Edward the Confessor

University of California Press, 1984 - 375 sider
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Frank Barlow's magisterial biography, first published in 1970 and now reissued with new material, rescues Edward the Confessor from contemporary myth and subsequent bogus scholarship. Disentangling verifiable fact from saintly legend, he vividly re-creates the final years of the Anglo-Danish monarchy and examines England before the Norman Conquest with deep insight and great historical understanding."Deploying all the resources of formidable scholarship, [Barlow] has recovered the real Edward." -- "Spectator"

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Review: Edward the Confessor (The English Monarchs)

Brukerevaluering  - Winifred - Goodreads

Informative biography of Edward the Confessor. There is a lot here that may whet your appetite for learning more about Edward, the House of Wessex, and its fall. There are a lot of books that start ... Les hele vurderingen

Review: Edward the Confessor (The English Monarchs)

Brukerevaluering  - Riversue - Goodreads

Good source but I was only interested in the information up to about 1050. Les hele vurderingen

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