Sewer Construction

J. Wiley & sons, 1908 - 335 pagina's

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Pagina 337 - Kemp and Waugh's Landscape Gardening. (New Edition, Rewritten. In Preparation.) * McKay and Larsen's Principles and Practice of Butter.making...
Pagina 338 - I2mo, 3 oo Eissler's Modern High Explosives 8vo, 4 oo * Fiebeger's Text-book on Field Fortification Small 8vo, 2 oo Hamilton's The Gunner's Catechism i8mo, I oo * Hoff's Elementary Naval Tactics 8vo, i 50 Ingalls's Handbook of Problems in Direct Fire 8vo, 4 oo * Ballistic Tables 8vo.
Pagina 282 - Contractor, and in case any question shall arise between the parties hereto, touching this contract, such estimate and decision shall be a condition precedent to the right of the Contractor to receive any money under this contract.

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