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TI-IE popularity of the fox terrier is undoubted. He is seen running at large in the streets of our cities and towns; in country places he abounds; and go where you will, half a dozen fox terriers are to be found for each specimen of any other variety of the canine race. Clubs are established to promote his efiiciency and to add to his beauty. There is a so-‘called parent club, with a dozen minor affairs of the same kind, local and otherwise, and he has a monthly journal to look after his interests. Then the fox terrier had a special stud book; and a volume devoted entirely to this dog’s history and description has been published, and met with unusual success, being now in its fourth edition—~“A History and Description, with Reminiscences, of the Fox Terrier,” published by Horace Cox, Bream’s Buildings, E.C. Again, almost every man and woman who can distinguish between a St. Bernard and a mastiff confess to the impeachment that they are “ good

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