This moveable structure of shelves, ...

For its beauty admired and its use, And charged with octavos and twelves,

The gayest I had to produce; Where, flaming in scarlet and gold,

My poems enchanted I view, And hope, in due time, to behold

My Iliad and Odyssey too: .

This china, that decks the alcove,

Which here people call a buffet, But what the gods call it above

Has ne'er been reveal’d to us yet : These curtains, that keep the room warm 12 of

Or cool, as the season demands, . ; Those stoves that for pattern and form nori

Seem the labour of Mulciber's hands :: iné

All these are not half that I owe

To one, from our earliest youth, To me ever ready to show

Benignity, friendship, and truth; For Time, the destroyer declared

And foe of our perishing kind, If even her face he has spared, .

Much less could he alter her mind."... vi.

Thus compass'd about with the goods í bei

And chattels of leisure and ease, I indulge my poetical moods

In many such fancies as these ;

And fancies I fear they will seem

Poet's goods are not often so fine;
The poets will swear that I dream
When I sing of the splendour of mine.





FAREWELL! endued with all that could engage
All hearts to love thee, both in youth and age !
In prime of life, for sprightliness enroll'd
Among the gay, yet virtuous as the old ;

In life's last stage, (O blessings rarely found!) Pleasant as youth with all its blossoms crown'd; Through every period of this changeful state Unchanged thyself-wise, good, affectionate !

Marble may flatter, and lest this should seem
O'ercharged with praises on so dear a theme,
Although thy worth be more than half supprest,
Love shall be satisfied, and veil the rest.

June, 1788,

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When, long sequester'd from his throne,

George took his seat again, By right of worth, not blood alone,

Entitled here to reign,

Then loyalty, with all his lamps

New trimm'd, a gallant show !! Chasing the darkness and the damps,

Set London in a glow. 'Twas hard to tell, of streets or squares ,

Which form'd the chief display,
These most resembling cluster'd stars, ...

Those the long milky way. , .
Bright shone the roofs, the domes, the spires,

And rockets flew, self-driven, i To hang their momentary fires

Amid the vault of heaven. So, fire with water to compare,

The ocean serves, on high Up-spouted by a whale in air,

To express unwieldy joy.

Had all the pageants of the world,

In one procession join'd,
And all the banners been unfurld

That heralds e’er design'd,

For no such sight had England's queen

Forsaken her retreat, Where George, recover'd, made a scene

Sweet always, doubly sweet.
Yet glad she came that night to prove,

A witness undescried,
How much the object of her love

Was loved by all beside.
Darkness the skies had mantled o'er

In aid of her design
Darkness, O Queen ! ne'er call'd before

To veil a deed of thine !
On borrow'd wheels away she Alies,

Resolved to be unknown,
And gratify no curious eyes

That night except her own. Arrived, a night like noon she sees,

And hears the million hum; As all by instinct, like the bees,

Had known their sovereign come.. Pleased she beheld, aloft portray'd

On many a splendid wall, Emblems of health and heavenly aid,

And George the theme of all.
Unlike the enigmatic line,

So difficult to spell,
Which shook Belshazzar at his wine

The night his city fell.i i .

Soon watery grew her eyes and dim,

But with a joyful tearga t None else, except in prayer for him,

George ever drew from her. .. It was a scene in every part "

Like those in fable feign'd, sii And seem'd by some magician's art . TO)

Created and sustain'd. s. 21:11
But other magic there, she knew,

Had been exerted none,
To raise such wonders in her view,

Save love of George alone...,
That cordial thought her spirit cheer’d,
. And, through the cumbrous throng, 7:7 11 *
Not else unworthy to be fear’d,

Convey'd her calm along...
So, ancient poets say, serene 's Is 7

The sea-maid rides the waves, depend op 75 , * And fearless of the billowy scene · Her peaceful bosom laves... With more than astronomic eyes ', . die is

She view'd the sparkling show; · One Georgian star adorns the skies, '. . .

She myriads found below...ti ** Yet let the glories of a night'.!! !

crisi: ";Xrispy sri Juw Like that, once seen, suffice,

Hasd to Heaven grant us no such future sight, in rega

Such previous woe the price ! :34 trobadesse

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