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Pronichkin, A. P.; Chuprikov, M. K.; Skvortsov, M. I.
Popov, G. I.; Tkach, V. T.; and Gorshkov, G. S.

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Table of Contents-Cont'd

Section 6.-Cont'd

5. Change in Transverse Stability in Grounding and Docking

Section 7. Watertight Integrity of Submarines .

1. Surface Watertight Integrity

2. Surface Watertight Integrity Table

3. Using the Watertight Integrity Table

4. Utilizing Speed in Maintaining Watertight Integrity in

Submerged Condition

5. Use of High-pressure Air in Maintaining Watertight

Integrity in Submerged Condition

Section 8. Agility of Submarines

1. General Aspects ...

2. Various Uses of Diving Planes

3. Using the Diving Planes Together

4. Hydrodynamic Force on the Hull

Section 9. Handling a Submarine ..

1. Condition of a Submarine Underway

2. Handling a Submarine Surfaced .

3. Trimming

4. Controlling the Diving Planes in Event of a Crash Dive .

5. Diving of a Submarine and Control of the Diving Planes in

Stormy Weather ....

6. Handling a Submarine Snorkeling

7. Handling a Submerged Submarine

8. Counteracting the Loss of Buoyancy and Trim

9. Handling a Submarine in Fresh Weather

10. Handling a Submerged Submarine in a Turn

11. Handling a Submarine when the Diving Planes Break

Down ...

12. Handling a Submarine Bottoming and Rising from the


13. Handling a Submarine Bottoming on a Thermal Layer .

14. Handling a Submarine in Anchoring and Weighing Anchor

Under Water ...

15. Handling a Surfacing Submarine

16. Emergency Surfacing of a Submarine

Section 10. Use of Submarine Propulsion Machinery

1. Steering and Depth Control Equipment

2. Use of Main Engines while Operating Surfaced

3. Maintaining an Operating Engine

4. Use of Electric Propulsion Motors ...

5. Instructions for the Use of Main Power Plants

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