· Eli. There's a good mother, boy, that blots thy

father. Conft. There's a good grandam, boy, that would

blot thee.
Auft. Peace!
Faulc. Hear the crier.
Auft. What the devil art thou ?

Faulo. One that will play the devil, fir, with you,
An a' may catch your hide and you alone.
You are the hare + of whom the proverb goes,
Whose valour plucks dead lions by the beard;
I'll smoak your skin-coat, an I catch you right; .
Sirrah, look to't; i'faith, I will, i'faith.

Blanch. O, well did he become that lion's robe, That did disrobe the lion of that robe !

Fauli. It lies as fightly on the back of him, As great Alcides' shoes upon an ass :

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But, ass, I'll take that burden from your back;
Or lay on that, Thall make your fhoulders crack.

Auft. What cracker is this same, that deafs our ears
With this abundance of superfluous breath?
King Lewis', determine what we shall do strait.
Philip. Women, and fools, break off your con-

ference. King John, this is the very sum of all, England, and Ireland, Anjou, Touraine, Maine, In right of Arthur do I claim of thée : Wilt thou refign them, and lay down thy arms?

K. John. My life as foon :- I do defy thee, France, Arthur of Bretagne, yield thee to my hand; : And, out of my dear love, I'll give thee more Than e'er the coward hand of France can win : Submit thee, boy.

Eli. Come to thy grandam, child.

Conft. Do, child, go to it' grandanı, child:
Give grandam kingdom, and it grandam will
Give it a plum, a cherry, and a fig :
There's a good grandam.

Arth. Good my mother, peace!
I would, that I were low laid in my grave;
I am not worth this coil, that's made for me.

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I point thus :

plagu'd for her
And evith her. - Plague her fon! his injury

Her injury, the beadle to her fin.
That is; instead of inflicting vengeance on this innocent and

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1 Enter Citizens upon the walls. i Cit. Who is it, that hath warn'd us to the walls? K. Phil. 'Tis France, for England.

K. John. England, for itself: You men of Angiers, and my loving subjects, K. Phil. You loving men of Angiers, Arthur's sub

jects, Our trumpet called you to this gentle parle.

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