Montaigne's Essays in Three Books: With Notes and Quotations. And an Account of the Author's Life. With a Short Character of the Author and Translator, Volum 3


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Side 328 - I have here only made a nosegay of culled flowers, and have brought nothing of my own but the thread that ties them.
Side 279 - They set themselves resolutely, and without trouble, to behold the ruin of their country, to which all the good they can contrive or perform is due ; this is too much and too rude for our common souls to undergo. Cato gave up the noblest life that ever was upon this account ; but it is for us smaller men to fly from the storm as far as we can ; we ought to shun pain, instead of cultivating patience, and dip under the blows we cannot parry.
Side 105 - The handling and utterance of fine wits is that which sets off language; not so much by innovating it, as by putting it to more vigorous and various services, and by straining, bending, and adapting it to them. They do not create words, but they enrich their own, and give them weight and signification by the uses they put them to, and teach them unwonted motions, but withal, ingeniously and discreetly.
Side 161 - ... and pleasure that are the consequents of hazardous actions. 'Tis pity a man should be so potent that all things must give way to him. Fortune therein sets you too remote from society, and places you in too great a solitude.
Side 107 - I designed; all the world knows me in my book, and my book in me.
Side 396 - ... to pass them over and to baulk them, and as much as they can, to take no notice of them and to shun them, as a thing of troublesome and contemptible quality. But I know it to be another kind of thing, and find it both valuable and commodious even in its latest decay, wherein I now enjoy it, and nature has delivered it into our hands in such and so...

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