Bioethics: A Nursing Perspective

Harcourt Saunders, 1999 - 546 sider
This classic work has been instrumental in establishing nursing ethics as a legitimate and discrete field of inquiry and practice. Providing the framework for this 3rd edition is a new and comprehensive definition of nursing ethics. This long awaited third edition reflects the changes in attitude that have taken place not merely by the addition of new material but by the revision of large portions of the discussions advanced in the previous two editions. Bioethics: A Nursing Perspective 3e provides nurses with a text that covers the history and nature of mainstream bioethics and its relationship to nursing. It also stimulates critical thinking on bioethical issues as these relate to the real world of the practising nurse. The accessible writing style and the use of case exemplars brings to life ethical issues and challenges that nurses will face in their careers.

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Toward a pluralistic vision of human life
What is bioethics?

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Megan-Jane Johnstone is currently Professor of Nursing at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia.

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