First Lessons in Metal-working

Wiley, 1890 - 170 pagina's

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Pagina 8 - Wellington's Economic Theory of the Location of Railways Small 8vo, 5 oo DRAWING. Barr's Kinematics of Machinery 8vo, 2 50 * Bartlett's...
Pagina 14 - Wehrenfenning's Analysis and Softening of Boiler Feed-water (Patterson) 8vo, 4 oo Weisbach's Heat, Steam, and Steam-engines. (Du Bois.) 8vo, 5 oo Whitham's Steam-engine Design 8vo, 5 oo Wood's Thermodynamics, Heat Motors, and Refrigerating Machines. . -8vo, 4 oo MECHANICS AND MACHINERY.
Pagina 6 - Fuertes's Water and Public Health i2mo, i 50 Water-filtration Works. i2mo, 2 50 Ganguillet and Kutter's General Formula for the Uniform Flow of Water in Rivers and Other Channels.
Pagina 9 - Manual of Elementary Problems in the Linear Perspective of Form and Shadow...
Pagina 7 - Du Bois's Mechanics of Engineering. Vol. I. Kinematics, Statics, Kinetics Small 4to, 7 50 Vol. II. The Stresses in Framed Structures, Strength of Materials and Theory of Flexures Small 4to, 10 00 * Eckel's Cements, Limes, and Plasters 8vo, 6 00 Stone and Clay Products used in Engineering.
Pagina 13 - Part III. A Treatise on Brasses, Bronzes, and Other Alloys and their Constituents 8vo, 2 50...
Pagina 7 - Martens's Handbook on Testing Materials. (Henning.) 2 vols 8vo, 7 50 Maurer's Technical Mechanics 8vo, 4...
Pagina 9 - Holman's Precision of Measurements 8vo, 2 oo Telescopic Mirror-scale Method, Adjustments, and Tests .... Large 8vo. 75 Karapetoff's Experimental Electrical Engineerine.
Pagina 3 - I2mo, i 50 Poole's Calorific Power of Fuels 8vo, 3 oo Prescott and Winslow's Elements of Water Bacteriology, with Special Reference to Sanitary Water Analysis...

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