Misdemeanor bow punished.

Forged ballots.

$ 8. Any judge or inspector of election, and any elector to who:11 said ballot shall be sent, who shall willfully neglect or refuse to perform any of the duties required of him by this act, or in any manner willfully violate or abuse any trust or duty hereby imposed on him, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall be punished by fine not less than two hundred and fifty dollars, and by im

prisonment in the county jail not less than four months. Perjury punish'd' $ 9. Every person who shall be guilty of willful and cor

rupt false swearing or affirming, in taking any oath or affirmation prescribed by this act, shall be adjudged guilty of willful and corrupt perjury; and every person who shall, knowingly and willfully, make or sign a false certificate to any instrument or affidavit authorized by this act, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not less than one year, nor more than five years.

§ 10. Every person who shall willfully deliver or present to the judges or inspectors of elections under this act, any forged, altered or changed ballot, envelope or instrument, required or provided for by this act, knowing the same to be so forged, altered or changed, or shall forge, alter or change, or cause to be procured, altered, forged or changed, or knowingly aid or assist in procuring or forwarding any forged, altered or changed ballot, envelope or instrument, required by the provisions of this act, shall be guilty of felony, and upon conviction, shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not less than one year, nor more than

three years. Acts applicable. & 11. All provisions of the laws of this state relative to

general or special elections, not inconsistent with any of the

provisions of this act, shall apply thereto. Blanks, forms § 12. The secretary of state is hereby authorized and

required to prepare and have printed, the necessary blanks, furins and envelopes required to carry out the provisions of this act, and shall cause the affidavit required by the third section of this act to be printed in blank, upon proper en. velopes, to contain the instrument required by the second section of this act, and shall, at least two months previous to any election for state or county officers, cause such blanks, forms, envelopes and copies of this act to be forwarded to the several regiments from this state in the service of the United States, in the field, and to the several hospitals, posts and naval stations, in sufficient quantity to furuish one copy of each blank form, envelope, and copy of this act to each person in the actual military service of the United States, in the arıny or navy thereof, from this state, and absent therefrom.

§ 13. Any officer of this state, or of the United States, in the army or navy thereof, or any other person who shall, directly or indirectly, control, or attempt to control, any such enlisted elector, in the exercise of any of his rights under

sud en velopes.

this act, by menace, bribery, fear of punishment, hope of reward, or any other corrupt or arbitrary measure, or resort whatever, or to annoy, injure, or otherwise punish any such officer or man, for the manner in which he may have exercised any such right, shall be deemed guilty of an offense against the people of the state, which shall be punished as a Punishm at for misdemeanor, and for which he may be indicted and tried voter. at any future time, when he may be found, within the limits of this state, and, upon conviction, he shall be imprisoned for a term not exceeding one year, and fined in a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, and he shall also thenceforth be ineligible, after conviction thereof, to hold any office in this state.

§ 14. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED February 16, 1865.

AN ACT to prevent enlistments in this state of persons as substitutes for In force i cb. 16, citizens of other states.


linois shall not

ocuring on not a ciments wereby declarech busie Sub

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Feople of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That it shall not be lawful for any substitute broker, substitute agent, or Substitutes of IIother person, engaged or in any manner concerned in en- be used for othlisting men or procuring enlistments in the United States er states. service, to enlist or procure the enlistment of any person within this state, with the object, design or purpose of having or procuring said enlisted person to become the substitute of any person not a citizen of this state ; and the procurement of all such enlistments within this state, with such objects, designs or purposes, are hereby declared to be high misdemeanors; and all persons engaged in such business, their aiders, abettors, counselors and advisers, shall be subject to indictment, and punished as hereinafter prescribed.

§ 2. No person within the limits of this state shall enlist License of substiany person as a substitute for another, or induce such enlistment, or be engaged or concerned in the same, unless he shall have procured from the proper authorities a license as substitute broker or agent, and shall have executed bond and taken the oath, as hereinafter provided.

3. Every person desiring to engage in the busi iess of Adjt. General to enlisting or procuring substitutes for others, in the United States' service, shall pay into the hands of the anuitor of state one hundred dollars, which sum shall be paid by said auditor over to the treasurer; and, upon said sum being paid to said auditor, the party shall take a receipt therefor, and, upon presenting the same to the adjutant" general of

tute broker.


in the

issue license.


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this state, he shall receive a license as substitute broker, for Bond of broker. one year, from the date thereof; and, thereupon, he shall

execute bond to the people of the state of Illinois, in the penalty of five thousand dollars, conditioned that he will faithfully conform to all laws in force in this state pertaining to said business : which bond, with approved security there. to, shall be filed with the secretary of state; and, or breach of the condition thereof, suit may be instituted in the circuit court of Sangamon county, Illinois, and process sent to any

county in this state, against said obligors. Registry of sub- § 4. All persons enlisted by any agent or substitute

broker, in this state, under and by virtue of his said license, shall be registered by said agent in his office, and a complete descriptive roll of such enlisted person shall be kept by said agent, and he shall, also, note the name and residence

of the person for whom said enlisted man may have been subMonthly reports stituted ; and on the last day of each month said agent shall

transmit a full and complete report for all such enlistments during the said month, made by him, and for whom substituted, to the office of the adjutant general of this state ; and, on failure so to do, shall be adjudged guilty of a high mis

demeanor, and shall be punished as hereinafter provided. Oath of broker. § 5. Each substitute agent or broker, after procuring

said license and executing said bond, shall, before he enters on the action of his agency, make oath, before any person authorized by law to administer the same, that he will faithfully abide by and conform to the laws of this state and all orders of the lawful authorities made relative to enlistments in the United States' service, and that he will especially conform to and abide by the provisions of this act, in letter and spirit. And any person violating their said oath shall be deemed guil

ty of perjury, and may be indicted and punished accordingly. Oath indorsed. The oath herein required shall be indorsed upon the license

issued to said agent, and a certificate of the same shall be forwarded, to be filed in the office of the adjutant general

of this state. Term of license. $ 6. The license hereby authorized to be granted shall

be in force for one year, and no longer; ani any person violating the same, or any provisions of this law, may be indicted in the proper county, and, on conviction, shall be fined not less than five hundred dollars for each offence, and imprisoned one year in the county jail, and shall, besides, forfeit said license, and be liable on their bond, if they have given one.

APPROVED February 16, 1865.

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sented by the le of the State of


AN ACT in relation to fees of storeve

In force Feb. 14,

1865. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the 2 Illinois, represented in the General, state's attorneys of this state shall be

Ombly, That the

ed, for each con- Fee of state's atviction, where the crime is punished

eath or confine, torneys. ment in the penitentiary, fifteen dolla convictions the state's attorney's fee shafi.

five dollars. 8 2. There shall be allowed to said

attorneys ten Per centage of per cent. of all fines and forfeitures col. together with the conviction fees that a

; which sum,

be collected from the parties convicted, shall be paid

the fines and forfeited recognizances collected : Provid

at the above conviction fees shall be paid to the state.

Srney of the seventh judicial circuit in the manner nowa § 3. "The provisions of this act shall be

"ded by law. prosecuting attorney of the court of commol of Cairo. § 4. This act sh»ll be in force from and a

dues passage. APPROVED February 14, 1865.

Act applicable to prosecuting attorney


AN ACT in relation to the fees of the secretary a

In force Feb. 16,

1865. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People ole

tate of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly in

9: there shall be allowed to the secretary of state a fee

ve dollar Fee on Justices' for each and every commission issued to justices or and to police magistrates; also, the sum of on

for Fee on articles receiving and filing each article of association on; tion required to be filed in his office under the pro

Jidaany general or special law; and, also, he shall

Wed Fees per follo. twenty cents a folio of one hundred words for cou bills or other papers which he may be required to all

§ 2. This act shall take effect and be in force after its passage.

APPROVED February 16, 1865.

AN ACT in relation to the fees of certain officers in certain counties

n force Feb. 16, named.

1865. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the St Nlinois, represented in the General Assembly, That th aries, fees and compensation of the persons herein named, in the counties hereinafter named, shall be as foll,

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Olerks' fees cir. 8 2. For fuprad, puuporü, Or Owner proces cuit court. honor expresfined, and sealing same, fifty cents: Pro

wider that one subpæna shall be charged for every four witnesseless actually made out on request, in writinc." for fich paper in the progress of a suit, and an pertaininge same, excepting papers on appeals from

sótices of race, ten cents ; for filing papers on appeals from justicne pea

instithe peace, taking appeal bond and issuing sin, one dollar ; for taking bond for costs, ap

ing same, twenty-five cents ; for filing and opening en

position, ten cents; for docketing each suit, twenty C

for entering each motion, order or rule of court, fo

f, ntinuance, default or to plead, or any order actually

d, twenty-five cents; for each discontinuance,

suit, twenty-five cents; for each dedimus to dons, one dollar; for bringing into court any

ford of a suit, matter or thing not properly bepretht, twenty cents; for calling and swearing each

y-five cents; for swearing each witness in court,

or swearing any person to an affidavit and filing ten ce somety-five cents; for receiving and entering the verQist Try, twenty cents; for entering each final judgmen case, twenty-five cents; for entering each decree iny, for every one hundred words, fifteen cents; foon ng each case entered upon the records of the court, Or for issuing each writ of habeas corpus, certiorari Splendo, fifty cents; for assessing the damages on Od, note or other instrument for the payment of by order of court, and making report thereof in

and filing same, 'fifty cents; for entering special record, in each case, twenty-five cents; for making jurors, when requested, twenty cents; for swearing ole, to take charge of jury, ten cents; for issuing exe, fifty cents; for docketing same, fifteen cents; for ng sheriff's return on same, fifteen cents; for entering action of judgment, twenty-five cents; for entering 'action of each cost bill, ten cents; for entering the rt of commissioners or referees, or the award of arbiors, and all other special entries, for every one hundred ds, fifteen cents; for each certificate and seal other than process of court, fifty cents; for taking attachment bond, unction bond or bond in case of appeal to supreme court, venty-five cents; for entering appearance of either party attorney, (but once in each case,) fifteen cents; for each tachment for a witness, or other person, fifty cents; for ach venire facias, when actually made out, fifty cents; for naking bill of cost for each execution, and entering the same of record in fee book, (being one charge,) fifty cents; for a copy of the same when required by either party, twen

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