U.S. Department of Energy
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Form NWPA-430G

Annex A to Appendix G Standard Remittance Advice for Payment of Fees

OMB No. 1901-02.00

Expinas 118083)

Annox A Instructions

General Information at Purpose: To report the calculations olhoos due the Department of Energy Nucor Waste Fund a Pinero rood Inotruction before completing this form.

e Comploto separato Anno A lor auch nucior station. For i nuclear station that has different ownership arrugoments for more han onoroctor, a reparate Annex Awill be required for each reactor. A Subanke Annas A Quarterly with Appendix Q. as Wher lo submit:

U.S. DOE, arloa of the Controller
Special Accounts & Payroll Division
(C216 GTN). Box 500
Germantown, MD 20875-0500

Section 1. hotentication Information: (soll aplanetom Section 2 Mul Electitetty Generned Calculation 21 Unke D Code: Enter the Roactor Unite Identification (ID) Code

megned by DOE, for each reactor in the station 2 Gross thermal Energy Generated (nown: Ulity shall report to them output of the nuclear stoom supply system during the grows hond he reportng period 2 Grove Electrlalty Generated (www): Vality shall report this amount for each unke in ho appropriate column, and the total in the column labolad Stadion Total. This amount is measured at the output mrmine d he generator during the reporting period 24 Nuclear Station No. While At Least One Nuclear Unde lo in Sersion (WWh): Utility shall report this amount for each unit in the appropriate column, and the total in the column called station Total The way in bo report consumption of olectricity by the nucion portion of the station during days in which at least one of the station's nuclear units was online and producing electricity. A utility unable to meter an individual unit she report the estimated unit uso, and shall oxplain in Item 27 how the uni data were estimated. Note that

A During days in which nuclear station use expoods nudlow station generation, he utility shal trout all resulting negativo values as zero torto calculation purposes. & Authey that has multiple nuclear units at one station:

• whon at least 1 nuclear unit is operating and when generation from that unit oxcoods the nuclear station's use, the utility

may assume that the operating unit is supplying electricity for nuclear station uso whether or not the electricity has been metered separately or the units terminate ba common electrical busbar, and

• shall report under item 2.5 any electricity use by the rudear portion of the station during the days in which all nuclear units al the station were out d service simultaneously..

C. A utility that has a metered transmission line connecting an oth-station nuciosas reactor with another nu doar station may treat the offstation plant as part of this station for lee calculation purposes it it is not double counted

20 Nor Electricity Generaled (MWh): The utility shall report this amount for each unit in the appropriate column, and the total in the

Station Total column. This amount is the result of subtracting itoma 24 from herna 23.

27 Footnote (of any): Utilities that are unable to motor individual und woo shall explain hore how the unit data were estimated. Section 2 Total Energy Adjustment Factor Caloutation:

The reporting utility shall obtain necessary data from all owners to calculato to Total Energy Adustment Factor and maintain consistent rocurato, and completo records to support these submissions. The values provided in this section must be soarta 4 significant diote. N ther ro more thm 12 owners, won continuation shoot for a nuclear sation with more than one reactor and different ownership for each reactor, a separate Annex A will be required for each reactor. 21 Welghted Energy Adjustment Factor Calculation:

Moro ol Nuclear Stadion Ownerfok provide the namo(s) in moms 1. tu 12.03.1. Imon hen 12 ramme, non contraston the

Adjustward for Salos to utdimoto Consumer (ASC): les the produdd fractond Salas bultimate Consumer F9C) and the sales bultimate Consumer Adjustment FrectorSCAT

Fraction of Sales to Womato Consumo (F3C): determined by dividing the owner's previous your onu to be the Wiredo consumer by ho um of the owner provious your med salos bo to ultimate consumer plus the owner previous your mu mation for recette. These lourse combo bundan ho Energy hormation Administration (EA) Form EA 861 or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Form NO. 1.

Salue to wisimato Consumer Adjustment Frotor (SCAT: 16 bona minus to quotiert del election hat archwi na rold ch awer, coulded by the total alacticing available for deposition corsumers. The total cloctricing available is the reporting your

Im owner's electricity supply which is wailable for

D. Unity may deduct small quantities of unmotored non-nuclear electricity generation included in "Gross, Electricity Generated: provided that it is identified and explained in itern 27.

E. A utility may deduct rudiaar electricity generation which is not sold and does not pass the busbar, provided they idenóty and explain the daduction in item 27 and that the deduction is noi double counted.

25 Nuclear Station Use While An Nuclear Units Are Out of Service (MWh): Utility shall report this amount for each unit in the appropriate column, and the total in the 'Station Total column. In this rom the utility shall report the consumption of electricity by the nuclear portion of the station during days in which total nuclear unit use exceeds nuclear generaton (0.9.. a day in which all nuclear units at the station were out of service at once). Note that a utility unable to meter individual unit use will report estimated unit use, and shall explain in tem 27 how the unit data were estimated

pressed in kalowal hours. Electricity host or otherwise not so! : (a) energy bumished without charge. (b) energy used by the company. I memission losses; () disebuton losses: (a) other unaccounted losses as reported on the Form EIA-861 or the FERC Form No. 1.

Adjustment for Sale for Rosola (ASA): Is the product of Fraction of Sales for Resale (FSR) and National average Adjustment Factor (NAF).

Fraction of Sales for Rosal (FSA): is determined by dividing the owner's previous year's annual sales for resale by the sum of the owner's previous yoar's anual sales b the ultimate consumer plus the owner's previous year's amual sales for resale. These igures can be found on the Form EA 861 or the FERC Forn No. 1,

National average Adjustment Factor (NAF): is the quotient at the national total of electricity sold ovided by the national ootal of electricity available for disposition

Owner's Energy Adjustment Foctor (OEA): is the Owner's tection de motored electricity

Welghted Energy Adjustment Factor (WEAH: is the product of an Owner's Energy Adjustment Factor (DEAF) imes the Owner's Share (OS)

32 Total Energy Adjustment Foctor (TEAF): is the sum of individual owner's Weighted Energy Adjustment Factors (WEAF). Section 4. Fee Calculation for Electricity Generated and Sold:

Total Energy Adjustment Factor. Enter the value from item 3.2 as appropnate.

42 Electricity Generated and Sold: Multiply the values in itern 4.1 by the Unit' values in item 2.6. Sum these values and enter in Station Total".

Curront F Dua (Dollars): Multiply the values in item 4.2 by one (1) dollarimegawatt hour (or 1.0 millim Wh), which is the current toe. Add this station loe to the current loe due for all other reactors operated by the Purchaser, and then enter the sum on line 3.4 of the Appendix G, Plemittance Advice.

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8962.1 Scope.

This part applies only to radioactive waste substances which are owned or produced by the Department of Energy at facilities owned or operated by or for the Department of Energy under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (2 U.S.C. 2011 et seg). This part does not apply to substances which are not owned or produced by the Department of Energy. 8962.2 Purpose.

The purpose of this part is to clarify the meaning of the term "byproduct material” under section lle(1) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2014(e)(1)) for use only in determining the Department of Energy's obligations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (42 U.S.C. 6901 et seq.) with regard to radioactive waste substances owned or produced by the Department of Energy pursuant to the exercise of its responsibilities under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954. This part does not affect materials defined as byproduct material under section 11e(2) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2014(e)(2)).

"Please provide (as an attachment) a clear reference to the methodology used to derive the burup figuras (computer codes, etc.) and a clear reference to all data used in the deri vation of those figures.

C. Total fee. (Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1091-0260) (48 FR 16599, Apr. 18, 1983; 48 FR 23160, May 24, 1983, as amended at 52 FR 35359, Sept. 18, 1987; 56 FR 67659, Dec. 31, 1991)


Sec. 962.1 Scope.

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