Per quarter:


(London, Sept. 22.) Since the date of our last report the tion: wheat 80s., rye 536., barley 408., most interesting subject of mercantile at

oats 278., beans 538., peas 538.-Prices at tention has been the extraordinary rise which corn from the British settlements in in the price of corn, as it has had a great Canada is admitted : wheat 678., tye 448., influence on the general market. Many barley 338., oats 22s., beans 448., peas speculations have been made on the pro. 448.—The aggregate averages for the week bability of the ports being opened for the ending 8th instant, which regulate foreign admission of foreign grain. It is now, we importation : wheat 555. 8d., rye 28s. 9d., believe, above a twelvemonth since we ex. barley 25s. 11d., oats 198. 8d., beans 278. pressed it as our opinion, that even should 81., peas 30s. 5d. For several weeks prethe harvest of 1821 prove unfavourable, ceding, the averages were, of course, a the average price would hardly rise, so as shade lower. Being now upon the subject, to allow of the importation of foreign we 'will, contrary to our usual custom, wheat before the spring of 1822; and we commence our monthly report with think, we may still venture to maintain Corn.-Without going into long details, the same opinion. There have been, it is we will merely give the gradual advance on true, many vague reports in circulation, the prices of one description of grain, in tending to excite a belief of the probability consequence of the unfavourable weather of the ports opening for the importation during the last four weeks, and we select of foreign grain. These rumours are, we for this purpose Essex and Suffolk wheat : believe, chiefly spread for the purpose of affecting the funds, as the exaggerated

Red White. statements industriously circulated of an Aug. 27......40s. 548.....48s. 62s. expected failure of the harvest, in conse Sept. 3...... 453. 60s.....54s. 70s. quence of the very unfavourable weather,

10......548. 788.....60s. 82s. are calculated to excite an alarm, and pro

17......54s. 788.....608. 82s. mote the views of the holders of foreign grain, This rise having naturally held out great by getting the average price to rise above temptation to the farmer, immense quan80s. for a moment. But if the new wheat tities, about 20,000 quarters, have been should turn out to be, in general, of a very pressed into the market since Monday, the inferior quality, it must be sold at a pro- effects of which were felt yesterday, the portionably low price, which will keep holders having been very eager to sell at down the average, and the more according prices from 28. to 4s. lower than on Monas the quantity spoiled is large. Nor let day, but without tempting buyers. Some it be thought, that the rise in the price of sales of barley, beans, peas, and oats good wheat must be so great as to make were effected nearly on the same terms as up the difference ; for, we think, we have on Monday, but these sales were very inrather better grounds than mere conjecture considerable, and the market was in a state for saying, that if this year's crop could be of great stagnation. proved to have entirely failed, there is The rapid advance in the price of corn sufficient old wheat in the United King- excited last week great interest in the colodom for twelve months' consumption. nial market : in two weeks wheat had adWhen we speak, however, of our opinions vanced about 20s. per quarter, other deon this subject, we do not mean to ex. scriptions of grain had also risen matericlude the probability of the average rising ally: in consequence of this advance, the sufficiently high to allow of the importa- continuance of bad weather, the appearance tion of grain from Canada; if we consider of a bad harvest, and the reported probathe resources of the Canadas, we may rest bility of the opening of the ports for foreign assured, that they will be able to supply corn, there were extensive speculations in us with more than sufficient to keep rice, which advanced from "128. to 158. down the averages below 80s. unless the and 158. 68.-Large purchases of rum, same nefarious practices that succeeded last which was fully id. per gallon higher.year, in deluging the country with foreign Speculators made great inquiries after oats, should be again resorted to with the coffee, refined and foreign sugars, and same success; should the averages rise so every article of general export, which they far as to admit the produce of the Canadas, anticipated would rise with great rapidity we can hardly grudge this advantage to on the prospect of the opening of the ports. our fellow subjects beyond the Atlantic, The return of fine weather, and the fall of condemned by the strictness of our com the corn market, has again thrown a gloom mercial system from disposing of their upon trade, and though the advance in superfluous produce to any but the mother many articles is still maintained, yet sales country. Having thus stated our views of cannot be made in the present dull state of this important subject, we suhjoin the fol- the markets. lowing prices, at which corn from foreign The prescrvation of peace between Russia countries is aumitted for home-consump- and Turkey appears to be less doubtful than

it was a month back. Letters from Odessa parcels at these rates. A public sale of 234 of August 27, state, that the Russian go- chests was afterwards brought forward, but vernment there has publicly announced, the prices offered for the first lot being ex. that Russian ships will no longer be de- ceedingly low, the whole was immediately tained in the Bosphorus by the Turks, and withdrawn. that trade in general is not subject to any The very low prices of Havannah and impediments. This was considered as a Brazil sugars attracted the attention of the proof that war was not probable.

buyers ; two parcels were brought forward Cottoir. The prices of cotton have, on to public sale ; 229 chests were nearly all the whole, improved during the last month, taken in, 278. a 28s. for good yellow; the though the accounts from Liverpool were at second sale, 140 chests, sold rather freely, first not favourable; the demand for exporta- 278. 6d. and 28s. for good yellow, 258. and tion was considerable here at the beginning of 26s. for good brown, which may be stated this month, and low Bengals in particular at 1s. a 28.higher than the previous prices ; were in great request ; even after the de. 75 packages Brazil sold at nearly the same mand for exportation had, in some mea advance, middling white 348., ordinary sure, subsided, they maintained their price. 298. 6d. a 31s. 6d. ; yellow 22s. ; brown

The demand continued good, and the mar 188. a 20s. ket was evidently improving till the 13th There is little alteration in the prices of of this month, when the East India Com- Muscovades this week; the sales are niore pany declared an extensive sale for the 9th limited ; the fine sugars fully support the of October ; which, of course, tended ra- previous prices, and in some instances are a ther to keep down the prices. The present shade higher; the inferior browns still state of the market is as follows:The hang heavily on hand. purchases of cotton, for the last week, con. There have been considerable purchases sist of 310 Bengal, 52d. a 6 d. in bond ; this week of lumps and loaves ; the refiners 250 Surat, 6fd. a 8d. ; 30 Madras, 7d. a in consequence are very firm, and in several 74d.; 150 Upland, 9jd. : 80 Pernam- instances prices have been realised which buco, 124d.

were not before attainable: the stocks of The arrivals, from the 14th to the 20th goods on hand are very much reduced, and inst. inclusive :- Calcutta, 819; Madras, many houses have worked out. 50 ; Jamaica, 207; Rio Janeiro, 70. The holders of Foreign sugars are not

The accounts from Liverpool are very inclined to accept the present low prices of favourable ; the sales for the first three the market; the purchases by private condays this week average 2,000 bags per day. tract are in consequence quite inconsider. The prices of cotton here are little varied ; able. notwithstanding the extensive sale declared By public sale yesterday forenoon, 69 by the East India Company, there are no chests Brazil sugars were brought forward ; sellers at any reduction; the particulars of grey sold 26. a 28s., yellow 21s. a 228. 6d., the quantity at present declared :

brown 188. and 18s. Gd. Bengals.


Average prices of raw sugar by Gau Surats


zette : Madras


Aug. 25.....

.32s. 24d. Bourbon


1. .314. 94d.

.32s. 7d.

.318. 5£d. The arrivals at Liverpool, for the four

22........318. 3 d. weeks, ending 15th of September, were Coffee.The market was very heavy for 30,000 bags, and the sales 23,000. nearly a fortnight, subsequent to our last

Sugar --The market has not presented report, when the demand improved, and any remarkable fluctuation this month: the prices rose a little ; but this appearance of prices of Muscovades have been in general revived demand tempting the holders, they low. Accounts having been received from declared extensive sales, and an improveJamaica, at the beginning of September, ment of 1s. to 2s. per cwt. was, in fact, at which stated that the weather had been very first obtained, but the quantity brought unfavourable to the crops, an improvement forward being very large, naturally caused in the demand took place, but without a depression, which still continues. much influence on the prices. Foreign su The quantity brought forward this week gars have been uncommonly low, as the fol, has been very extensive; on Thursday, in lowing account of a sale in the beginning of one sale, 687 casks and 602 bags; and, as this week will show ; 321 chests Havan. the greater proportion consisted of ordi. nah; the white sold 68. a 8s., yellow 38. a nary, good, and fine ordinary Jamaica, a 48. lower ; good white 40s. and 40s. 6d., further depression of 3s. in the prices may good yellow 258. 6d. and 265. ; a good pro- be stated since Tuesday, and since Friday portion of the latter was taken in at these last the market has declined 6s. per cwt. in prices. Brazil sugars ; brown 178. a the ordinary descriptions ; the finer quali198. Gd., yellow 245. a 26s., low white ties are also lower, but no considerable de29s. 6d. a 31s. 6d., selling in considerable pression has taken place. Havannah Cofe



fee has fallen this week 38. a 46. per cwt. ; "T. ; ditto, ditto, dark grey, 434 r. ; Risten St. Domingo about 2s.

Threeband, 294 to 30 r. ; Tow, 13 By public sale this forenoon, 145 bags, Hemp: we have received some supplies at 101 bris. and 99 hhds. of Havannah coffee the end of this week, and the trade was dulwent off at the prices of yesterday, fine or- ler. Purchases may be made at the following dinary 106s. 6d. and 1078., good ordinary prices :--Ukraine, clean, 107 to 106; 103s. and 103s. 6d.

Polish, ditto, 112r.; Ukraine Outshot, Tea.—At the East India sale, Boheas 83; Polish, ditto, 88 to 87 r. ; Ukraine sold at an advance of 24d. to 3d., common pass, 74 to 75 r. : Polish, 78; Ukraine Congou, 2d., finer sorts, 1d., Twankay 1d. torse, 494 r. Potashes are held at 105 r. ; higher. Owing to the large quantity of and our stock is small. Tallow without private trade teas, (chiefly caper, hyson, demand, 138 banco roubles are asked for and gunpowder) they have been sold very white crown. A little has been doing in reasonably, and in many instances, cheaper yellow crown at 142 r. ; 135 r. are asked than they ever were before.

for soap tallow; but it might probably be Spices. The East India Company has had rather lower. Seeds are in general declared for the 12th of November, a sale dull; but something is, however, occasionof 300,000 lb. cinnamon ; 20,000 lb. ally doing. Purchases might easily be mace; 100,000 lb. nutmegs; 1,000 lb. made at the following prices : Remaining oil of mace, and 1,000 tons of saltpetre. sowing linseed, 4 to 5 silver roubles ; DruThis declaration has had but little effect on iania (of 111 to 115 lbs.), at 14 to 17 b. r. ; the market.

crushing (of 110 to 112 lbs.), 12 to 15 b. r. Baltic Produce. The demand for tallow Hemp (of 93 lbs.) 94 to 10 r. per barrel. was very brisk towards the middle of this Grain. Rye is but little inquired for. month, and large purchases were made at Courland rye (of 113 to 116 lbs.) was last increased prices, but the market has since sold at 55 to 59 r. Barley is rather more become very languid, so that yesterday no in demand ; and Courland (of 110 lbs.) has sales of yellow candle could be made at been sold at 43 r. ; and (of 106 to 109 lbs.) 458. Hemp has likewise been in good re at 52 r. quest, and an advance of 15s. took place Odessa, 15 August. - An imperial between the 4th and the 18th instant. Flax ukase has suddenly revoked the privileges rather heavy, but the demand improving. of a free port, granted to this town by a

Oils. There are several vessels reported preceding ukase; instead of which, there is from the Davis Streights fishery this week; to be a kind of entrepot, as there was before. they are well fished, but report indifferently This measure is ascribed to the representaof the ships they spoke. The accounts tions of the merchants of Riga and St. Pethey bring are not credited, and in conse- tersburg. The Governor-General, the quence the oil market must be stated ex- merchants, and all the foreign consuls, have ceedingly heavy ; one or two parcels are re sent a memorial to his Majesty, representported at 221. and 23l., but the first price ing the infallible ruin that must ensue to could not be obtained for a cargo or a large numerous individuals who have speculated parcel.

on the privileges of the free port, and the Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.—There certain destruction of the rising commerce has been a brisk and extensive demand for of this place. rum, but it has now rather relaxed; the

Hamburg, 15 September.Cotton: But late increase in the prices is, however, fully little doing this week: American and Bramaintained. Brandy is much inquired for; ail descriptions were duller ; but East good Cognac realises 3s. 10d. and 3s. Ild., India fully maintained its price. Coffee : and the holders are asking 4s. Geneva re There have been large purchases this week; mains without alteration.

and the prices have not only been mainWool. There is little variation in price; tained, but the finer descriptions have even during the present year the demand has risen a trifle. Grain : here, as in Holbeen steady, and, as the importation has land, the accounts by the last two English not been considerable, nearly all the old mails have caused å brisker demand and stock has been worked up. Some advance higher prices ; wheat, in particular, of the in the price having taken place in Germany best quality, has been in great demand, and Spain, the new wools come at higher large orders having been received ; and it limits. The manufacturers however gene- is 12 rix dollars higher than last week ; rally resist the advance, and expect, that other sorts in proportion. Rye is not in by holding off from purchasing for some demand; yet it is held a few dollars higher. time, the importers will give way: the wool Old barley, of the best quality, and fine market is in consequence heavy.

oats are much sought for exportation, and

both paid 3 to 5 rix dollars higher. Fine FOREIGN COMMERCE.

rape-seed also has met a ready sale, at an Riga, August 31.–Flax. 47 r. are advance of 8 rix dollars. We are very asked for Marienburg Crown; and the eager for the next accounts of the state of following sorts are paid for at the annexed the corn-trade in England. Spices: pepprices: Thiesenhausen and Druiana, 454 per is still in demand. Pimento dull; no

change in the finer descriptions, except that Elbe are terminated. A convention has cassa flor. has declined a little. Rice: nei- been agreed upon, by which the navigation ther the demand nor the price has yet of that river is free from the point when it been affected by the rise in the price of becomes navigable (Melnik) to its mouth. com.- Tea: prices are fair, and a favor. The staples at Magdeburg, Dresden, and able opinion is entertained of the further Pirna are abolished. The 35 custom. course of this article.—Sugar: a good deal houses on the Elbe are reduced to 14, and has been doing in our refined this week ; probably will be reduced to 12. The 8 and the better sorts are held at $d. higher, states lying on its banks, Bohemia, Saxony, and the stock being but small, this advance Prussia, the three principalities of Anhalt, must be acceded to. Lumps meet a ready Mecklenburg, and Denmark, have agreed sale at 9d. to 9fd. and, according to on certain fixed duties, which are not to be all appearance, an improvement may be augmented without the consent of all the expected. As we have received this week states concerned. The whole convention is large imports from Brazil, the demand for drawn up in a spirit highly favourable to raw sugars has now become slack ; and commerce; and the most sanguine hopes inferior sorts, in particular, might probably are entertained that it will tend

to a system be had on lower terms.

of liberal trade hitherto unknown in the in. Dresden, 20 August. The discussions ternal navigation of Germany. of the Committee on the navigation of the

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