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Wellington. Funeral Procession of the Duke of Wellington,

a col. panorama by H. Alken and G. A. Sala [62ft. by 5!in.), folded, in cl. case, Ackermann, 1853 (167), Dec. 2, Hodgson

Spencer, £5 ros. Wellington, Victories of the Duke of. See Westall Wellington (Evelyn, Duchess of). Descriptive Catalogue of

Pictures and Sculpture at Apsley House, 51 photogravure reproductions, 2 vol., hf. vell., g.e., 1901, 4to. (276), June 7, Hodgson

Rimell, £ 1 Wells (E.) A New Sett of Maps, 31 large folding maps, three of America, hf. bd., 1722, folio (1970), June 14, Knight

£I IIs. 6d. Wells (H. G.) Ann Veronica, 1909—Tono-Bungay, 1909, and

others by the same, together 7 vol., first eds., orig. cl., 8vo. (134), Dec. 10, Hodgson

J. Field, £I 5s. Wells (H. G.) Certain Personal Matters, 1898—The Future

in America, plates, 1906, and others, together 9 vol., orig.

cl., 8vo. (135), Dec. 10, Hodgson Danielson, £1 75. Wells (H. G.) The Door in the Wall, photogravures, limited

to 60 copies, signed by the author, bds. (1915), folio (315), May 19, Hodgson

W. H. Edwards, 12s. Wells (H. G.) Tales of Space and Time, first American ed.,

autograph presentation copy, 1900—The Sea Lady, 1902, and others by the same, together 5 vol., first eds., orig. cl., 8vo. (132), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Maggs, £1 5s. Wells (H. G.) The Time Machine, 1895–Wonderful Visit,

1895-Island of Dr. Moreau, 1896, and others by the same, together 5 vol., first eds., orig. cl., 8vo. (130), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Hopkinson, £1 2s. Wells (H. G.) Thirty Strange Stories, autograph presentation

copy from the author, N.Y., 1897—The War of the Worlds, 1898, and others by the same, together 5 vol., first eds.,

orig. cl., 8vo. (131), Dec. 10, Hodgson Maggs, £i 6s. Wells (H. G.) Twelve Stories and a Dream, presentation copy,

1903—Kipps, 1905, and others by the same, together 5 vol., first eds., orig. cl., 8vo. (133), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Maggs, £I IIS. Wells (H. G.) The Wheels of Chance, first American ed.,

presentation copy, with illustrations, as issued, and humorous pen and ink sketch inserted, note by the author on fly-leaf, orig. cl., 1896, 8vo. (129), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Maggs, ķi 3s. Welsh Manuscripts Society. Iolo Manuscripts, a Selection of

Ancient Welsh Manuscripts in Prose and Verse, with
Translation and Notes by Tallesin Williams, front.,
Llandovery, 1848, imp. 8vo. (741), July 27, Sotheby

Quaritch, 145. Werlich (E.) Chronica der beitberuempten keyseylichen

Freyen und dess H. Reichs Statt Augspurg, lit goth., woodcuts, maps, etc., large view of Augsburg on 8 sheets inserted as frontispiece and two other views (all torn and

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defective), orig. oak bds., covered stamped pigskin, with
clasps (one missing), not subject to return, Franckfurt,

1595, folio (926), July 14, Sotheby Davis & Orioli, 135. West (Thos.) Antiquities of Furness, or an Account of the

Royal Abbey of St. Mary, 2 plates, plan and map, with a
view of the abbey inserted, autograph signatures on title,

hf. cf., 1774, 4to. (1109), June 2, Sotheby Rimell, 6s. Westall (R.) Victories of the Duke of Wellington, 12 col.

plates of the battles of Vimiera, Talavera, Badajoz, etc.,

hf. bd. (1819), 4to. (267), Dec. 2, Hodgson Maggs, £2 135. Westall (R.) Victories of the Duke of Wellington, 12 col.

plates, engraved by T. Fielding, hf. bd., uncut (some
leaves of text frayed), 1819, 4to. (280), May 6, Hodgson

£1 125. Westall (W.) Thirty-Five Views on the Thames, at Rich

mond, Éton, Windsor and Oxford, on India paper, col.

copy, hf. mor., 1824, folio (334), May 6, Hodgson +2 125. (Westmacott (C. M.)] The English Spy, first ed., col. plates

and woodcuts by R. Cruikshank, 2 vol., hf. cf., 1825-6,
8vo. (188), June 3, Puttick

Bush, £13
[2 148., hf. bd., the first volume only, apparently not

a good copy, April 29, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 49.]
(Westmacott (C. M.)] The English Spy, first ed., col. plates

by R. Cruikshank and Rowlandson and woodcuts, 2 vol.,
hf. mor., 1825-6, 8vo. (440), June 21, Christie

Edwards, £24 Westminster Papers, Vol. i. to xi., in 4 vol., hf. cf., 1871-9, 4to. (507), June 3, Puttick

Shepherd, {i 3s.
West Somerset Word Book-Outline of the Grammar of the

Dialect of West Somerset--The Fyrst Boke of the Intro-
duction of Knowledge--Glossary of Words of Cornwall,
together 4 vol., wrappers, English Dialect Society, v.y.,
8vo. (603), March 1, Dowell

IOS. 6d.
Westwood (J. O.) Palæographia Sacra Pictoria ; or, Illustra-

tions of Ancient Versions of the Bible, col. facs. (binding
defective), 1843-5, 4to. (378), July 14, Hodgson 175.

[£2 14s., mor., g.e., March 16, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 562.] Westwood (J. o.) Palaeographia Sacra Pictoria, being illus

trations of the ancient versions of the Bible, col. plates,
hf. mor., g.t., n.d., 4to. (846), July 14, Sotheby

Baker, £1 18s.
Wey (Wm.) Itineraries of William Wey (1458-1462), with the

large folding map in fac., col., on linen, from the original
MS. in the Bodleian Library, 2 vol., Roxburghe Club,

1857-67, 4to. (537), June 7, Hodgson Quaritch, ti 12s. Wharton (Grace). Literature of Society, first ed., 2 vol., orig.

cl., 1862, 8vo. (894), July 27, Sotheby Edwards, ios. Wheatley (H. B.) London Past and Present, its History,

Associations and Traditions, 3 vol., hf. mor., 1891, 8vo.,
(117), June 2, Sotheby

Bain, £3 3s.
£3 os., hf. roan, June 7, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 153.]

Wheatley (H. B.) London Past and Present, its History,

Associations and Traditions, 3 vol., hf. roan, 1891, 8vo. (441), June 21, Christie

Rimell, £3 35. Wheatley (H. B.) Reliques of Old London, 1896—Later

Reliques of Old London, 1897—Reliques of Old London Suburbs, 1898–Thames-Side and South Suburban Reliques of Old London, 1899, together 4 vol., illustrations by T. R. Way, uncut, 1896-9, 4to. (502), July 1, Sotheby

Bain, £2 28. Wheeler (J. T.) History of India from the Earliest Ages, maps, 4 vol. in 5, cl., 1867-81, 8vo. (92), Oct. 28, Puttick

Salby, £1_155. Wheeler (J. T.) History of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi

held on ist January, 1877, to celebrate the assumption of the title of Empress of India by her Majesty the Queen

with ports., pictures, maps, etc., illustrations, orig. cl. gt., n.d. (1877), folio (647), March 1, Dowell

8s. Whincop (Thos.) Scanderbeg, or Love and Liberty, a Tragedy,

to which are added a List of all the Dramatic Authors, with some account of their Lives, and of all the Dramatic Pieces ever published in the English Language to the year 1747, first ed., front., 5 unlettered proof plates and 18 copperplate medallion ports. of Addison, Beaumont, Betterton, Cibber, Congreve, Cowley, Dryden, Fletcher, Garrick, Ben Jonson, Lansdowne, Milton, Mottley, Otway, Shakespeare, Steele, Vanbrugh and Wycherley, old cf., 1747, 8vo. (86), June 2, Sotheby Lampson, 1os.

(185., old cf., Oct. 15, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 420.) Whistler (J. M.) Catalogue of the Whistler Memorial Ex

hibition, éd. de luxe, illustrations, uncut, 1905, 4to. (215), June 2, Sotheby

Shepherd, 16s. Whistler (J. M.) Etchings and Dry Points, Venice, second

series, uncut, 1883-Nocturnes, Marines and Chevalet Pieces, uncut, n.d., together 2 vol., 4to. (247), July 27, Sotheby

Shepherd, 135. Whistler (J. M.) Gentle Art of Making Enemies, first ed., orig. cl., uncut, Chelsea, 1890, 8vo. (212), June 7, Hodgson

Lupton, £I 18s. [2 48., same state, Oct. 22, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 782 ;

£2 ios., same state, Feb. 17, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 1132.] Whiston (Jas.) England's State-Distempers, With Proper

Remedies to make her Vertuous and Prosperous : The
Mismanagements in Trade Discovered, and adept Methods
to Preserve and Improve it (with mention of Virginia,
Maryland, New York, etc.], in 2 parts (margins cut into),
S. Couch, etc. (1704], sm. 4to. (188), May 6, Hodgson

McKenzie, £1 8s. Whitaker (J. I. S.) Birds of Tunisia, being a History of the

Birds found in the Regency of Tunis, one of 250 copies, map, col. plates, etc., 2 vol., hf. mor., uncut, t.e.g., 1905, imp. 8vo. (604), July 1, Sotheby Quaritch, £1 6s. Whitaker (N.) Brief History of the Settlement of the Third

Church in Salem, Salem, S. Hall, 1784, 8vo. (437), June 23, Puttick

Ellis, Ios. Whitaker (T. D.) History and Antiquities of Craven, first

ed., port., plates and folding pedigrees, hf. cf. gt., 1805, 4to. (283), May 28, Hodgson

David, 8s. Whitaker (T. D.) History and Antiquities of Craven, second

ed., with additions, port., plates and folding pedigrees, cf., 1812, 4to. (284), May 28, Hodgson

145. (11s., bds., uncut, June 2, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 1110;

75., cf., Jan. 14, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 281.) Whitaker (T. D.) History and Antiquities of Craven, plates

and pedigrees mounted on linen, 2 vol., hf. russ., 1878, folio (303), March 4, Hodgson

David, 16s. [£1 os., hf. mor., t.e.g., May 6, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 201 ;

125., mor., g.e., Nov. 11, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 601.] Whitaker (T. D.) History of Richmondshire, LARGE PAPER,

proof plates (those by Turner on India paper), with few extra leaves of text in Vol. ii. relating to Cockerham, 2 vol., russ. ex., g.e., 1823, folio (101), June 8, Christie

Lupton, £8 [£3 35., hf. russ., uncut, t.e.g., Feb. 17, 1914, Sotheby,

Lot 281 ; £3, hf. russ., March 9, 1914, Christie, Lot 289.] Whitaker's Reference Catalogue of Current Literature, with

Index, 3 vol., hf. mor., 1913, thick 8vo. (444), June 24,

Hodgson Whitbourne (R.) Discourse and Discovery of New-found

land, with many reasons to proove how worthy and beneficiall may there be made, etc., also a Letter from Captain Edward Wynne, Gouernour of the Colony at Ferryland, etc., Felix Kingston, 1622, and other tracts (various), in all 11, in 1 vol., cf., sm. 4to. (2040), June 14, Knight

£10 Ios. [The Discourse and Discovery, £6 12s., old cf., a few headlines cut and last leaf pasted down, Feb. 17, 1914,

Sotheby, Lot 506.] [White (G.)] Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne,

first ed., folding front. and plates, cf. (binding broken, but a clean copy), 1789, 4to. (444), Nov. 18, Hodgson

Bain, £5 175. 6d. [£3 159., hf. cf. (broken), Oct. 28, Puttick, Lot 510.) White (G.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, first

ed., folding front. and plates, with the Errata (binding broken), T. Bensley, 1789, 4to. (202), Feb. 18, Hodgson

Bain, £4 28. 6d. White (G.) The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne,

first ed., folding front. and plates, with the errata, mor. ex., edges entirely uncut (fine copy), T. Bensley, 1789, 4to. (276), May 6, Hodgson

$25 White (G.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, with Appendix, first ed., large folding view of Selborne and

9s. 6d.

other engravings, cf. gt., t.e.g., T. Bensley, 1789, 4to. (751), July 1, Sotheby

Chapman, £10 White (G.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne,

new ed., folding front, (torn and mended), plates, including the col. engraving of the hybrid bird, old cf. gt., smali stamps of an owl repeated on back panels (joints repaired), 1813, 4to. (351), July 7, Sotheby

Dobell, £5 5s. [Inserted at the beginning of the volume is an interesting document entirely in the author's autograph, consisting of a receipt for rent, stamped and signed, January 27, 1790.

Received then of farmer Thomas Stovel in Cash the sum of thirty two pounds four shillings & threepence :allowed him at the same time for one year's land tax to Mich : 1789—six pounds ten shill. & 9d & for laths & tiling five shillings-In all the sum of thirty nine pounds being one year's rent for Hurst farm up to Mich : 1789. I say received by me.

Gil. White.] White (G.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, ed.

by Bell, plates, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., orig. cl., 1877, 8vo. (87), March 25, Hodgson

Times Book Club, £1 5S. [£2 os., mor., g.e., Large Paper (roy. 8vo.), with India

proof plates, Jan. 14, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 862. White (G.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, ed.

by Bowdler Sharpe, plates by Keulemans and E. J. Sullivan, some on India paper, LARGE PAPER (limited to 160 copies, signed by the illustrators), 2 vol., vell. ex., 1900, 8vo. (120), Aug. 6, Hodgson

[ios., buckram, uncut, ordinary issue, July 1, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 333; 178., same state, ordinary issue, July

9, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 82.] White (Gleeson). English Illustration, “ The Sixties," 1855-70,

illustrations, buckram gt., uncut, t.e.g., 1897, roy. 8vo. (233), July 1, Sotheby

Blackburn, É I White (Gleeson). The Master Painters of Britain, ed. by

Gleeson White, 4 vol., orig. cl., Edinb., n.d. (1898), 4to. (644), March 1, Dowell

6s. White (Jno.) Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, 65

col. plates of natural history, etc., with the orig. purchaser's invoice, hf. cf., 1790, 4to. (284), March 18, Hodgson

Maggs, £1 16s. White (Walter). [Works.) Northumberland and the Border,

Eastern England, 2 vol.--A July Holiday in Saxony, etc., together 8 vol., hf. cf., 1855-75, 8vo. (421), April 5, Dowell

178. White's Club. See Bourke (A.) Whitworth (Chas., Lord). Account of Russia as it was in

1710, mor. gt., line frames and borders, g.e., by Roger
Payne (blank portion of title torn off and mended),
Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1758, 8vo. (272), July 7,

Shepherd, £i 6s. (16s., hf. cf., April 6, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 79.]

£2 45.

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