Abela (G. F.) Malta Illustrata, plates, 2 vol., old vell. (few

leaves wormed), the Lee copy, Malta, 1772-80, folio (286), June 23, Puttick

Davis, 6s. Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes, herausgegeben

von der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 5 vol., hf. cf., Leipzig, 1859-76, 8vo. (1), July 14, Sotheby

Quaritch, 18s. Account of Jamaica and its Inhabitants by a Gentleman long

resident in the West Indies, hf. mor., g.e., Wm. Beckford's copy, with his MS. notes on fly-leaf, 1808, 8vo. (939), June 2, Sotheby

Booth, £i 5s. Account of the Rise, Progress and Present State of the Mag

dalen Charity, col. front., mor. super ex., g.e., 1763, 8vo. (442), March 10, Puttick

Leighton, iis. Ackermann (R.) Histories of the Colleges, viz., The Charter

House, Merchant Taylor's School, St. Paul's, Christ's Hospital, Westminster and Harrow, 23 col. views and plates of costume after Pugin and Mackenzie (a few pages of text foxed), in i vol., hf. mor., g.e., 1816, 4to. (631), July 1, Hodgson

Rimell, £8 Ackermann (R.) Histories of the Colleges of Winchester,

Eton, Westminster, Charter-House, etc., col. aquatints, hf. russ., uncut, Ackermann, 1816, 4to. (43), June 8, Christie

Fagg. 22 Ackermann (R.) History of Eton College, with 10 col. illus

trations, hf. mor., 1816_Wood (W. W.) Sketches of Eton, etchings and vignettes, proofs, cl., 1874, together 2 vol., 4to. (1259), June 14, Knight

13 Ackermann (R.) History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's,

Westminster (by W. Combe), port. and col. aquatints by
Pugin and others, 2 vol., old russ. gt., 1812, 4to. (246),
June 2, Sotheby

Laird, £2 (£I 159., mor., g.e., Dec. 2, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 1; 22 145., hf. mor., May 19, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 283; £i 45.,

hf. bd., May 28, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 301.] Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Cambridge, col.

plates, with the portraits of the founders and the plates of academical costume, 2 vol., hf. russ., m.e. (clean copy,

but the binding worn), 1815, 4to. (282), May 28, Hodgson

Maggs, £15 Ios. Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Oxford, col.

plates, with the series of ports. of the Founders (wanted the hf.-titles and the plate of University College Hall), 2 vol., orig. mor. gt., g.e. (rubbed), the plates in fine condition throughout, 1814, 4to. (303), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Edwards, £13 58. Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Oxford: its

Colleges, Halls and Public Buildings, col. plates, with the portraits of the founders and the academical robes, 2 vol., cf., g.e. (binding worn, otherwise a clean copy), 1814, 4to. (249), June 7, Hodgson

£12 Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, col. aquatints by


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Rowlandson and Pugin, 3 vol., hf. mor.. Ackermann,

1808-10, 4to. (164), June 21, Christie Sotheran, £15 Ios. Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, col. plates after Rowlandson, 3 vol., bds., 1904, sm. 4to. (190), June 10, Hodgson

H. J. Woodland, £i is. Ackermann (R.) New Drawing Book, title and 24 col. plates,

comprising groups of figures, cattle, etc. by Manskirch, 1808, oblong folio (283), Jan. 13, Hodgson

[£1, wrappers, Dec. 11, 1913, Hodgson, Lot 299.] Ackermann (R.) Repository of Arts, from the commencement

in Jan., 1809 to 1827, First Series, 14 vol.; New Series, 14 vol.; and Third Series, 10 vol., col. plates, together 38 vol., cf., 1809-27, 8vo. (110), April 5, Dowell

£32 [£28, hf. cf. gt., 40 vol. in 26, some plates missing, Oct. 22, 1913, Hodgson, Lot 198. On April 15th, 1915, Vol. v. to viii., xi. and xii., together 6 vol., belonging to the second series, 1818-21, realised £2 is., hf. bd., Hodgson, Lot 554; also, Vol. i. to x., hf. bd., third series, 1823-27,

£7, same sale, Lot 504.] Ackermann (R.) Repository of Arts. Collection of 65 of the

Col. Costume Plates from Ackermann's Repository, bds., uncut, 1822-6, 8vo. (1707), April 26, Christie, Red Cross Sale

Maggs, £5 Acosta (Jos.) Naturall and Moral Historie of the East and

West Indies, trans. by E. Grimestone (title defective, otherwise a sound copy), cf., 1604, sm. 4to. (196), July 1, Hodgson

Stevens, Son & Stiles, £I Ios. Acta Scitu dignissima docteque concinnata Constantiensis

concillii celebratissimi, title within an ornamental woodcut border, full-page woodcut on verso thereof and repeated on last leaf, with the first page of text within woodcut border, Mediolani, per Gotardum Ponticum, 1511-Decreta et Acta concilii Basiliensis nuper impressa, with 2 ornamental woodcut borders and a full-page woodcut, repeated, had small portion of top corner missing on this repetition, Mediolani, per Gotardum Ponticum, 1511– Promotiones & progressus sacrosancti pisani concilii moderni [Mediolani, Gotardus de Ponte, 1512]-Apologia Sacri Pisani Concilii Modernii, woodcut on title [Mediolani, Gotardus de Ponte, 1512). contemp. cf. decorated with fillets and scrolls, interlaced, with fleurons and arabesques, the title of the work stamped in gilt capital letters on upper portion of back, gt. edges, in mor. case, 1511-12, sm. folio (420), April 26, American Art Association

W. T. Wallace, $850 [Fine specimen of binding executed for Grolier, with “ Io. Grolierii et Amicorum in the lower part of front cover, and his motto, “ Portio Mea Domine Sit in Terra Viventivm ” in the centre of back cover. The Léon Techener-Benedetto Maglione-Robert Hoe copy, with bookplate of the last-named. On the title-page is the autograph of “ Stephanus Balutius."-Catalogue.]

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Acts of Parliament of Q. Elizabeth (many relating to Sport,

etc.), black letter, cf., 1559-1601----Acts of Henry VIII., black letter, Thomas Berthelet (fine copy), 1540, and other Acts relating to Sport., etc., together 3 vol., folio (239), June 21, Christie

Barnard, £3 ios. Acts of Parliament. See also Statutes Adam (R.) Designs for Vases and Foliage from the Antique,

13 plates engraved by Pastorini, hf. mor., n.d., folio (316), June 24, Hodgson

14s. Adam (R. and J.) Works in Architecture, with 80 plates by

Bartolozzi, Piranesi and others, 10 parts forming 2 vol., hf. mor., g.e., 1773-9, folio (240), June 21, Christie

Batsford, £13 [The complete work contains 105 plates, and when bound is usually found in 3 vol., 1773-1822, imp. folio, £128, the work complete, 3 vol. in 1, hf. mor., t.e.g., Nov. 18, 1913,

Sotheby, Lot 1.] Adam (Robert). Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Dio

cletian at Spalatro, 61 engravings, some very large, by Bartolozzi, etc., hf. russ., 1764, imp. folio (1007), June 14, Knight

£2 5.. Adamson (John). The Muses Welcome to the High and Mightie

Prince James, at his M. happie return to Scotland in anno 1617, woodcut port. of King James (two of the preliminary leaves torn and stained, one leaf defective, small hole in margin of pages 13-16, sold not subject to return), Edin.

burgh, 1618, folio (800) June 2, Sotheby Dobell, iis. Adamson (R.) Development of Modern Philosophy, ed. by

W. R. Sorley, orig. cl., 2 vol., 1903, 8vo. (459), Feb. 1,

Addison (C. G.) Damascus and Palmyra, 10 col. plates by

Thackeray, ex-library copy, 2 vol., uncut, 1838, 8vo. (497),
April 15, Hodgson

Spencer, 125. (Usually 10 col. plates, as in this copy, but some examples have 18, and are of much greater value. £34 ios., orig. cl., with the half-titles, 18 col. plates, May 31, 1907, Sotheby, Lot 113; 19., hf. cf., 10 col. plates, May 25th, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 195; 1os., hf. mor., t.e.g., 10 col.

plates, March ist, 1915, Dowell, Lot 185.] Addison (J.) The Spectator, orig. ed., Nos. 1-20, 201-220,

241-260, 381-555, March 1, 1711-Dec. 6, 1712, in 12 vol.,

hf. cf., 1711-12, folio (814), June 2, Sotheby Quaritch, £8 Addison (J.) Works, with a Complete Index, port. after

Kneller and plates by Hayman, 4 vol., cf. gt., Birmingham,
J. Baskerville, 1761, 4to. (185), July 1, Sotheby

Groves, £2 9s. (£2, old russ., July 22, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 278.] Addison (J.) Works, port. after Kneller and plates by Hay

man, 4 vol., russ. (rebacked), Birmingham, J. Baskerville, 1761, 4to. (542), Feb. 4, Hodgson

Heffer, £i 18s. (18s., old russ. gt., Dec. 2, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 2; £2 8s., cf. gt., June 10, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 984.]


Adolphus (John). British Cabinet, containing Portraits of

Illustrious Personages, engraved from original pictures, with Biographical Memoirs, with 50 fine full-page illustra

tions, hf. russ., 1800, 4to. (1010), June 14, Knight Adrien. Le Livre et Mistere de Saint-Adrien, avec Introduc

tion, Table et Glossaire, par E. Picot, Roxburghe Club, Macon, 1895, 4to. (543), June 7, Hodgson

London Library, £3 175. 6d. Aelianus. De Natura Animalium, 2 vol., contemp. French mor.,

8.e., 1744, 4to. (148), Dec. 9, Puttick Barnard, ti is. Æsop. Fables d'Esope . Fables de Philelphe, avec des

Reflexions par J. Baudoin (the latter with separate title), front., medallion port. on second title and numerous copperplate engravings, orig. impressions, mor. ex., full gilt back, elegantly tooled sides, g.e., fine copy, Paris,

1659, 8vo. (407), July 27, Sotheby Lulworth, 178. Æsop. Fables, with Life, Stockdale's ed., 112 plates by

Grainger, Blake, etc.; 2 vol., old tree cf. (lower margin of
Vol. i wormed), 1793, roy. 8vo. (530), July 22, Hodgson

Hill, £1 155. Æsop. Fables, with Life, Stockdale's ed., 112 plates by

Stothard, etc., 2 vol., hf. cl., uncut, 1793, 8vo. (108), Jan. 20, Puttick

Nield, £7 ios. [£3 175. 6d., cf. gt., cut, as usual, March 16, 1914,

Sotheby, Lot 5.)
Æsop. Fables, with Life, Stockdale's ed., 112 plates by

Stothard, etc., 2 vol., cf., 1793, roy. 8vo. (20), March 1,

£2 7s. 6d. Æsop. Fables, ed. by T. James, first ed., with illustrations by Tenniel, orig. cl., uncut, 1848, 8vo. (485), June 10, Hodgson

Spencer, 198. Æsop. Fables, édition-de-luxe, illustrated with 25 drawings

in colour by E. J. Detmold, one of 750 copies, buckram, 1909, 4to. (484), June 3, Puttick

Bush, 16s. Æsop. Fables, ed.-de-luxe, illustrations by Arthur Rackham, one of 1,450 copies, 1912, 4to. (480), June 3, Puttick

Last, £1 Æthelwold (Saint). The Benedictional of Saint Æthelwold,

Bishop of Winchester, 963-984, reproduced in facsimile from the manuscript in the Library of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth, edited by G. F. Warner and H. A. Wilson, front. in gold and colours and 119 folios in facsimile, Roxburgh Club, Oxford, 1910, folio (576), June 7, Hodgson

Quaritch, £14 Aggravii Venetiani, etc. Or, The Venetian and other Griev

Together with a Proposal for raising the Price of Tin in the Counties of Devon and Cornwall, etc., the first part (A to E 2 + B and C, 8 leaves), S. Crouch, 1697, sm. 4to. (193), May 6, Hodgson

Kashnor, {I IOS. Aglionby (W.) Painting Illustrated, containing Lives of the

most eminent Painters, contemp. mor., gilt tooling, comprising a centie ornament, with tulip and floral sprays,


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[ocr errors]

surrounded by lace work border, g.e. [apparently by Charles Mearne), 1685, sm. 4to. (221), July 1, Hodgson

Leighton, £8 Agricola (G.) De Re Metallica libri XII., large woodcuts of

smelting operations, pumps, wells, etc. (first few leaves stained), vell., Basileæ, 1561, 4to. (286), July 28, Hodgson

Leighton, £2 6s. Ailesbury (Thomas, Earl of). Memoirs, written by himself,

col. folding front., 2 vol., Roxburgh Club, 1890, 4to. (541), June 7, Hodgson

Quaritch, £3 Ainsworth (W. H.) Constable of the Tower, an Historical

Romance, first ed., illustrations by Sir John Gilbert (foxed), 3 vol., orig. red cl., uncut, 1861, 8vo. (278), March 18, Hodgson

Spencer, £3 (Contains six illustrations, three of which are in Vol. i. and two in Vol. ii. In each vol., front. faces title and a

half-title follows the list of illustrations.] Ainsworth (W. H.) Crichton, First Octavo Edition,” 18

plates by “ Phiz,” orig. cl., uncut, 1849, 8vo. (195), July 22, Hodgson

Maggs, £1 18s. Ainsworth (W. H.) Guy Fawkes, first ed., 22 full-page etch

ings (inclusive of front.) by G. Cruikshank, 3 vol., orig.

cl., 1841, 8vo. (418), June 23, Puttick Spencer, £9 ios. Ainsworth (W. H.) Star-Chamber, an Historical Romance, first ed., 2 vol., orig. cl., 1854, 8vo. (544), April 14, Puttick

Edwards, 16s. [No illustrations. The first illustrated ed. was published by Routledge in 1857, with 8 full-page plates by H.

K. Browne, yellow picture bds.] Ainsworth (W. H.) The Spanish Match, or Charles Stuart at

Madrid, first ed., 3 vol., orig. cl., Chapman and Hall, 1865, 8vo. (116), Feb. 18, Hodgson

Maggs, 125. [Issued in purple cloth, without illustrations. Each volume should have a half-title after the table of con

tents.] Ainsworth (W. H.) Tower of London, first ed., 40 illus. by G.

Cruikshank, orig. cl. (foxed), used copy, 1840, 8vo. (382),
March 10, Puttick

Eden, 5s. [£2 8s., hf. cf. gt., Feb. 26, 1912, Sotheby, Lot 4; £4

158., orig. cl., June 20, 1912, Sotheby, Lot 970.] Ainsworth (W. H.) Tower of London, first ed., 40 illustra

tions by G. Cruikshank, cf. ex., inside borders of gilt dentelles, g.e., 1840, roy. 8vo. (847), July 27, Sotheby

Joseph, 198. (10s., hf. cf., July 1, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 2.] Ainsworth (W. H.) Windsor Castle, first demy 8vo. ed., 18

full-page etchings and 87 woodcuts by G. Cruikshank, Tony Johannot and Delamotte, port, after Maclise, treecf. gt., g.e., 1843, 8vo. (59), June 2, Sotheby

N. Massey, 8s. Ainsworth (W. H.) Novels, Library ed., plates by G. Cruik

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