Name Dropping: A No-Nonsense Guide to the Use of Names in Everyday Language

Bloomsbury Publishing, 23. apr. 2015 - 256 sider
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Ever had a Hitchcockian experience (in the shower perhaps?!) or
met someone with a distinctly Ortonesque outlook on life? There are
hundreds of words derived from real people who are famous - or infamous
- enough to give their stamp to a movement, a way of thinking or
acting, a style or even a mood. Name Dropping? is an essential guide to
the better known or more intriguing of these terms from figures in
politics, sport, and the arts. A valuable, interesting and often
humorous resource for those looking for definitions or simply browsing
for pleasure. Entries are listed alphabetically with full explanations,
examples from the press and other media, guidance on usage and a
'Pretentiousness Index.'

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Philip Gooden is author of the acclaimed Who's Whose? and Faux Pas?, has written several novels and taught English at secondary level for many years.

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