Howsow'sHulsean Lectures on St. Paul.... I
Hdghfs's (E.) Atlas of Physical, Political

and Commercial Geography 2

(W.) Geography of British His-
tory I

Manual of Geography 1

Mullah's History of Modern Music

Hymns from Lyra Qermanica B

Inoelow's Poems ft

Jameson's Legends of the Saints and Mar-
tyrs U

Legends of the Madonna IS

LegendB of the Monastic Orders U

Jameson and Easti.are's History of Our

Lord 15

Johns's Home Walks and Holiday Rambles IS

Johnson's Patentee's Manual 16

— Practical Draughtsman U*

Johnston's Gazetteer, or Geographical Dic-
tionary W

Jones's Christianity and Common Sense.... 9

Kalisch's Commentary on the Old Testa-

. inent ....... 7

Hebrew Grammar 7

Kemrle's Plays 24

Kennedy's HymiioloijiaChristiana SO

KirrtandSprncr'sEntomology .......... 13

Lady'sTour Round Monte Rosa C

Landon's (L. E. L.) Poetical Works 24

Late Laurels 23

Latham's Comparative Philology 6

English Dictionary .... 6'

Handbook of the English Lan-


■ Work on the English Language 6

Leisure Hours in Town 8

Lewis's Biographical History of Philosophy i

Lewis on the Astronomy of the Ancients ... 6

on the Credibility of Early Roman

History 6

Dialogueon Government 6

on Egyptological Method 6

Essays on Administrations 6

Fables of Bar Hits j 6

on Foreign Jurisdiction t>

on Irish Disturbances 6

on Observation and Reasoning in

Politics |

on Political TermB ..- 6

on the Romance Languages 6

LiDDEUjand Scott'sGreek-English Lexicon 7

Abridged ditto 7

Lindlet and Moore's Treasury of Botany 12

Lister's Physico-Prophetical Essays

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Edinburgh Review (The)

Elites, a Tale

Elucott's Broad and Narrow Way

■ Commentary on Ephesians

Destiny of the Creature

Lectures on Life of Christ

Commentary on Galatians

Pastoral Epist...

Philippians, &c.

ThesJalonians ...

Essays and Reviews

Essays on Religion and Literature, edited

by Mamniro

Essays written in the Intervals of Business

Fairrahin's Application of Cast and

Wrought Iron to Building 16

. Information for Engineers... 16

. Treatise on Mills & Millwork 16

First Friendship 22

Fit* Rot's Weather Book 10

Forstxr's Life of Sir John Eliot 3

Fowler's Collieries and Colliers 17

Fraser's Magazine 28

Fresupield's Alpine Byways 22

Tour in the Grisons 22

Friends in Council 8

From Matter to Spirit 8

Fropde's History of England 1

Garratt'3 Marvels and Mysteries of

Instinct 12

Geological Magazine 11,28

Gilrert and Churchill's Dolomite Moun-
tains 22

OooDKva's Elements of Mechanism ........ 16

Gorle's Questions on Browne's Exposition

of the 39 Articles 17

Grat's Anatomy 14

Greene's Manual of Coelenterata 11

Manual oi Protozoa 11

GitovE on Con elation of Physical Forces.. 11

Oryll Grange 22

GwiltsEncyclopaedia of Architecture .... 15

Handbook of Angling, by Ephemera ....
Hartwio's Sea and its Living 'Wonders..

. Tropical World

Hassall's Adulterations Detected

- British Freshwater Aigie .

Hawrer's Instructions to Young Sportsmen

Hhaton's Notes on Rifle Shooting

Hrlps's Spanish Conquest in America

Heuschel a Essays from the Edinburgh

and Quarterly Reviews

Outlines of Astronomy

Hewitt on the Diseases of Women

Hinchlipf's South American Sketches

Hind's Canadian Exploring Expeditions ...
-Explorations in Labrador

Hints on Etiquette......

Holland's Chapters on Mental Physiology

Essays on Scientific Subjects....

___....__ Medical Notes and Reflections..

Holmes's System of Surgery

Hoorer and Walker-arnott's British


Hooper's Medica I Dictionary

Horkh'sIntroduction to the Scriptures ....

Compendium of ditto

Hosrtas* Talo*

Howitt's History of the Supernatural

Rural Life of Emd and

— Visits to Remarkable Places

Longman's Lectures on the History of Eng-

Loddon's Encyclopedia of Agriculture....
Cottage, Farm,

and Villa Architecture 17

■ Gardening 17

Plants 12

Trees & Shrubs 12

Lowndes's Engineer's Handbook 16

Lyra Domestica 21

Eucharistica 20

Germanica 15,20

Messianica 20

Mystica 20

Sacra * 20


NEW "WORKS Pttrlishrd BY LONGMAN And 00.

Macaulav's {LordlEssayH 3

History of England 1

Laysof Ancient Rome 24

Miscellaneous Writing! 8

Speeches 6

. Speeches on Parliamentary

Bcform 6

Macrraiu's Africans at Home 10

MacduoGall's Theory of War 16

Mclrod's Middle-Class Atlas of General

Geography 28

Physical Atlas of Great Britain

and Ireland .... 23

Mcculloch's Dictionary of Commerce 26

Geographical Dictionary 10

Maouire'r Life of Father Mathew 4

Rome and its Rulers 4

Maumj's Indoor Gardener 12

Maps from Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers .... 16

Marshall's History of Christian Missions. 3

Massev's History of England 1

Madnder's Biographical Treasury 5

Geographical Tieasury , 10

Historical Treasury . 3

Scientific and Literary Treasury 13

Treasury of Knowledge ... .„... 27

Treasury of Natural History .» 12

Mauri's Physical Geography 10

May's Constitutional History of England.. 1

Melville's Digby Grand .... 23

General Bounce 23

Gladiators 23

Good for Nothing 23

HolmbyHouse .... 23

Interpreter 23

Kate Coventry 23

Queen's Maries.................... 23

Jifmjrlssohn's Letters............... 4

Mevzies' Windsor Great Park - 17

Mreivale^s (H.) Colonisation and Colonies 10

tC.)FalloftheRoman Republic 2

Romans under the Empire 2

Merton's History of Medicine.. 3

Milks on Horse's Foot ............... 23

_ On HorFee' Teeth . 25

onHorse Shoeing 25

on Stables - 25

Mill on Liberty... 5

—— on Representative Government 6

—— on Utilitarianism. ........ 5

Mill's Dissertations and Discussions ....... 5

Political economy 5

System of Logic .......—.....-».. 5

MiiAEasEtementstrf Chemistry. ........... 13

Mossrll's Spiritual Songs ......... 20

Montagu's Experiments in Church and

State 18

Montgomery on the Signs and Symptoms

of Pregnancy.............................. 13

Moore's Irish Melodies. ................... 24

LallaRookh -. 24

. Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence 4

Poetical Work* 24

Morell's Elements of Psychology 9

Mental Philosophy 9

Morning Clouds 20

Morton's Handbook of Dairy Husbandry.. 17

. Farm Labour 17

Prince Consort's Farms 17

Moshrim's Ecclesiastical History 19

M'ullir's (Max) Lectures on the Science of

Language 7

(K. O.) Literature of Ancient

Greece 2

Morchison on Continued Fevers 14

Mure's Languase and Literature of Greece 2

New Testament illustrated with Wood Engravings from the Old Masters 15

Newah's Apologia pro Vita Sua ........... 3

Nightingale's Notes on Hospitals 27

Odltno's Course of Practical Chemistry .... IS

Manual of Chemistry. 13

Ormsry'sRambles in Algeria and Tunis..

Owen's Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Vertebrate Animals .... 11

PacKB'sGuide to the Pyrenees -..„,

Paget's Lectures on Surgical Pathology..

Parrer's (Theodore) Life, by Weiss 4

Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers, 2 Series 21

Pereira's Elements of Materia Medica.... 15

Manual of Materia Medica 1&

I'rhrins's Tuscan Sculptors .... 1ft

Phillips's Guide to Geology 11

Introduction to Mineralogy ..... 11

Piesse's Art of Perfumery 17

Chemical, Natural, and Physical

Magic „„ 17

Laboratory of Chemical Wonders 17

Playtime with the Poets 14

Practical Mechanic's Journal «... 1ft

Prrscott'r Scripture Difficulties 18

Problems in Human Nature 20

Pycroft'sCourse of English Reading...... 7

. Cricket Field 25

Cricket Tutor -...„ S5

Recreations of a Country Parson, Srcond

Series &

R r [1 Dle's Diamond Latin-English Dictionary 7

Rivers'* Rose Amateur's Guide.... TO

Rogers's Correspondence of Greyson 9

Eclipse of Faith 9

Defence of ditto 9

Essays from the Edinburgh Review 9

Fulleriana 9

Reason and Faith 9

Boost's Thesaurus of English Words and

Phrases 7

Ronalds's Fly-Fisher's Entomology 25

Rowton's Debater 7

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TheologiaGcrmanica is

Thirlwall's History of Greece 2

Thomson's (Archbishop) Laws of Thought (

'J.) Tables of Interest 2;

Tillrt's Eastern Europe and Western Asia 21 Toud's Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology 14

and Bowman's Anatomy and Physiology of Man H

Trollops'« Barchester Towers 23

Warden 23

Twiss'sLaw of Nations 26

Ttndall's Lectures on Heat ll

Mountaineering in 1861 22

Tjre's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures,

and Mines It

Vander Iioeyen's Handbook, of Zoology.. 11 Vaoghan's (K.) Revolutions in English

History 1

(R. A.) Hours with the Mystics 9

Warrcrton's Life, by Watson 4

Warter's Last of the Old Squires 23

Watson's Principles and Practice of Physic 14

Watts's Dictionary of Chemistry 13

Were's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes i 10

Werster & Wilrinson's Greek Testament 18

Weld's Last Winter in Rome 21

Wrllinoton's Life, by Brlalmont and

Gleio 4

byGlBio 4

Wesley's Life, by Socthrt 4

West on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood 13

Whatelt's English Synonymes ; 5

Logic 5

Remains 5

Rhetoric 5

Wrewzll's History of the Inductive Sciences I

Write and Riddle's Latin-English Dictionary 7

Wilrerforcr (W.) Recollections of, by

Harford.. , i

Willich's Popular Tables 27

Wilson's Bryologia Britannica IB

Wood's Homes without Hands 11

Woodward's Historical and ;Chrouoloffical

Encyclopaedia 3

Tonoe's English-Greek Lexicon /

Abridged ditto 7

Yocno's Nautical Dictionary 26

Yooatton the Dog 25

onthe Horse 25

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