A Glossary of Yorkshire Words and Phrases: Collected in Whitby and the Neighbourhood. With Examples of Their Colloquial Use, and Allusions to Local Customs and Trditions

J. R. Smith, 1855 - 204 sider

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Side 196 - The Pilgrim Fathers— Collections concerning the Church or Congregation of Protestant Separatists formed at Scrooby, in North Nottinghamshire, in the time of James I., the Founders of New Plymouth, the Parent Colony of New England.
Side 199 - Philological Proofs of the Original Unity and Recent Origin of the Human Race, derived from a Comparison of the Languages of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 8vo, cloth. 6s (original price 12s 6d) Printed at the suggestion of Dr. Prichard, to whose works it will be found a useful supplement. JONES' (Morris Charles) Valle Crucis Abbey, its Origin and Fountion Charter.
Side 193 - The Anglo-Norman Period. Thick 8vo, cloth, 6s (original price 12s) Published under the superintendence of the Council of the Royal Society of Literature. There is no work in the English Language which gives the reader such a comprehensive and connected History of the Literature of these periods.
Side 198 - A PHILOLOGICAL GRAMMAR, grounded upon English, and formed from a comparison of more than Sixty Languages. Being an Introduction to the Science of Grammars of all Languages, especially English, Latin, and Greek. By the Rev. W. Barnes, B D., of St. John s College, Cambridge; Anthor of " Poems in the Dorset Dialect," " Anglo-Saxon Delectus,
Side 199 - Select Pieces of Old English Popular Poetry, illustrating the Manners and Arts of the XVth Century, edited by JO HALLIWELL, post 8vo. only 100 copies printed...
Side 3 - TO THE LIBRARY OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM; containing a brief History of its formation, and of the various Collections of which it is composed; Descriptions of the Catalogues in present use ; Classed Lists of the Manuscripts...
Side 201 - Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, and the Sepulchral Usages of its Inhabitants, from the most Remote Ages to the Reformation. 8vo, with numerous woodcuts of Tumuli and their contents, Crosses, Tombs, &c., cloth. 15s BATEMAN'S (Thomas) Ten Years...
Side 1 - Facts and Speculations on the History of Playing Cards in Europe. By WA Chatto, author of the " History of Wood Engraving;" with Illustrations by J. Jackson. 8vo, profusely illustrated with engravings, both plain and coloured. Cloth, £1. Is. " The inquiry into the origin and signifi- subject.
Side 195 - PROGRESSES, AND REBELLION OF JAMES, DUKE OF MONMOUTH, &c., to his Capture and Execution, with a full account of the Bloody Assize, and copious Biographical Notices.
Side 197 - JW and his housekeeper ; It gives a curious insight into the early economy of the Methodists. It is entirely unknown to all Wesley's biographers.

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