more than a strain of the old-fashioned, fighting bull terrier. He is being “boomed ” in America, and at the leading shows special classes are provided for him. As was once the case with our bull terrier, it is the fashion to have his ears cut, and up to the time of writing this, the illegal operation still prevails on the other side of the Atlantic, where the cruel custom is likely to die hard. The Bull Terrier Club and some other clubs there expressed themselves strongly in favour of cropping, and at a recent meeting of the American Kennel Club the well considered and deserving attempt to suppress it was quite unsuccessful. At the shows of the Westminster Kennel Club the classes of Boston terriers are extremely well filled, and from the number of portraits of the variety which appear in the New York papers, the attempt to popularise them has proved quite successful. Two of the prize winners at one of the recent shows there were sold for £ 400, rather a fancy price for a couple of terriers which many good judges consider little more than mongrels. However, the Boston terrier is very fashionable with the ladies of New York, and so long as this continues to be the case his price will be high.


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