Forcible Entry and Unlawful Detainer,


Persons ca pable of committing Crimcs,



O Fences against the persons of Individuals,
O Fences against Habitatious and other Buildings,
O fences against Property,

Forgery and Counterfeiting,

Crimes and 0.Fences against Public Justice,
O Fences against the Public Peace,
O Fences against Morality, Health and Police,

0.Fences committed by Cheats, Swindlers, and other Fraudulent Persons,

Fraudulent and Malicious Mischief,

Miscellaneous O fences,

General Provisions,

Local Jurisdiction of Crimes,

Liinitation of Criininal Actions,

Grand Juries and their Proceedings,

Indictments and Prooess thereon,

Arraignment, and Proceedings before Trial,

Trials and Incidents thereto,

Verdict, Judgment and Proceedings thereon,

New Trial and Arrest of Judgment,

Of Appeal,

Costs in Criminal Cases,

Miscellaneous Provisions,

Proceedings in Justices' Courts,


Act in relation to Executors and Administrators,

to designate style of Enacting Clause of the Legislative Acts,

to prevent Ranchmen and Stable Keepers from using Stuck, eto,

PUBLIC LAWS-Continued.

Act to regulate Sale of Horses, oto.,

relative to Discovery of Quartz Lodes,

fixing tho age of Majority,

to provide for Territorial Exponsos,

creating lien in favor of Ranchmen,

securing lien to Mechanics,
to regulate measure of Damages in Actions on Contracts for delivery of

Gold Dust, etc.,

fixing time of meeting of Legislative Assembly,

concerning Chattel Mortgages,

to prevent Counterfeiting of Gold Dust, eto.,

in relation to Notarios Public,

concerning Bills of Exchange and Promisory Notes,

to prevent the sale of Liquor to Soldiers,

in relation to Offenders against Public Health,

to probibit sale of Liquor, Fire Arms, eto., to Indians,

regulating width of Roads,

to regulate charges for Publications, etc.,

declaratory of rights of Oocupants of the Public Domain,

to prevent Trespassing of Animals,

creating the office of District Attorney,

designating time of holding District Court in Madison County,

to prevent Betting and Gambling,

relating to Fords,

to prevent the carrying of Concealed Weapons,

concerning lost Goods and Estrays,

concerning writ of Habeas Corpus,

to regulate Irrigation of Land,

to exempt property of Married Women from Execution,

concerning Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,

to enable Soldiers to hold Claims,

to preserve District Records of Quartz Lodes,

relative to Elections,

for the protection of Roads,

concerning Weights and Measures,

concerning the Construction of Statutes,

to provide increased Compensation to Officers,

concerning Guardians and Wards,

to authorize the appointment of Commissioner of Deeds,

relating to the Printing of the Laws, etc.,

concerning Issuing and Serving of Process on Sundays,

concerning location of Tunnels,

concerning Marks or Brands,

concerning Jails and Prisoners thereof,

to prevent Officers from dealing in certain Securities,

in relation to Trout Fishing,

supplemental to an act to provide for Territorial Expenses,

to authorize certain persons to solemnize Marriage,

defining the time for Acts to take effect,

providing for the collection of Revenue,

concerning Divorco and Alimony,

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