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8 Which though Sic.] The construction will be mended, if instead of which though, we read this though. Johnson. .

9 But who coup's &c.-- ] Milton, in his tragedy, intro. duces Dalilah with such an interrogatory exclamation. Johnson.

I to blocu a born ] He means, that a woman who travelled about like a poll, was likely to horn her husband.

Johxson. 2 Colbrand 1 Colbrand was a Danish giant, whom Guy of Warwick discomfited in the presence of king Athelitan. The coinbat is very pompourly defcribed by Drayton in his Polyolbion.


Phil. James Gurney, wilt thou give us leave a

while ? Gur. Good leave, good Philip. Phil. * Philip ? - sparrow !--James,

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There's toys abroad 5; anon I'll tell thee more.

[Exit Jamesa Madam, I was not old fir Robert's son; Sir Robert might have eat his part in me Upon Good-friday, and ne'er broke his fast: Sir Robert could do well; Marry, to confess! Could he get me? Sir Robert could not do it; Weknow his handy-work:-Therefore, good mother, To whom am I beholden for these limbs ? Sir Robert never holp to make this leg.

Lady. Haft thou conspired with thy brother too, That for thine own gain should'st defend mine ho

nour? What means this scorn, thou most untoward knave? Phil. ? Knight, knight, good mother,Bafilisco like:

What !

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