiale, Vol. iii. (por

tion) and Vol. iv, only, containing Books xx.-xxxii., in i vol., lit. goth., double columns, 67 lines to a page, without marks, large ornamental initials painted in red and blue (first and last leaves defective), orig. oak bds., covered stamped pigskin, r.e., not subject to return, Absque nota [Strassburg, J. Mentelin, c. 1474), folio (925), July 14, Sotheby

Taber, £2 16s. Vincentius Bellovacensis. Speculum Historiale (Doctrinale),

gothic letter, double column, initials by hand in red and blue, bds., wanted first leaf (title ?), Coloniæ, H. Liechten

stein, 1493, folio (272), Oct. 28, Puttick King, £i 25. 6d. Vincentius Bellovacensis. Speculum Morale [Liber Tercius),

gothic letter, initials in red, 211 leaves, unbd. Argent., J. Mentelin, 1476), roy. folio (591), March 18, Hodgson

Meynell, £2 145. Viola Sanctorum, lit. goth., long lines, 32 to a page, with

foliation and signatures (sig. h is repeated), oak bds., hf. covered stamped pigskin (slightly wormed throughout, some outer margins at beginning repaired), (Hain 10870, Proctor 520] colophon] Argentinen. impressum per Johannem Prüss, 1487, 4to. (319), July 7, Sotheby

Sherman, £i IS. Viollet-le-Duc (E.) Dictionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture,

Française du XIe au XVIe siècle, illustrations, 10 vol., hf. mor. (rubbed), Paris, 1858-68 (159), July 22, Hodgson

Neuhuys, £2 125. Virchow (R.) Archiv für Pathologische Anatomie und Phy

siologie und für Klinische Medicin, Vol. lxxii.-lxxxi, and Ixxxiii.-cli., 32 vol., hf. bd., and 132 parts, 1878-98, 8vo. (434), Feb. 1, Dowell

£4 7s. 6d. Virgilius. [Æneid.] Æneis, trans. by Gawin Douglas, with

Scottish Glossary [by Ruddiman), old cf. (rebacked), 1710, folio (265), Auril 9, Hodgson

Bull, 125. Virgilius. Æneids of Virgil done into English Verse, by

William Morris, with MS. inscription on hf.-title, “ Eiríkr
Magnússon, with William Morris' kindest regards,” in
the latter's autograph, orig. cl., 1876, 8vo. (1080), June 2,

Shepherd, £I 16s. Virgilius. Bucolica, Georgica et Æneis, old mor., Birminghamia, Baskerville, 1757, 4to. (286), May 6, Hodgson

Joseph, 1 25. Virgilius. Bucoliques (par de Langeac), 10 plates and tail

pieces in duplicate after Huet and Fragonard fils, unlettered proofs, with 7 extra plates by Gérard from Didot's ed., LARGE PAPER, bds., uncut, Paris, 1806, roy. 4to. (287), May 6, Hodgson

£2 4s. Virgilius. Opera, var. Lectionis et perpetua Adnotatione illus

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trata à C. I.. Heyne, plates, 4 vol., russ. (ioints cracked), presented by Mr. Robert Chigwell, 1793, 8vo. (1768), April 26, Christie, Red Cross Sale

£6 6s. Virgilius. Works, trans. into English verse by John Dryden, engravings, cf., 1697, folio (1723), June 14, Knight

£I IOS Virulus (C.) Formulae epistolarum, lit. goth., double columns,

41 lines to a page (wormed), with 8 leaves of "Modus conficiendi epistolas fratris Guilermi Saphonensis impressus per J. Higmam,” n.d., bd. in at end, old cf. [Hain 10683, Proctor 8536). Lugduni (Gaspard Ortuin), 1495. 4to. (369), July 7, Sotheby

Edwards, £i 35. Visitation of England and Wales, ed. by J. J. Howard and F.

A. Crisp, limited ed., illustrations, 16 vol., hf. vell., t.e.g.,
Privately printed, 1893-1903, sm. folio (242), May 28,

£3 75. 6d. Visitation of Ireland, ed. by J. J. Howard and F. A. Crisp,

limited ed., illustrations, 5 vol., hf. vell., t.e.g., Privately printed, 1907-11, imp. 8vo. (243), May 28, Hodgson

Neale, £3 Visitation of Norfolk in the year 1563, ed. by G. H. Dashwood

and Gen. Bulwer, 2 vol., orig. ci., Norwich, 1878-95, 8vo. (200), June 24, Hodgson

£I 3s. Vitruvius (M. P.) De Architectura libri decem, per Jocundum

Solito castigatior factus cum figuris et tabula, etc., first ed., having woodcuts, contemp. MS, notes on the margins, cf., Venet., J. de Tridino, 1511, folio (589), March 4, Hodgson

£3 Vitruvius (M. P.) De Architectura libri decem iterum et

Frontinus a Jocundo revisi repurgatique quantum ex collatione licuit, title in woodcut border, numerous designs throughout, old vell., Florence, Phillipi de Quinta, 1513, 8vo. (136), June 17, Sotheby

Keene, £i 155. [The copy formerly belonging to Ant. da San Gallo (the architect, d. 1543), with numerous annotations throughout in his autograph and pen-and-ink designs by

him. From the library of Baron de Portalis.--Catalogue.] Vitruvius (M. P.) Di Architettura, in volgar lingua raportato

per M. Gianbatista Caporali, woodcut title and numerous large and small cuts in the text, old vell., Perugia, Iano Bigazzini, 1536, folio (409), July 7, Sotheby

Batsford, £1 25. Vogt (Carl) and Specht (F.) Natural History of Animals in

word and picture trans. and ed. with additions by G. G. Chisholm, 2 vol., cf. gt., n.d. (1887), folio (115), March I, Dowell

55. (55., similar copy, same sale, Lot 648.] Vogüé (Melchior de). Le Temple de Jerusalem, monographie

suivie d'un essai sur la Topographie de la Ville Sainte, plates, in portfolio, as issued, Paris, 1864-5, folio (614), July 14, Sotheby

Quaritch, £1 16s.

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