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HERE we have the largest variety of the terrier admirers of the dog have yet produced, and, big though he may be, our best specimens are now thoroughly terriers in type, and perfectly free from any of the hound-like appearance which at one time appeared to prevail. How he was originally produced there is, as usual, no record to tell, but that he is a comparatively modern institution is an undoubted fact.

For fifty years, perhaps for longer, the big terriers of this kind were found in some parts of Yorkshire, usually in the valley of the Aire, and round about Bradford. Some of the gamekeepers had them, the sporting innkeepers kept two or three, and generally they were favourite dogs in the locality. They were strong and useful, good at vermin in the water, fond of hunting, and were by no means quarrelsome even among themselves. I fancy that at one time or another they had been produced

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