Transactions of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin for the Year ..., Volum 32


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Side 178 - I nshort, a physician or surgeon is bound to bestow such reasonable and ordinary care, skill and diligence as physicians and surgeons in the same neighborhood, in the same general line of practice, ordinarily have and exercise in like cases.
Side 543 - depends upon power, not upon knowledge, still less upon feeling. A man is responsible to do that which he can do, not that which he feels or knows it right to do. If a man is reduced under thraldom to passion by disease of the brain he loses moral freedom and responsibility, although his knowledge of right and wrong may remain intact.
Side 213 - In panel, or crossbar, or floor, or sill, In screw, bolt, thoroughbrace, — lurking still, Find it somewhere you must and will, — Above or below, or within or without, — And that's the reason, beyond a doubt, That a chaise breaks down, but doesn't wear out.
Side 558 - The President shall preside at the meetings, preserve order and decorum in debate, give a casting vote when necessary, and perform all the other duties that custom and parliamentary usage may require.
Side 544 - An act is not punishable when the person at the time of doing it was in a state of unconsciousness or of disease of mind by which a free determination of the will was excluded.
Side 59 - Just as a tree constitutes a mass arranged in a definite manner, in which, in every single part, in the leaves as in the root, in the trunk as in the blossom, cells are discovered to be the ultimate elements, so is it also with the forms of animal life. Every animal presents itself as a sum of vital unities, every one of which manifests all the characteristics of life.
Side 424 - ... the city, and I am sorry to say is advised by many practicing physicians. During the past five or six years I have been in the habit of examining, critically, all children, with reference to the effects of the prolonged use of various forms of diet, and I have yet to see an infant reared solely on canned condensed milk who did not exhibit the signs of rickets to a greater or less degree, though a few would have passed at first glance as particularly healthy specimens. The feeble resistance of...
Side 558 - ... acquiring a knowledge of the same, and in keeping pace with the progress of medical science, to help us appreciate the magnitude and nature of the mutual duties existing between the medical profession and the community, and to protect ourselves and Society against the imposition of medical pretenders, do hereby agree to associate ourselves together, and be governed by the following CONSTITUTION. ARTICLE I. — This organization shall be known by the name of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin....
Side 242 - ... able to eat without vomiting, and in a day or two feels like himself again. It is characteristic of this affection that the symptoms disappear almost suddenly, and that the patient who seemed to be in a wretched state a few hours before may now appear nearly well. After a period of perfect euphoria, varying from several weeks to a few months or a year or even longer, a similar attack may occur. The attacks may then either recur after the same period of time, or the intermissions of health may...
Side 59 - Virchow, asserts still more emphatically that each system consists of 'an enormous mass of minute centres of action. . . . Every element has its own special action, and even though it derive its stimulus to activity from other parts, yet alone effects the actual performance of duties.

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