were going into another place to thew them fomethia else: Bus James said to his mother, Pray bid ibein stay a little lotivei, for this is a unus Gight: do hry turned agaib, and food feeling their tyes with this fo plealanta prospect,

Ater this they had them into a place where did hang a golo: n anchor, so they bid Chriftiana like it down ; for, said they, you Thall have it with you, for it is of abtu uta neceffity hat you kould, that you may lay hold of that wirbin ibe veil, and hand iedla in c le you lboalu meet with 'urbulent weather: So they were giid thereut. Then th- v took them, am had the oth mount upon which Airahat our Farnier hd offered' up liac his Son, and These mem the alta', the wood the fore, and the knife, for hoy rim in 'o be ters to this very day. Wheu they hac feen it, they held up their hands and blested then (edves, and said, Oh! what a inan for love to his Maner, and for den al so himself, was Assaham! Alter they had Thewed them all these things, Prudence took them into a dining room where food a Prudence's vir pair of excellent virginis; fu the played ginals. , a pon them, and turned what he had thewa ed them into this excelled forg, saying,

Eve's apple we have thew'd to you,

Oi hai be you aware:
You have seen Jacob's ladder too,. ,
. Upon which angels aie.
An anonor you received have,',

Bue leo not this suffice,
Uruil vitt Abram you have gave:

Your best of sacrifice, ,

- Now about this cime one knocked at the Mr. Great heart door'; so the porier opine, a ni behold comes again. Mr. Great least was there but when ha

was come in what joy was there! for it came now afre into their minde, lot but a little whic ago he had laid old Grim Bloodyman: tegians, and hod

delivered thein frum ihe 1 ne. He brirgs á foren Then said Mr Great-heari to Chiiliana from bis Lord and Mrrey. My Lurd has tent each of sro with bits a bortle of wine, and allo fome parchet


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i am, together with a couple of po regranates; he also sens

boys fome figs aná railing, to retrelh you in your way, Then they addreffed obemfelves to their jou ney, and rudence and Piety wens along with them

When they me at the gate, Christiana aked the porter it uny of late en by. He said, Nn, only one some time fince, wbo fo told me, thar of lace there had been a great robbery mainted on the King's highway as you go; but, aid the thieves are taken, and will dhortly be tried for their

Then hriftiana and Mercy were afraid; kui Mar. cw said, Mother, fear nothing as long as Mr. Grease tare is to go with us, and to be our conductor. Then said Christiana to ibe porter, Sir, I an much ohli. ed to you for all the kindne files that you have the wed to

Since I came hither, and,allo that you have been to love gán: kind to my children; I know not how to gratify sur kindnefs :- Wheretore, pray, as a token my relpeas to you.'accrpe of this small The porter's bite : So she pur á gold angel in his hand, blijing. Ni he made her a low obeilan e, and laid, thy garments be always whate, and lei thy head want

Let Mercy tive and not die, and let nou

And to the boys he faid, Do you fy youth. lufts, and follow atter godlinels with them that ure love and wile ; lo hall vou pur gladncís inco-vour mother'e eart, and obtain pruite of all that are fober-minded. So bey-thanked the porcer, ard departed. Now I law. in my dream, obat iney went forward until hey were come in the brow of the bill, wbere Piety, be. hinking he felf, cried wat Alas! I have tórgot what I atended to beltow upon Chriftiana and her companions ; back and tétch it; 10 lae sxs ind fetched it.

When he was gone, Chriftiana thought the beard in a. grove, .

way off on the right hand, a moft curious and meloe Tous note, wiid words much like these :

Soiuiment. orks be few.


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And listening fil, le thought she heard another answe - saying,

For why? the Lord our God is good;

His mercy is for ever lure :
His truth at all times firmly stood, :

And tall from age to age endure.

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Song 2, 11, 12, So Chriftian akked Prudence what it me

that made those corious notes: They ar said she, our country birds ; they fing those notes' but la dom, except that it be in the spring, when the flowers 4 pear, and the fun thines warm, and then you may he them all day long. I often, faid the, go to hear them we also oftentimes keep them tame in our house: They ai very fine company for as when are are melancholy; all they make the woods and groves, and folitary places, plag

defirous to be in. : Piety bestoweth By this time Piety was come again; . Yonnel hing on the said salbristiana, Look here, I han parting, brough is a scheme of all those thing

that thou naft: seen at our house, upo which thou mayeft look when thou findeft chyself forgetful and call those things again to remembrance for thy edifa tion and comfort.

Now they began to go down hill into the valley of HQ miliation. It was a deep hill, and the way was Bippery but they were very careful, so they got down pretty well When they were down in the valley, Piety faid & Chrifti ina, This is the place where your husband met with the foul fiend Apollyon, was where they had the great fight that they had : I know you cannot bat bave heard thereof But be of good courage, as long as you have bare Mr. Great-heart to be your guide and conductor, we hope you will fare the better. So when there two had committed the pilgrims unto the conduct of their goide, he went for

ward, and they went after. Mr. Greaiebeari Great-bears. Then said Mr. Great heart at the valey of We need not be so afraid of this valley, for Humiliation. here is nothing to hurt ui, unless we prou

çure it ourselves. It is true, Christian cid here meet with Apollyon, with whom he had a fore com


26; but that fray was the fruit of those flips that he got o his going down the hill ; for they that get flips there, ruit look for combats here. And bence it is, that this Hley has got so hard a name: For the common people, then they hear that some frightful thing has befallen such one in such a place, are of opinion that that place is aunted with some foul fend or evil spirit; when, alas ! is for the fruit of their doing that such things do befall em there. This valley of Humiliation is of itself as fruitful a place any the crow Aies over; and I am per- . iaded, if we could hit opon is, we might The reason why ad somewhere bereabout something that Christian was ught give us an account why Christian w25 bejet bere. bardly belet in this place.

Then James said to his mother, Lo, yon- A pillar with an er ftands a pillar, and it looks as if some- Injcription on it, aing was written thereon ; let as go and te what it then So they went and found tbere written, Let hristian's flip before he came hither, and the burden that met with in this place, be a warning to thefachat come ter. Lo, said their guide, did I not tell you that there as something hereabools that would give intimation of he reafon why Chriftian was fo hard belee in this place ? Then turning to Chriftiana, he faid, No disparagement to Christian more than to many others whose. hap and lot it 748; for it is cafier going up than down this hůl, and that an be said but of few hills in all these parts of the world, Sut we will leave the good man, he is at reft, he alfo had

brave victory over his enemy: Let him grant that dwellth above, that we fare no worse when we come to be wied bad he

But we will come again to ebis valley of lumiliation ; it is the belt and most ofeful This valley a icce of ground in all these parts. li is a brave place. at ground, and, as you fee, confiileth much o meadows; and if a man was to come here in the rum. ner-sime, as we do now, if he knew not any thing before bereof, and if he also delighted binself in the fight of his yes, he might see shat wbich would be delightful ta hin. Sehold, how green this valley is, also how beautified wirin illies! I have also knowe mapy labouring men that have


Song 2. got good estates in this valley of Humili
> James 4. 6. tion. (For God refifteth the prood,
3 Perer 5. 5: gives more grace to the humble); for i

deed it is a very fruitful foil, and do Men ibrive in bring forth by handtuls. Some also ha she vall:y of wilhet, he way to this Father's hoy Humiliation were here, thai chey migoc be troubled

more with rithro bulls or mountain. 10 over ; but the way is ihe way, and there is an eod.

Now as they were going along, and talking, they elp a boy feeding his tacher's theep The boy was in mean cloths, but of a fresh and well favoused covntenang and as he fat by himiell, he long, Hark, said M, Gros heart, to what the thephedr's boy lauch ; fe they hearken and he said,

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Ho that is down, Deeds fear ao fall:

He chat is low, no pride :
He that is humble, ever fall

Have God to be his guide.
I am conuent, with what I have,

Little de it or much :
40 :, Lord, conteniment fill I cravej

Becaule chou 'faveit such.
· Fulness to such a burden is,

That go on pilgrimage :
Here liitle, and hereafter blire

Is bed from age to age.

Then said the guide, Do you hear hin? I will dan bay thus boy lixes a aserrier life, and wears more of the her called Heart's ease in his bosom, than be shat is ciadi filk and velvet: but we will proceed in our discourse,

In this valley our Lord, ormerly had Chrif, when in country boose; he loved such to be here the Hells, bad he loved also to walk in thete meadows, a. bis countryo be found the air was pleasans. Beide bour in ive val. bere a mau shall be free from the non day of humilia, and from the bursyings of this life : 1 tion,

fates are full of poise and confufion;

ly the valley of Humiliation is that empt and solitary place. Here a man fall not be let and er


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