The following are the description and points of the Clydesdale terrier as compiled by the Clydesdale Club and Skye Terrier Club of England :

DESCRIPTION. General Appearance.-A long, low, level dog with heavily fringed erect ears, and a long coat like the finest silk or spun glass, which hangs quite straight and evenly down each side, a parting extending from the nose to the root of the tail.

"Head.-Fairly long, skull flat, and very narrow between the ears, gradually widening towards the eyes and tapering very slightly to the nose, which must be black. The jaws strong and the teeth level.

Eyes.—Medium in size, dark in colour, not prominent, but having a sharp, terrier-like expression. Eyelids black.

Ears.-Small, set very high on the top of the head, carried perfectly erect, and covered with long, silky hair, hanging in a heavy fringe down the sides of the head. Body.—Long, deep in chest, well ribbed


the back being perfectly level.

Tail.Perfectly straight, carried almost level with the back, and heavily feathered.

* Legs.—As short and straight as possible, well

set under the body, and entirely covered with silky hair. Feet round and cat-like.

Coat.-As long and straight as possible, free from all trace of curl or waviness, very glossy and silky in texture, with an entire absence of undercoat.

Colour.-A level bright steel blue, extending from the back of the head to the root of the tail, and on no account intermingled with any fawn, light, or dark hairs. The head, legs, and feet should be a clear, bright, golden tan, free from grey, sooty, or dark hairs. The tail should be very dark blue or black."

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