Hon. CHRISTIAN C. KOHLSAAT, Circuit Judge......
Hon. KENESAW M. LANDIS, District Judge, N. D. Illinois....
Hon. GEORGE A. CARPENTER, District Judge, N. D. Illinois...
Hon. FRANCIS M. WRIGHT, District Judge, E. D. Illinois........
Hon. J. OTIS HUMPRHEY, District Judge, S. D. Illinois........
Hon. ALBERT B. ANDERSON, District Fudge, Indiana.....
Hon. JOSEPH V. QUARLES, District Judge, E. D. Wisconsin..
Hon. ARTHUR L. SANBORN, District Judge, W. D. Wisconsin....

.Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Ill. ..Chicago, Ill.

..Urbana, Ill. ......Springfield, III. ....Indianapolis, Ind.

Milwaukee, Wis. ... Madisou, Wis.


Hon. WILLIS VAN DEVANTER, Circuit Justice.....

... Washington, D. C. Hon. WALTER H. SANBORN, Circuit Judge....

....... St. Paul, Minn. Hon. WILLIAM C. HOOK, Circuit Judge..

.Leavenworth, Kan. Hon. ELMER B. ADAMS, Circuit Judge....

.St. Louis, Mo. Hon. JACOB TRIEBER, District Judge, E. D. Arkansas..

.Little Rock, Ark. Hoh. JOHN H. ROGERS, District Judge, W. D. Arkansas..

.Ft. Smith, Ark. Hon. ROBERT E. LEWIS, District Judge, Colorado......

..Denver, Colo. Hon. HENRY THOMAS REED, District Judge, N. D. Iowa....

.Cresco, Iowa. Hon. SMITH MCPHERSON, District Judge, S. D. Iowa.............. .Red Oak, Iowa. Hon. JOHN C. POLLOCK, District Judge, Kansas...

... Topeka, Kan. Hon. CHAS. A. WILLARD, District Judge, Minnesota.....

..Minneapolis, Minn. Hon. PAGE MORRIS, District Judge, Minnesota......

..........Duluth, Minn. Hon. DAVID P. DYER, District Judge, E. D. Missouri...

..... St. Louis, Mo. Hon. ARBA S. VAN VALKENBURGH, District Judge, W. D. Missouri ..Kansas City, Mo. Hon. W. H. MUNGER, District Judge, Nebraska......

...Omaha, Neb. Hon. THOMAS C. MUNGER, District Judge, Nebraska.

.Lincoln, Neb. Hon, CHARLES F. AMIDON, District Judge, North Dakota...

.Fargo, N. D. Hon. RALPH E. CAMPBELL, District Judge, E, Oklahoma...

....Muskogee, Okl. Hon. JOHN H. COTTERAL, District Judge, W. Oklahoma.

....Guthrie, Okl. Hon. JOHN E. CARLAND, District Judge, South Dakota..

... Sioux Falls, S. D. Hon. JOHN A. MARSHALL, District Judge, Utah......................

Salt Lake City, Utah. Hon. JOHN A. RINER, District Judge, Wyoming.............

....Cheyenne, Wyo.


Hon. JOSEPH MCKENNA, Circdit Justice.....

Washington, D. C. Hon. WILLIAM B. GILBERT, Circuit Judge...

.....Portland, Or. Hon. ERSKINE M. ROSS, Circuit Judge.....

....Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. WM. W. MORROW, Circuit Judge...

San Francisco, Cal. Hon. CORNELIUS H. HANFORD, District Judge, W. D. Washington... ..Seattle, Wash. Hon. OLIN WELLBORN, District Judge, s. D. California...... .....Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. JOHN J. DE HAVEN, District Judge, N. D. California........ San Francisco, Cal. Hon. EDWARD WHITSON, District Judge, E. D. Washington'. ...Spokane, Wash. Hon. CHARLES E. WOLVERTON, District Judge, Oregon..... ........Portland, Or. Hon. EDWARD S. FARRINGTON, District Judge, Nevada............. Carson City, Nev. Hon, FRANK S. DIETRICH, District Judge, Idaho........

....Boise, Idaho. Hon. WM. C. VAN FLEET, District Judge, N. D. California. ....San Francisco, Cal. Hon. ROBERT S. BEAN, District Judge, Oregon...

.........Portland, Or. Hon. GEORGE DONWORTH, District Judge, W. D. Washington............

..Seattle, Wash. Hon. CARL RASCH, District Judge, Montana

..Helena, Mont.


Died October 15, 1910.




Pago Abbe Engineering Co., Hardinge Conical Bronstein, In re (D. C.)....

349 Mill Co. v. (C. C.) 848 Brown v. Allebach (C. C.).

264 Adler v. United States (C. C. A.). 464 Brown v. Fletcher (C. C. A.).

963 Aker, The (C. C.)

719 Brown v. Myers (C. C.). .. Aldine Trust Co. v. Smith (C. C. A.). 449 Burbank, Newcomb v. (C. C.).

951 Allebach, Brown v. (C. C.). 264 Burgoyne v. McKillip (C. C. A.).

452 Allison, American Bonding Co. v. (C. C. Burkhalter & Co., In re (D. C.).

353 A.) 810 Burroughs v. Toxaway Co. (C. C.).

129 American Bonding Co. V. Allison (C. C. A.) 810 American Disappearing Bed Co. v. Arnael- C. A. Hoover Distilling Co., Mechanics' steen (C. C. A.).

324 Ins. Co. of Philadelphia v. (C. C. A.)... 590 American Evaporator Co., Kestner Evapo- Cale, In re (D. C.)...

439 rator Co. v. (C. C.)...

844 California Dried Fruit Agency v. United American Steel Foundries, National Mal

States Consol. Seeded Raisin Co. (C. C. leable Casting Co. v. (C. C.)... 626 A.)

.1022 American Stoker Co. v. Underfeed Stoker Canary Oil Co. v. Standard Asphalt & Co. of America (C. C.) 642 Rubber Co. (C. C.)

663 Ames, Hall v. (C. C.)...

.1008 Capewell Horse Nail Co. v. Green (C. C.) 404 Anderson v. Myers (C. C.). 223 | Carothers & Co., In re (D. C.)..

501 Anvil Hydraulic & Drainage Co. v. Code Chance, Gulden v. (C. C. A.).

303 (C. C. A.).... 205 Charles C. Lister, The (C. C. A.).

988 Arnaelsteeu, American Disappearing Bed Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. v. Board of Sup'rs Co. v. (C. C. A.)

324 of Appanoose County, Iowa (C. C. A.) 291 Astruc v. Star Co. (C. C.)

705 Chicago, B. & Q. R.' Co. v. Board of Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Interstate Sup'rs of Appanoose County, Iowa (C. Commerce Commission (C. C.). 189 C. A.)

301 Atlantic Coast Line R. Co., Bainbridge Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. v. Dutcher (C. Grocery Co. v. (C. C.). 276 C. A.)

494 Atlantic Coast Line R. Co., United States Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co., Kyle v., two V. (D. C.) 284 cases (C. C. A.)

613 Augusta, The (D. C.)....

885 Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co., Malvern & F. V. R. Co. v. (C. C.)

685 Bainbridge Grocery Co. v. Atlantic Coast Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co., Pohlman v. Line R. Co. (C. C.). 276 (C. C. A.)

492 Baker, In re (C. C. A.). 392 Chin Wah, In re (D. C.)...

256 Baker Palmer, The (D. C.).

890 Choctaw, O. & G. R. Co. v. Hamilton (C. C.) 117 Baltimore, C. & A. R. Co. v. Godeffroy (C. Choctaw, O. & G. R. Co. v. Jackson (C. C.) 342 C. A.)

525 Christopherson, Leather Grille & Drapery Barge No. 2, The (D. C.). 890 Co. v. (C. C. A.)

817 Baxter, The H. A. (D. C.).

930 Church & Dwight Co., Layton Pure Food Bean v. Orr (C. C. A.).

599 Co. v. (C. C. A.) Bellm, United States v. (C. C.).

161 Church & Dwight Co., Layton Pure Food Bird, Standard Paint Co. v. (C. C. A.). . 1023 Co. v. (C. C. A.)..

35 Bloom v. Morton (D. C.).

330 Citizens' Savings & Trust Co. v. Illinois Board of Sup'rs of Appanoose County, Cent. R. Co. (C. C. A.)

607 Iowa, Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. v. (Č. City Nat. Bank of Tiffin, Ohio, v. Penny

packer (C. C. A.)..

985 Board of Sup’rs of Appanoose County, City of Boston, The (D. C.).

171 Iowa, Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. v. (C. C. City of Boston, The (D. C.)..

174 A.)

301 City of Kalamazoo, Knickerbocker Trust Boss Mfg. Co. v. Thomas (C. C. A.). 811 Co. v. (C. C.)

865 Boston, The City of (D. C.)

171 City of Lincoln, Lincoln Gas & Electric 174 Light Co. v. (C. C.).....

926 Bredin v. National Metal Weather Strip City of Paducah v. East Tennessee Tel. Co. (C. C.) 654 Co. (C. C. A.)

625 Breuker & Kessler Co., Louis De Jonge & City of Rhinelander, Wis., Trust Co. of Co. v. (C. C.). 150 America v. (C. C.)

64 British & Foreign Marine Ins. Co. v. Mal- Clark Bros. Co., Tennessee Lumber Mfg. donado & Co. (C. C. A.). 744 Co. v. (C. C. A.)

618 182 F.



C. A.)



Page Clarke, Harrison v. (C. C. A.)...

765 Frederick E. Ives, The (C. C. A.).... 983 C. M. Burkhalter & Co., In re (D. C.)... 353 Friestedt V. National Interlocking Steel Code, Anvil Hydraulic & Drainage Co. v. Sheeting Co. (C. C.)...

836 (C. C. A.)

205 Friestedt Interlocking Channel Bar Co., InCommonwealth of Kentucky v. Wendling terlocking Steel Sheeting Co. v. (C. C.) 398 (C. C.). 140 F. & T. Lupton, The (D. C.).

144 Consolidated Loops Co. v. Miner (C. C. A.) 211 Continental Ins. Co., Nelson v. (C. C: A. 783 Gay, In re (D. C.). Cooper, Western Union Tel. Co. v. (C. C.) 710 Gay v. Hudson River Electric Power Co.,

260 Copeland v. Martin (C. C. A.).

two cases (C. C.)...

279 Coram, Cornue v. (C. C.)...

911 Coram v. Davis (C. C.).

Gay v. Hudson River Electric Power Co. 939

904 Cornue v. Coram (C. C.).

two cases (C. C.)..

941 Crew, The Edna V. (D. C.).

Gay, Knickerbocker Trust Co. v. (C. C.).. 904

109 Cumberland Gaslight Co. v. West Virginia

Gelders v. Haygood (C. C.).
Glisson, In re (D. C.).

287 & Maryland Gas Co. (C. C.)


Godeffroy, Baltimore, C. & A. R. Co. v. (C. C. A.)

525 Dale v. Smith (C. C.).

Graves, In re (D. C.)..

413 Dalton v. Hazelet (C. C. A.)


Green, Capewell Horse Nail Co. v. (C. C.) 404 Davis, Coram v. (C. C.)..

939 Davis v. Smokeless Fuel Co. (D. C.). .1004

Guaranty Trust Co. of New York v. Met

958 Dean Electric Co., Kellogg Swithchboard &

ropolitan St. R. Co. (C. C.)... Gulden v. Chance (C. C. A.)...

303 Supply Co. v. (C. C. A.)

991 Deemer Mfg. Co., Tibbs v. (C. C. A.).

48 Deer River Lumber Co., Erdman v. (C. C.

H. A. Baxter, The (D. C.)......

930 A.) 42 Hall v. Ames (C. C.)..

..1008 De Jonge & Co. v. Breuker & Kessler Co. Hamburg-American Packet Co., Jarowski (C. C.)

v. (C. C. A.)

320 Delaware, L. & W. R. R., Hoysradt v. (C. Hamilton, Choctaw, O. & G. R. Co. v. (C. C.) 880 C.)

117 Detroit Heating & Lighting Co. v. Kemp Harding v. Standard Oil Co. (C. C.).... 421 (C. C.)

847 Hardinge Conical Mill Co. v. Abbe EngineerDeutschle & Co., In re (D. C.). 430 ing Co. (C. C.).

818 Deutschle & Co., In re (D. C.). 435 Harrison v. Clarke (C. C. A.).

765) Dolan, In re (D. C.). 949 Ilavens, In re (D. C.).

307 Drake, Houston Oil Co. v. (C. C. A.). .1022 Haygood, Gelders v. (C. C.).

103 Drake, Houston Oil Co. of Texas v. (C. C. Hazelet, Dalton v. (C. C. A.).

561 A.)

202 Hennebique Const. Co. v. Urban Const. Duggan, In re (D. C.). 252 Co. (C. C. A.).

496 Duplex Phonograph Co., Victor Talking

Herr, In re (D. C.)...

715 Viach. Co. y. (C. C. A.). 822 Herr, In re(D. C.)

716 Dutcher, ('hicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. v. Hoover Distilling Co., Mechanies' Ins. Co. (C. C. A) 494 of Philadelphia v. (C. C. A.)...

590 Horn v. United States (C. C. A.)...

721 Eastern Dredging Co., In re (D. C.)....... 179 Houston Oil Co. v. Drake (C. C. A.). 1022 East Tennessee Tel. Co., City of Paducah Houston Oil Co. of Texas v. Drake (C. C. v. (C. C. A.)..


202 Edna V. Crew, The (D. C.)...

890 | Houston Oil Co. of Texas v. Farr (C. C. Egypt R. Co., Empire Trust Co. v. (C. C.) 100


491 Ehrgott, United States v., two cases (C.

Houston Oil Co. of Texas v. Jenkins (C. C.)

C. A.).

489 El Dorado Oil Works Co. v. Societe Com

Houston Oil Co. of Texas v. Wilhelm (c. merciale De L'Oceanie (C. C. A.). 195 C. A.).

474 Electric Gcods Mfg. Co., Koltonski v. (C.

Houston Oil Co. of Texas V. Williams C. A.)

Lumber Co. (C. C. A.

204 Emery, Turgeon v. (D. C.).. ...1016 Howard v. Myers (C. C.

215 Empire Trust Co. v. Egypt R. Co. (C. c.).. 100 Howard v. National Tel. Co. (C. C.). Engel v. O'Malley (C. C.).

365 Hoysradt v. Delaware, L. & W. R. R. (C. C.) 980 Erdman v. Deer River Lumber Co. (C.

Hubbard, Ex parte (C. C.)...

76 C. A.)

42 Hudson River Electric Power Co., Gay V., Everett, The (D. C.)

two cases (C. C.)

279 Ewers v. Weaver (C. C.)

713 Hudson River Electric Power Co., Gay v., two cases (C. C.) ..

904 Farr, Houston Oil Co. of Texas v. (C.C.

Humes v. United States, two cases (C. C. A.)


485 Field & Co., Traub v. (C. C. A.).

622 Hurley, United States v. (C. C. A.) 776 Fletcher. Brown v. (C. C. A.). 963 Husted, Nelson v. (O. C.).

921 Forse, In re (D. C.).

212 Forshaw v. Layman (C. C. A.).

193 | Illinois Cent. R. Co., Citizens' Savings & Frank, In re (C. C. A.). 794 Trust Co. v. (C. C. A.).....



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Page Interlocking Steel Sheeting Co. v. Friestedt Liquid Carbonic Co. v. Quick, three cases Interlocking Channel Bar Co. (C. C.)... 398 (C. C. A.)

603 Interstate Commerce Commission, Atchi- Lisk Mfg. Co., In re (C. C. A.).. son, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. (C. C.)... 189 Lister, The Charles C. (C. C. A.)..

988 Ives, The Frederick E. (C. C. A.). 983 Live Poultry Transp. Co. v. Lemac Carriers

Co. (C. C.).

841 Jackson, Choctaw, O. & G. R. Co. v. (C.

Live Poultry Transp. Co. v. Ryan Car Co.

(C. C.)

342 C.)


519 Jacob Dold Packing Co., Pulom v. (c. c.) 356 Loch Garve, The (C. C. A.) James Carothers & Co., In re (D. C.)...


Lockport Felt Co. v. United Box Board & Jarowski

328 v. Hamburg-American Packet

Paper Co. (C. C.).... Co. (C. C. A.).


Long, Southern Lumber Co. v. (C. C.)... 82 Jefferson Casket Co., In re (D. C.)

Lorraine Mfg. Co. v. Oshinsky (C. C.).... 407

961 Jeukins, Houston Oil Co. of Texas v. (C.

Lough, In re (C. C. A.).. C. A.)


Louis De Jonge & Co. v. Breuker & Kessler John and Winthrop, The (C. C. A.). 380

Co. (C. C.)..

150 John J. Sesnon Co, v. United States (C. C.

Lupton, The F. & T. (D. C.).

144 A.)


McCormack, McNeil v. (C. C. A.)........ 808

McCrary, Missouri, K. & T. R. Co. v. (C. Ka-Noo-No Indian Mfg. Co., Onondaga In- C.)

401 dian Wigwam Co. v. (C. C.). 832 McKillip, Burgoyne v. (C. C. A.).

452 Kansas City Hydraulic Press Brick Co., McNeil v. McCormack (C. C. A.).

808 National Surety Co. v. (C. C. A.)... 54 Maldonado & Co. v. British & Foreign Katalla Co., Rones y. (C. C.).. 946 Marine Ins. Co. (C. C. A.).

744 Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co. v. Dean Malvern & F. V. R. Co. v. Chicago, R. I. Electric Co. (C. C. A.). 991 & P. R. Co. (C. C.)

685 Kemp, Detroit Heating & Lighting Co. v. Marine Iron Works v. Wiess (C. C. A.). . 1022 (C. C.)

847 Marshall Field & Co., Traub v. (C. C. A.) 622 Kern v. Thompson Starrett Co. (C. C.)... 511 Martin, Copeland v. (C. C. A.)...

805 Kestner Evaporator Co. V. American Evap- Maryland, The (D. C.)...

829 orator Co. (C. C.)... 844 Maryland, The (D. C.).

885 Kings County Raisin & Fruit Co. v. United Mechanics' Ins. Co. of Philadelphia v. C. States Consol. Seeded Raisin Co. (C. A. Hoover Distilling Co. (C. C. A.).

590 C. A.).

59 Medina Quarry Co., In re (D. C.)... 508 Kinney v. United States Fidelity & Guar- Meier, In re (C. C. A.).

799 anty Co. (C. C.)...

.1005 Meriwether, State of Kansas v. (C. C. A.) 457 Knickerbocker Trust Co. v. Gay (C. C.).... 904 Metropolitan St. R. Co., Guaranty Trust Knickerbocker Trust Co. V. Kalamazoo

Co. of New York v. (C. C.)....

938 (C. C.)

865 Metropolitan St. R. Co., Morton Trust Co. Kohan v. O'Malley, (C. C.)..

V., two cases (C. C.)...

958 Koltonski v. Electric Goods Mfg. Co. (c. c. Midland Val. R. Co. v. Page (C. C.). 125 A.)

208 Miller, Montgomery Light & Water PowKrall, In re (D. C.). . 191 er Co. v. (C. C. A.)....

.1023 Kranich, In re (D. C.)

849 Miner, Consolidated Loops Co. v. (C. C. A.) 211 Kyle v. Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co., two Minneapolis St. R. Co. v. Odegaard (C. cases (C. C. A.) 613 C. A.).

56 166 Missouri, K. & T. R. Co. v. McCrary (C. C.) 401

Mohns Netherlands-American Steam Lambert's Point Towboat Co. v. United

Nav. Co. (C. C. A.)..

323 States (C. C. A.)....

388 Montgomery Light & Water Power Co. v. Larsen, United Gas Imp. Co. v. (C. C. A.) 620 Miller (C. C. A.). .

.1023 Lavoie, United States v. (D. C.). 913 Moore v. Smith (C. C. A.)

510 Lawson, Western Uniou Tel. Co. v. (C. C. Morris & Co. v. Whitley (C. C.).

286 A.)

369 Morse Chain Co. v. Link Belt Co. (C. C.).. 825 Layman, Forshaw v. (C. C. A.). 193 | Morton, Bloom v. (D. C.)...

330 Layman. Williams y. (C. C. A.). 193 Morton, Sprung v. (D. C.)..

330 Layton Pure Food Co. v. Church & Dwight Morton Trust Co. v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (C. C. A.). 24 Co., two cases (C. C.)...

958 Layton Pure Food Co. v. Church & Dwight Mutual Reserve Life Ins. Co., Robinson v. Co. (C. C. A.). 35 (C. C.)..

830 Leather Grille & Drapery Co. v. Christoph- Mutual Reserve Life Ins. Co., Scovill v. erson (C. C. A.). 817 (C. C.).....

8.50 Lee, In re (C. C. A.)

579 Myers, Anderson v. (C. C.).. Lemac Carriers Co., Live Poultry Transp. Myers, Brown v. (C. C.). Co. v. (C. C.)...

841 Myers, Howard v. (C. C.). Lewis Pub. Co. v. Wyman (C. C. A.).

13 Lincoln Gas & Electric Light Co. v. Lin- Nassau, The (D. C.)

696 coln (C. C.)...

926 National Bank of Commerce of Tacoma, Link Belt Co., Morse Chain Co. v. (C. C.) 823 Wash., v. Tacoma Mill Co. (C. C. A.)... 1

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