b. Class F-2: Radioactive "Leakage" c. Class F-3: Encapsulated

D. High-Level Radioactive Waste The DOE shall accept high-level radioactive waste. Detailed acceptance criteria and general specifications for such waste will be issued by the DOE no later than the date on which DOE submits its license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the first disposal facility.

APPENDIX F Detailed Description of Purchaser's Fuel This information shall be provided by Purchaser for each distinct fuel type within a Shipping Lot not later than sixty (60) days prior to the schedule transportation date. Purchaser Contract Number/Date Reactor/Facility Name

1. Drawings included in generic dossier,

2. Nonfuel Components. Nonfuel components including, but not limited to, control spiders, burnable poison rod assemblies, control rod elements, thimble plugs, fission chambers, and primary and secondary neutron sources, that are contained within the fuel assembly, or BWR channels that are an integral part of the fuel assembly, which do not require special handling, may be included as part of the spent nuclear fuel delivered for disposal pursuant to this contract.

NOTE: Fuel that does not meet these specifications shall be classified as Nonstandard Fuel-Class NS-2.

3. Cooling. The minimum cooling time for fuel is five (5) years.

NOTE: Fuel that does not meet this specification shall be classified as Nonstandard Fuel-Class NS 3.

4. Non-LWR Fuel. Fuel from other than LWR power facilities shall be classified as Nonstandard Fuel-Class NS-4. Such fuel may be unique and require special handling, storage, and disposal facilities.

5. Consolidated Fuel Rods. Fuel which has been disassembled and stored with the fuel rods in a consolidated manner shall be classified as Nonstandard Fuel Class NS-5.

6. Failed Fuel.
a. Visual Inspection.

Assemblies shall be visually inspected for evidence of structural deformity or damage to cladding or spacers which may require special handling. Assemblies which [1] are structurally deformed or have damaged cladding to the extent that special handling may be required or (11) for any reason cannot be handled with normal fuel handling equip ment shall be classified as Failed FuelClass F-1.

b. Previously Encapsulated Assemblies.

Assemblies encapsulated by Purchaser prior to classification hereunder shall be classified as Failed Fuel-Class F-3. Purchaser shall advise DOE of the reason for the prior encapsulation of assemblies in sufficient detail so that DOE may plan for appropriate subsequent handling.

c. Regulatory Requirements.

Spent fuel assemblies shall be packaged and placed in casks so that all applicable regulatory requirements are met.

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C. Summary of Fuel Classifications 1. Standard Fuel: a. Class S-1: PWR b. Class 8-2: BWR 2. Nonstandard Fuel: a. Class NS-1: Physical Dimensions b. Class NS-2: Non Fuel Components c. Class NS 3: Short Cooled d. Class NS 4: Non-LWR e. Class NS-5: Consolidated Fuel Rods. 3. Failed Fuel: a. Class F-1: Visual Failure or Damage

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1. Startup date (moldayłyr)
2. Shutdown dato (moldaylyt)
3. Cumulative fuel exposure

4. Avg. reactor power (mwth)


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14 Total Pro for Electrtetty Generated and Solid 32 Total Electrtet Generated and sold (Megawat hours)

Niewth) Tenermited with a Peperont (Sum of Uno 1.2 tom d Area Ax) 3.3 Current Foo Almelo


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TITLE 18 USC 1001 makes it a crime for my person to knowingly and will helly make to my department or agency of the United States any latae,
hctitious, or traudulent statements as to any matter within its jurisdiction.

Don White DOE-Controller Canary. DOE OCAW: Ph.DOE EK Goldenrod, Unity Cool


Germantown, MD 20875



Standard Rominance Advice (RA) form is designed to serve the source documene for entries into the Deparments nocounting records to tenermi data from

Purches concoming payment of their contribution d the Nuciou Wash Fund. 2 Wo Shell Submit

The AA mua de submind by Purchasers who signed the Standard Contractor Disposal of Spent Nuclos Fundsor High-level Radioncive Wasto. Suomt
Copy 1, 2, and I DOE, Once of the Controller, Special Accounts and Payroll Division and retain Copy 4
Wero b Submit
Purchasin end toward complaied PA :
US. Doprement of Energy
Oto the Controller
Special Account nd Payroll Division (C-216 GTN)
Dar 500
Germantown, NO 20075 0500
Request ter Werther Information, additional forma, and instructions may be directed in writing to the address ebone or by telephone ko (301) 353-4014.
Wer Suomit

dhe month following the end of each moigned three mann period. Payment is by diectronic wie mangler only Sanction no Serbentasion of RA by Purchaser le mondatory. Fuller to lile may result in deze penalty loer we provided by Article VIM.C of the Contract for Diapo Spent Hoteller Fudendror High Level Addiolctro Warn. Pros Regarding the Confidentiality of intormation

meile contained in the form may be intormation which is onemot trom disclosure to the public under the enemption for redo mecret and

command Information specified in the Freedom de intermedion Ad Ol USC 5220 OXFOW) C prohibined from public relons by 10 USC 1905.

belona determination can be made that particular Information within the cover dither of those statutory provisions, the person submining the meton must make showing satisfactory to the Department concerning is confidential natur. Therton,pondone should state breny and palaaly (on an element by clamant besig is pousibles, in our nocompanying wtomission of the form why neconeider the Intermedion conoomed to be a rede maria other proprietary Information, whether such information is amarily rould confidential Information by the companies and the industry and the need competitive hardship that would result from disclosure of the information. In coordena win the Movision of 10 CFA 1004.11

of DOES FOW regulations, DOE wotermine whether any information wubriand thould be withold from public disclosun. DOE received a response and does not receive request with botentive justification, that the intermedion submits should not be released to the public, DOE mey aume that he respondent dous nor objna to discoture the public of my Information submind on the form Amerigon jedication need not be womited orch time the NWPA-$300 in submited it. e vieres concerning information itong lonttied us privileged or confidential have not changed and

I wan justification rating forth respondents views in this regard was previously submited. in accordance with the cited statutes and other applicable authority, the information must be made ovulable upon request, to the Congress any committee of Congress, he General Accounting Office, and other Foderal agences authorized by how to receive such intomation


ADVICE FOR PAYMENT OF FEES Section 1.0 Tundlication Information

1.1 Name of Purchase as it sopeers on the Standard Contrad, the mailing address, state, and zip code. 12 Name and telephone number of person responsible for the completion of the form. 1.3 Standard Contract identfication number as assgned by DOE. 1.6 Period covered by this advice and date of this payment. Any period diferent from the assigned three month period should be cupiained on a separate


Section 20 Spene Mudo Fuol (SN) Foo

2.1 Emor the number of roacions for which the purchaser had radiated fuel as of midnight between 67 April 1980 (equal to the number of Annex B Forms

anached). 22 Total amount owed bone Nudear Waste Fund for spent fuel used to generate dectricity prior to Aprl 7. 1993 (See Annes B for calculaton). 23 Sell explanatory. 24 Ten you Treasury Noto rate on the date the payment is made, to be used it payments being made using the 40 quarter option or if lump sum

payment is made her June 30, 1985. 2.5 Unpaid balena beton this payment is made. 26 Enter the payment option (1.2 or 3) chosen. The selecton of payment option must be made within two years of Standard Contaa execution.

27 Total payment of the which this advico represents. Show principal, interos, and total. Section 3.0 Foto Electricity Generated and Sold (MAW

11 Enter the number of reactor the purchaser is reponng on during this reporting period. 3.2 Enter to electricity generated and sold during the reporing

period from all reactors being reported. This is the sum of Staton Total figures of line 42 from al Amer A forms attached. pressed in megawant hours. 3.3 Current For Rate us provided by DOE (initially 1.0 MWh which is equal to 1.0 www).

2.4 Toul Foo for Electricity Generated and Sold (kWh) represented by this advice. Section 4.0 Underpayment are payment (us nosted by DOE)

4.1.45 Son Esplanatory. Section 5.0 armer Croda Claimed

Representa o tome for which a purchaser may recowe oradit, as specified in the Standard Contract. Section 6.0 Total Aominance

41.6.5 This section is a surmmary of the payments made in the previously mentioned categories with this remittance. Section 7.0 Carilcasion

Enter the name and title of the individual your company has designated to carthy the accuracy of the data Sion the Cerificadon block and enter the current date

U.S. Department of Energy

OMB No. 1501-62,50 Energy Information Administration

(Expires 11/30/93) Form NWPA-830G

Standard Remittance Advice for Payment of Fees

Section 1. Identification Information: Please first read the Instructions on the back 1.1 Purchaser Information:

1.3 Station Name: 1.11 Name: 1.12 Address: 1.13 Attention:

1.4 Standard Contract Identification 1.14 City:

Number: 1.15 State:

1.16 Zip: 1.17 Utility ID Number:

1.5 Period Covered (MM/DD/YY): 1.2 Contact Person: 1.21 Name:

1.51 From:_

To: 1.22 Title: 1.23 Phone No.:( 20


1.52 Date of this Submission:
Section 2 Net Electricity Generated Calculation

Unit 1.
Unit 2

Unit 3 Station Total 2.1 Unit In Code: 2.2 Gross Thermal Energy Generated (MWh): 2.3 Gross Electdcity Generated (MWh): 2.4 Nuclear Station Use Whila At Least One

Nuclear Unit is in Services (MWh): 2.5 Nuclear Station Use While All Nuclear

Unks An Out of Services (MWh): 2.6 Net Electricity Generated (MWh)

(Item 2.3 minus Item 2.4); 2.7 Footnote (If any): *For a nuclear station with more than one reactor and different ownerships for each reactor, a separate Annex A will be required. ** Utilities unable to meter individual unit uso shall report estimated unit use and shall explain in a lootnote how the unit data were estimated.

Section. Total Energy Adjustment Factor Calculation 3.1 Welghted Energy Adjustment Adj. for Sales to Adjustment for Factor Calculation

ultimate Consumer Sales for Resale

Fraction Sales to Fraction National Owner's Owner's Welghted
of Sales ultimate of Sales

average Energy Share Energy

to ult. Consumer for Name of Nuclear

Adl. Adj.

Adh Consumer Adj. Factor Rosale Factor Factor Station Owner(s)

Factor (FSC) (SCAF (FSR) (NAF) (OEAF) (OS) (WEAR 1.

X 2.

) +

х 3.

+ х


) + (

х 5.


х 6.


х 7

) + 1




X 10.



X 12.

3.2 Total Energy Adjustment Factor (TEAF = I WEAF)

Section 4. Fes Calculation for Electricity Generated and Sold
Unit 1 Unit 2

Unit 3 Station Total 4.1 Total Energy Adjustment Factor

(Enter value from 3.2 above): 4.2 Electricity Generated and Sold

(Items in 4.1 times Items in 2.6): --- Current Fee Rate (Dollars):

$1.00/MWh $1.00/MWh $1.00/MWh $1.00/MWh 4.3 Current Fee Due (Dollars):

(Transfer Station Total to line 3.4 of Appendix G) Copy Distribution: Whate, DOE-ControllerCanary, DOE-OCAWM; Pink, DOE-EIA Goldenrod, Unity Copy

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