Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome

Routledge, 12. nov. 2012 - 304 sider
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The elaborate and inventive slaughter of humans and animals in the arena fed an insatiable desire for violent spectacle among the Roman people. Donald G. Kyle combines the words of ancient authors with current scholarly research and cross-cultural perspectives, as he explores
* the origins and historical development of the games
* who the victims were and why they were chosen
* how the Romans disposed of the thousands of resulting corpses
* the complex religious and ritual aspects of institutionalised violence
* the particularly savage treatment given to defiant Christians.
This lively and original work provides compelling, sometimes controversial, perspectives on the bloody entertainments of ancient Rome, which continue to fascinate us to this day.

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Listof illustrations
violent spectacles and Roman civilization
the development and diversityof Roman spectacles of death
differentiation status and supply
some ritualsand options
burial pits exposure crucifixion fire 6 Arenas and eatingcorpses and carcasses as food?
Rituals spectacles andtheTiber River
persecutions and disposal
hunts and homicides as spectaclesof death

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