The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte with His Brother Joseph ...


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Side 347 - I gave to you, and with the spirit of all my letters, you must not allow, happen what may, the Empress and the King of Rome to fall into the hands of the enemy. The manoeuvres which I am about to make may possibly prevent your hearing from me for several clays.
Side 348 - Never lose sight of my son, and remember that I would rather know that he was in the Seine than that he was in the hands of the enemies of France : the fate of Astyanax, prisoner to the Greeks, has always seemed to me to be the most lamentable in history.
Side 270 - ... and the opinions of a set of people who never reflect. Yes, I will talk to you openly. If Talleyrand has anything to do with the project of leaving the Empress in Paris in case of the approach of the enemy, it is treachery. I repeat, distrust that man. I have dealt with him for the last...