Three Chapters of Letters Relating to the Suppression of Monasteries

Thomas Wright
Camden Society, 1843 - 304 sider

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Side 256 - We have in money 300/. and above ; but the certainty of plate and other stuff e there as yet we know not, for we have not had opportunity for the same, but shortly we intend (God willing) to proceed to the same ; whereof we shall ascertain your lordship so shortly as we may. This is also to advertise your lordship, that we have found a fair chalice of gold, and divers other parcels of plate...
Side 223 - Town Hall. The Mayer of that Town, Mr Richard Turner, a very honest jentill person with many other honest men hathe expressyd unto me ther gref in thys behalf, and have desyred me to be an humble sutar unto your Lordeschippe for the same if it schulde be solde. The wallys, besyd the coyne stonys, be butt chalk and flynt, and the coveryng butt tile. And if it please the King's Grace to bestow that howse upon any of hys servants, he may spare the body of the • tabernacles. VOL. II. G churche, wich...
Side 1 - The zealous catholics were alarmed by this measure, and justly regarded it as an example which would not fail to lead to a more general demolition of the religious houses. Some of the abbots attempted to avert the danger by offering sums of money for his scholastic foundation instead of the abbey lands, as in the case of Edmund Walley, abbot of St. Mary's, at York, who in a letter to the cardinal, says,—" I am right interely contented, for your tenderinge of the premisses, to gyve unto your grace...
Side 256 - This is also to advertise your lordship, that we have found a fair chalice of gold, and divers other parcels of plate, which the abbot had hid secretly from all such commissioners as have been there in times past ; and as yet he knoweth not that we have found the same : whereby we think that he thought to make his hand, by his untruth to his king's majesty.
Side 191 - The innocente people hathe ben sore alured and entisid to worshipe the saide Image, in so muche that there is a commyn sayinge as yet amongist them, that who so ever will offer anie thinge to the saide Image of Darvellgadarn, he hathe power to fatche hym or them that so offers oute of Hell when they be dampned.
Side 256 - It may please your Lordship, to advertise us of the King's Pleasure, by this Bearer, to whom we shall deliver the Custody and Keeping of the House, with such Stuff as we intend to leave there, convenient to the King's Use. We assure your Lordship, it is the goodliest House of that Sort, that ever we have seen.
Side 144 - MMMMM marks and above, over and besydes a well and riche crosse with emereddes, as also dyvers and sundry stones of great value, and yet we have left the churche, abbott and convent very well ffurnesshed with plate of sylver necessary for the same
Side 256 - ... house mete for the king's majesty, and for no man else : which is to our great comfort; and we trust verily, that there shall never come any double hood within that house agaiu.
Side 260 - And his hedd uppon the Abbey gate at Glaston. And as concernyng the rape and burglary commytted, those parties are all condempned, and fower of theym putt to execucyon at the place of the act don, whiche is called the were ; and there adjudged to hange styll in chaynes to th'ensample of others. As for Capon, oone of the seyde offenders condempned, I...