The Manufacture of Iron, in All Its Various Branches: Including a Description of Wood-cutting, Coal Digging, and the Burning of Charcoal and Coke; the Digging and Roasting of Iron Ore, the Building and Management of Blast Furnaces, Working by Charcoal, Coke, Or Anthracite; the Refining of Iron, and the Conversion of the Crude Into Wrought Iron by Charcoal Forges and Puddling Furnaces : Also a Description of Forge Hammers, Rolling Mills, Blast Machines, Hot Blast, Etc. Etc. : to which is Added an Essay on the Manufacture of Steel

H.C. Baird, 1854 - 492 sider

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Side 12 - THE MISCELLANEOUS WORKS OF WILLIAM HAZLITT. Including Table-talk ; Opinions of Books, Men, and Things ; Lectures on Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth ; Lectures on the English Comic Writers ; The Spirit of the Age, or Contemporary Portraits. Five Volumes, 12mo., cloth $5.00 Half calf .. $6.25 FLORAL OFFERING.
Side 381 - Of three specimens from an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half in length...
Side 10 - Edited with a Memoir, by HENRY REED, Professor of English Literature in the University of Pennsylvania. In One Volume, 8vo. Bound in cloth extra, gilt edges $3.50 Turkey morocco super extra $5.50 Iii One Volume, 12mo, without plates, cloth $1.25 Do.
Side 19 - Iron-ore is infusible before the blowpipe, but melts with borax, and forms a green or yellow glass, like pure oxide of iron. It is likewise soluble in heated muriatic acid. 3. It occurs most commonly in beds and veins in ancient rocks. Clay iron-ore forms either by itself beds in secondary mountains, or it is included in beds of clay in the shape of nodules or irregular masses.
Side 56 - Fig. 12, which is a bar of iron or steel, edged at one end, and headed at the other — both well hardened and tempered ; the scraper, a small iron rod, with a square hook on one end, to take the boremeal out of the hole ; and a copper needle, which is a simple wire, one-fourth of an inch thick, somewhat tapered at one end. Many miners are in the habit of using iron needles, but these are very dangerous, and should not be employed ; even limestone rock is no security against accidents from self-discharges.
Side 10 - Volume, royal 8vo. (In press.) THE POETS AND POETRY OF THE ANCIENTS: By WILLIAM PETER, AM Comprising Translations and Specimens of the Poets of Greece and Rome, with an elegant engraved View of the Coliseum at Rome. Bound in cloth $3 Cloth extra, gilt edges $3.50 Turkey morocco super extra ..» $5 It is without fear that we say that no such excellent or complete collection has ever been made.
Side 10 - W. GRISWOLD. Illustrated. In One Volume, royal 8vo. Bound in cloth $3 Cloth extra, gilt edges $3.50 Morocco super extra $5 Such is the critical acumen discovered in these selections, that scarcely a page is to be found but is redolent with beauties, and the volume itself may be regarded as a galaxy of literary pearls.— Democratic Review.
Side 5 - Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Garden. By PATRICK NEILL, LL.D., FRSE, Secretary to the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society. Adapted to the United States, from the fourth edition, revised and improved by the Author. Illustrated by fifty Wood Engravings of Hothouses, &c. &c. In one volume, 12mo $1.25 " This volume supplies a desideratum much felt, and gives within a moderate compass all the horticultural information necessary for practical use.
Side 142 - ... as the Germans call it, is lifted loose from the bottom by crowbars, taken by a pair of strong tongs, which are fastened on chains, suspended on a swing crane; and then removed to an anvil, where it is flattened by a tilt hammer into four inch thick slabs, cut into blooms, and finally stretched into bar iron by smaller hammers.
Side 175 - As there is but little prospect for an addition to the number of coke furnaces which now exist we shall devote but a limited space to this subject.

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