ages: Provided, That if upon the register of the State or Territory in which the vacancy exists there are the names of eligibles having a claim of preference under section 1751, Revised Statutes, the names of such eligibles shall be certified before the names of other eligibles of higher grade: Provided further, That on a line on which the service does not require the full time of a clerk, and one can be employed jointly with the railroad company, the appointment may be made without examination and certification, with the consent of the Commission, upon a statement of the facts by the general superintendent; but no clerk so appointed shall be eligible for transfer or appointment to any other place in the service.”

Section 6 of the same rule has been amended by adding after the word “substitutes,” in line 6, the words “resident in the counties which are supplied wholly or in part by the road on which the vacancy exists," so that as amended the section reads:

“6. There may be certified and appointed in each State and Territory, in the manner provided for in this rule, such number of substitute clerks, not exceeding the ratio of one substitute to ten regular clerks in such State or Territory as the PostmasterGeneral may authorize, and any vacancies occurring in class 1 in any State or Territory in which substitutes have been appointed shall be filled by the appointment thereto of those substitutes resident in the counties which are supplied wholly or in part by the road on which the vacancy exists in the order of their appointment as substitutes, without further certification. The time during which any substitute is actually employed in the service shall be counted as a part of his probation."

Indian Rule IV, amended by adding the following section:

“6. Upon the nomination by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, through the Secretary of the Interior, of an Indian for appointment as assistant teacher, the Commission shall give such Indian noncompetitive examination, under General Rule III, section 2, clause h, upon passing which at the required grade he shall be certified and appointed for the probationary period provided for in section 3 of this rule, at the end of which period he shall be absolutely appointed or discharged from the service in accordance with the provisions of said section. Any Indian appointed assistant teacher as herein provided may at any time after absolute appointment be appointed teacher, upon the certification of the Commission that he has passed the teacher examination."

The classification of the Indian service, as made by the Secretary of the Interior April 13, 1891 (see page 99), was amended, by direction of the President, to include in class 3 of said section assistant teachers.

A new rule-Special Indian Rule No. 1-has been made to read: “Exceptions from examination are hereby made as follows: One superintendent and the necessary teachers, not exceeding four in number, for the organization and equipment of a normal school to be established at Albuquerque, N. Mex.; this rule to expire by limitation six months after the date of its approval."

This rule was approved March 6, 1894.

An amendment to Special Indian Rule No. 1 has been made by adding at the end a new paragraph to read : “Kindergarten teachers, to be employed as such, not exceeding twenty in number.”

The classification of the Interior Department was amended by the Secretary of the Interior on July 25, 1894, by direction of the President, to include the chief clerk and the assistant chief clerk at the Indian warehouse in New York City.

The classification of the Department of Agriculture was amended by the Secretary of Agriculture, by direction of the President, on May 28, 1894, by inserting after the word “Washington,” in the second clause, the words “and the inspectors and assistant inspectors of the Bureau of Animal Industry employed elsewhere than at Washington, within the United States."

And by adding at the end: “ The foregoing amended order shall take effect on July 1, 1894, on which date an eligible list from which to select shall be provided.”




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