Nature, Volum 50

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1894

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Side 44 - Engineer, being the art of directing the great sources of power in Nature for the use and convenience of man...
Side 49 - Admission to its sanctuary, and to the privileges and feelings of a votary, is only to be gained by one means, — sound and sufficient knowledge of mathematics, the great instrument of all exact inquiry, without which no man can ever make such advances in this or any other of the higher departments of science as can entitle him to form an independent opinion on any subject of discussion within their range.
Side 135 - January 1, 1894, the thirty-seventh year of his life. Yet did he not go till he had effected an achievement which will hand his name down to posterity as the founder of an epoch in experimental physics. In mathematical and speculative physics others had sown the seed. It was sown by Faraday, it was sown by Thomson and by Stokes, by Weber also doubtless, and by Helmholtz ; but in this particular department it was sown by none more fruitfully and plentifully than by Clerk Maxwell.
Side 95 - Burton, who also explained some of the parts in greater detail. After mentioning that the magnetic field due to induced currents in thin conducting sheets placed near moving magnetic poles could be represented by moving trails of images...
Side 293 - ... objected to the doctrine of natural selection, that it was too like the Laputan method of making books, and that it did not sufficiently take into account a continually guiding and controlling intelligence. This seems to me a most valuable and instructive criticism.
Side 108 - ... between the items of experience are known only by a protracted and precarious process of association. It is to be hoped that we have heard the last of that kind of doctrine. But does it prove what is required in order to be relevant to the analysis of causation...
Side 93 - Science examination in a group of subjects cognate to their line of work as Research Students. (2) That they have spent not less than two winter sessions or an equivalent period as Research Students in the University granting the degree, and that they produce evidence of satisfactory progress in the special study or research undertaken by them during that period. (3) That a period of not less than five years shall have elapsed from the date of the graduation required in sub-section (1) of this section.
Side 262 - University at home or abroad, or in some other institution to be approved of by the Commissioners. The scholars are to devote themselves exclusively to study and research in some branch of science, the extension of which is important to the industries of the country.
Side 100 - CARNEGIE — Law and Theory in Chemistry: a Companion Book for Students. By DOUGLAS CARNEGIE, sometime Scholar and Demonstrator in Chemistry of Gonville and Caius, Cambridge.
Side 138 - ... same nerve further from the muscle, it can be shown that rapid electric alternations, if entirely unaccompanied by static charge or by resultant algebraic electric transmission, evoke no excitatory response until they are so violent as to give rise to secondary effects such as heat or mechanical shock. Yet, notwithstanding this inaction, they gradually and slowly exert a paralysing or obstructive action on the portion of the nerve to which they are applied, so that the nerve impulse excited by...

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