Celebrated Pianists of the Past and Present: A Collection of One Hundred and Thirty-nine Biographies, with Portraits

T. Presser, 1894 - 423 sider

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Side 238 - I cannot describe my astonishment when I happened to be so fortunate as to hear the immortal WA Mozart playing before a large company of people. Not only did he vary with much skill what he was playing, but he extemporised as well. I had never been accustomed to hear anything so great or so wonderful.
Side 221 - Mozart plays with great power, and reads whatever is put before him ; but that is all that can be said ; Beecke is far superior. His execution is wonderfully liquid, his playing full of grace and his taste is thoroughly original, no one can compete with him.
Side 368 - Conservatory in 1877, studying piano while there under Marmontel, and theory under Savard. In 1879 he went to Wiesbaden and studied for a time with Louis Ehlert, thence to Frankfort-on-theMain, where he enjoyed the privilege of studying composition with Joachim Raff and piano with Carl Heymann, the celebrated pianist.
Side 97 - I soon spoke pretty fluently)" and often invited me after dinner to play at billiards. In the evening, I sometimes accompanied him to his large pianoforte warehouse, where Field was often obliged to play for hours, to display the instruments to the best advantage to the purchasers. The diary speaks with great satisfaction of the technical perfection and the "dreamy melancholy" of that young artist's execution.
Side 17 - My dear young man," returned the other, "You must not complain; for you are neither a Goethe nor a Handel, and it is not to be expected that you ever will be; for such masters will not be born again.
Side 24 - ... was worshipped by the young musicians, Ries, the younger Czerny, Weber, Spohr, and his patrons the lords and ladies of Vienna stood faithfully by him. But the older musicians shook their heads. Albrechtsberger, to whom no idea ever occurred which could not be treated in double counterpoint, said : " Have nothing to do with him ; he has learnt nothing and will never write anything properly.
Side 114 - He is a musician beyond criticism ; in public and in private one of the best known members of Vienna Society, and the greatest favourite with all musical people. By his brilliant playing as well as his sweet expression and gay humour, he understands to perfection the art of charming his listeners in Vienna.
Side 205 - I secretly copied it. The novelty of its style was so attractive to me, and I became so enthusiastic in my admiration of it, that I forgot myself so far as to mention my new acquisition to my master, who reminded me of his injunction, and warned me not to play or study any eccentric productions until I had based my style upon more solid models. Without, however, minding his injunction, I seized upon the piano-forte works of Beethoven as they successively appeared, and in them found a solace and delight...
Side 368 - Mr. MacDowell was born December 18, 1861, in New York City, and began early the study of the piano, at one time being a pupil of Teresa Carreno. He went to Paris in 1876 and was admitted to the Conservatory in 1877, studying piano while there under Marmontel, and theory under Savard.
Side 232 - I chiefly mean the Emperor) must not imagine that I am in the world purely for the sake of Vienna! There is no monarch in the globe I would sooner serve than the Emperor — but I will not be a mendicant for any post. I believe I am capable of bringing...

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