A Collection of Poems, Volum 5


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Side 117 - WHILE at the helm of state you ride, Our nation's envy, and its pride ; While foreign courts with wonder gaze, And curse those councils which they praise; Would you not wonder, sir, to view Your bard a greater man than you ? Which that he is, you cannot doubt, When you have read the sequel out. You know, great sir, that ancient fellows, Philosophers, and such folks, tell us, No great analogy between Greatness and happiness is seen. If then, as it might follow straight, Wretched to be, is to be great....
Side 7 - In fome fair villa's peaceful bound, To catch foft hints from nature's tongue, And bid ARCADIA bloom around: Whether we fringe the •Hoping hill, Or fmoothe below the verdant mead ; Whether we break the falling rill, Or thro...
Side 223 - Oft has it been my lot to mark A proud, conceited, talking spark, With eyes that hardly served at most To guard their master 'gainst a post; Yet round the world the blade has been, To see whatever could be seen.
Side 225 - I'll eat him." He said : then full before their sight Produced the beast, and lo! — 'twas white. Both stared, the man looked wondrous wise — "My children," the chameleon cries, (Then first the creature found a tongue), "You all are right, and all are wrong: When next you talk of what you view, Think others see as well as you: Nor wonder, if you find that none Prefers your eyesight to his own.
Side 4 - By her aufpicious aid refin'd ; Lo ! not an hedge-row hawthorn blows, Or humble hare-bell paints the plain, Or valley winds, or fountain flows...
Side 82 - To print, or not to print — that is the question. Whether 'tis better in a trunk to bury The quirks and crotchets of outrageous fancy, Or send a well wrote copy to the press...
Side 225 - Twere no great loss," the friend replies; "For if they always serve you thus, You'll find them but of little use." So high at last the contest rose, From words they almost came to blows: When luckily came by a third; To him the question they referred; And begged he'd tell them, if he knew, Whether the thing was green or blue. "Sirs," cries the umpire, "cease your pother, The creature's neither one nor t'other.
Side 80 - See what a little dab of dirt is here ! But yields all Warwick more, O tell me where...
Side 224 - And what a length of tail behind! How slow its pace! And then its hue, — Who ever saw so fine a blue?
Side 225 - I'll lay my life the thing is blue.' — . ' And I'll be sworn that when you've seen The reptile, you'll pronounce him green.' ' Well, then, at once to ease the doubt,' Replies the man, ' I'll turn him out : And when before your eyes I've set him, If you don't find him black, I'll eat him.

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