Cbrif. Nay, said Chrifianz, if they were fuch, they Aall never be bewailed by me: They have but what they deserve; and I think it well they fand so near the high way, that others may fee and take warning. Bur bad noi been well if their crimes had been edgraven on for piliar of iros or brass, and leti here, where they did the mischiefs, for a cantion to other bad men

trat-bears. So it is, as you may well.perceive, if you
ligo a little to the wall.
Larsy. No, no; let them hang, and their names rot,
their crimes live for ever against chem: I think it is
gh farour that they were hanged before we came hicher;
knows else what they might have done to such poor
sen as we are? Then lae rurned it into a song, saying,
Now then you three hang there, and will be a fign,
To all that shall against the truth combine ; .
And let him that comes after fear this end,

lf, un to pilgrini, he is not a friend, .
F. And thou, my foul, of all such meñ boware,
- That unto holiness opposers are,

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Thas they went on, till they came at the foot of the

Difficulty, where again their good friend Mr. Greate art took an occasion to tell them what happened there en Chriftian himself went by. So he went to the spring; y faith he, This is the furing that Christian drank of bea e be went up this bill, and then it was ar and good, but now it is dirty with Ezek. 34. 18,

feet of some text are not defirous that 'Tis difficult lgrims fhould here questcha their chirft : getting of good bertat Mercy said, and why to envious doctrine in orra. W! But, said the guide, it will do, if neous time. kon up asd pat into a veftel that is sweet nd good; for then the dirt will fink to the bottom, and the vater come out by itself more clear. Thus, therefore,

brifiana and her companions were compelled to do. They pok it up, and put it into an earthcn-pot, and so let ic land till the dirt was gone to the bottom, and then they Irank thereof.

Next, he thewed them the two bye.ways that were af he foot of the hill, where Formality and Hypocrisy lok themselves; And, said he, these are dangerous paths : Two -pre here caft away when Christian came by, And althos you fee these ways are fince stopped up with chains, pofts, and a ditch, yet there are By-paths, thou them that will choose to adventure there, barred up, will rather than take the pains to go up this not keep all from

going in tben.


a Prov. 13. 15. Chrift. The way of tranfgreffers is 1

It is a wonder that they can get into mways without danger of breaking their necks. 1 Great beart. They will venture; yea, if at any time Jof the King's servants do happen to see them, and i call upon them, and tell them they are in the wrong and do bid them beware of the danger, then they Failingly return them answer, and say, As for the word shou had fpoken upta us in the name of the King, we

not hearken unto thee; but we will certa 7.44.16, 17. do whatsoever thing goeth out of

mouths, &c. Nay, if you look a little sher, you shall see that these ways are made cautia enough, not only by these posts, and ditch, and chain, also by being hedged up yet they will choose

there. The reafor ruby Cbrift. They are idle, they love no Some do cboose to take pains ; up hill-way is unpleafan to in browways. Chem. So it is fulfilled unto them a

writren ; The way of the flothful man in hedge of thorns ; Yea, they will rather choose to upon a Saare, than to go up this bill, and the rest of way to the city.

then they set forward, and began to go up the mange up the hill they went : But before they got

to the top Chriftiana, began to pant, The bill puts faid, 'I dare say, this is a breaching the pilgrims to no marvel, if they that love their eale mart it.", their souls choose to themselves a smoothen

way, Then laid Mercy, I must fit dont to the Icart of the children began to cry; come, come, es und Great heart, fit not down here, for a little above is the · prince's arbour. Then he took the line boy by the hand,

l ed him up thereto.. . ; They fit in the When they were come to the arbour best arbour. were very willing to Gt down, for they were Marib. 11. 28. all in a petting hear. Thes Said Mestre

how sweet is rent to them that labour and how good is the prince of pilgrims to provide such reiting, places for them? Of this arbour I have heard much, but ry never saw it before." But here let us beware of Ocepingi for, as I have heard, it coft poor Christian dear,


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hen soid Mr. Great-beart to the little The listk boy's

come, my pretty boys, how do you answer to be What think you 'now of going on pil- guide, and allo age? Sir, said the least, I was almoft to Merog. . out of heart: but I thank you for lend. le a hand at ny need. And I remember now what nother hath told me, namely, That tfic way to

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heaven is as a ladder, and the way to hell is as dow hill; but I had rather go up the ladder to life, than dog

the hill to death, W bicb is hard. Then said Mercy, Bw the proverb is,

A, up bill or go down the hill is easy : But James down the bill for that was his name) the day is comig

when, in my opinion, going down hill will be the hardest of all). That's a good bog, 7 his maker, thou haft given her a right answer.

Mercy (milod, but the little boy did big They refreslo Cbrif. Come, said Christiana, will themselves. eat a bit to sweeten yoar mouths, while

fit here to rel your legs? I have here a of pomegranato, which Mr, Interpreter put into my just when I came out of his doors; he gave me also a of an honey-comb; and a little bottle of spirits. I chott ho gave you something, faid Mercy, because he called afidą. Yes, fo he did, said the other: But, said Chrifin it fhall be still as I said is thould, when at first we a from home : thou halt be a sharer in all the good dat have, because chou so willingly didt become my companie Then she gava to them, and they did eai, both Mercy the boys. And, raid Chriftiana to Mr. Great-heart, will you do as we do. But he answered, you are going pilgrimage, and presently I shall return; much good me

what yoa have do to you; a home I eat the fame ere waday. Now, when they had cat and drapk, ind chatred

little longer, their guide said to them, the day wem sway
if you think good let us prepare to be going ; so they !
up to go, and the little boys went before.' But Christian
forgot to take her bottle of spirits with her ; fo the feathe
little boy back to fetch it. Then said Mercy, I think
is a loling place : Here Chrißian loft his roll: And he
Ckriftiana left her bottle behind her: Sir, What in
cause of this ? So their guide made answer and said, the
cause is deep and forgetfulness; some sleep when they
thould keep awake, and some forget when they Ihould Is
member; and this is the very cause why, often at the rell
ang places, some pilgrims, in some things, some of lofen
Pilgrims Mould watch and remember what they have all
seady received under their greatest enjoyments'; but for
want of doing so oftentimes their rejoicibga cads in tean

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