Hunt's Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review, Volum 31


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Side 608 - States and of the islands aforesaid, for the purpose of drying their nets and curing their fish ; provided that in so doing they do not interfere with the rights of private property or with the fishermen of the United States, in the peaceable use of any part of the said coasts in their occupancy for the same purpose.
Side 611 - Consul, or other duly appointed officer, shall have power to hear and decide the same, without any interference, molestation, or hindrance on the part of any authority of Borneo, either before, during, or after the litigation.
Side 580 - No member of this state shall be disfranchised, or deprived of any of the rights or privileges secured to any citizen thereof, unless by the law of the land or the judgment of his peers.
Side 231 - Laws shall be passed, taxing, by a uniform rule, all moneys, credits, investments in bonds, stocks, joint stock companies, or otherwise ; and also all real and personal property, according to its true value in money...
Side 234 - ... higher or other duties or charges be imposed in either of the two countries, on the exportation of any articles to the United States, or to His Britannic Majesty's territories in Europe, respectively, than such as are payable on the exportation of the like articles to any other foreign country...
Side 707 - The rate of interest upon the loan or forbearance of any money, goods or things in action, shall continue to be seven dollars upon one hundred dollars for one year, and after that rate for a greater or less sum, or for a longer or shorter time.
Side 608 - The person or persons so to be chosen to be arbitrator or umpire shall, before proceeding to act as such in any case, make and subscribe a solemn declaration, in a form similar to that which shall already have been made and subscribed by the Commissioners, which shall be entered on the record of their proceedings. In the event of the death, absence, or incapacity of such person or persons, or of his or their omitting or declining, or ceasing to act as...
Side 244 - ... and the sum to be paid by each member shall always be in proportion to the original amount of his deposit note or notes, and shall be paid to the treasurer within thirty days next after the publication of said notice.
Side 680 - Massachusetts .... Rhode Island Connecticut New York New Jersey Pennsylvania. Delaware Maryland District of Columbia Virginia North Carolina . . . South Carolina . . . Georgia Florida. Alabama Mississippi Louisiana. Texas Arkansas Tennessee Kentucky Missouri Illinois Indiana.. Ohio Michigan Wisconsin Iowa California. Minnesota Oregon Utah New Mexico Total 20,895 23,399 36,782 41,765 26,163 29,052 18,19» 19,741 States and Territories.
Side 608 - The Commissioners so named shall meet at London at the earliest convenient period after they shall have been respectively named ; and shall, before proceeding to any business, make and subscribe a solemn Declaration that they will impartially and carefully examine and decide, to the best of their judgment, and according to justice and equity...

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