some few of the tolerable articles I put in my humble claim; while I have no hesitation to declare myself the author of whatever is of a decidedly inferior nature in these sheets.

I have in general translated freely, and for this reason: I do not expect to have many of the learned by profession, or of the very ignorant for my readers; it would be too great a condescension on the part of the former, and my best efforts to make myself intelligible to the latter would prove unavailing; but there is a third class, for which it is well worth writing-5 allude to that respectable order in society, of which the members are anxious for information, without at all times possessing the facility of acquiring it.

As a Divine, an Orator, a Poet, a Philologist, your name stands conspicuously connected with every department of elegant literature. The languages, Sir, both ancient and modern, are within the sphere of your command; you possess, moreover-but wbither am I hurry

ing, forgetting, that your “ Alma Mater," that profound judge of literary excellence, has repeatedly pronounced her unequivocal verdict in your favour?-What I wish then, Sir, to observe, is, that by dedicating this Trifle to you, as to a pre-eminent Scholar, I may seem to aim at intrenching myself behind the broad Ægis of your splendid fame, in order to promote the sale of the little Work; but I here formally enter my protest against every such motive, every such unbecoming ruse, candidly confessing, that I am solely actuated by an ardent desire of publicly acknowledging the many and the great obligations under which you

have laid me, since a lucky chance procured me the honour and the advantage of your acquaintance: Deign then, Sir, to accept this expression of my most lively gratitude, and of my most profound respect,

Multiplici nexu mancipatus.

J. F. Neville

York, June, 1812.

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Copies. Affleck, Rev. Robert, A M. Doncaster

2 Almond, G. Esq. Nottingham

1 Anderson, Lieutenant Colonel, I. F. 0. Louth

2 Apreece, Mrs

............ 2 Arnold, Captain, Royal Engineers, Hull

1 Atkinson, Mr. Brompton

1 B. Baillie, Dr.

...., 1 Baillie, Mrs

1 Baillie, Miss

1 Baillie, Mi J.

1 Barker, E. H. Esq. Trinity College, Cambridge

2 Barnard, H. B. Esq. Cave Castle

2 Bernard, Lieutenant-General Bernard, Mrs Berry, Miss, North Audley-street.

1 Best, Dr. C. York

..... 2 Best, Rev. F.

1 Best, Major, West-Kent Militia

1 Birch, Mr. Surgeon, Nottingham

1 Blanchard, Rev. -, Nottingham Blanchard, Mr. William, York

1 Blanchard, Mr. John, York

1 Blois, Sir C. Bart. Cuckfield Hall, Suffolk .....

.................... 1 Bourillion, Lieutenant J. West Kent Militia

1 Brandling, C. J. Esq. M. P. Gosforth-House

2 Browne, Lieutenant F. G. West Kent Militia

1 Burgh, Mrs. York





Copies. Caledon, Earl of

2 Caledon, Countess of

2 Cayley, Sir G. Bart. Brompton House

Cayley, Miss P. Low Hall, Brompton
Cayley, John, Esq. York
Cayley, Doctor G. Ripon
Cheney, Major-General, Hull

2 Cope, Colonel, Oxton, Nottinghamshire

2 Coultman, John, Esq. York

1 Creyke, Miss E. Marton

1 Croft, Rev. Robert, Canon Residentiary, York ..........

2 Croft, John, Esq. York

1 Croft, Colonel, York

2 Croker, J. W. Secretary to the Admiralty

2 Currer, Rev. D. R. Gledstone House



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D. Danby, William, Esq. Swinton

4 Å Darval, Roger, Esq. York

1 Davies, Captain, West Kent Militia

1 Dawson, Major, York

2 Des Vaux, Captain, York

2 Duffield, Mr. William, Scarborough

Eley, Lieutenant Joho, West Kent Militia
Etridge, Mr. Thomas, York

Fawkes, Walter, Esq. Farnley Hall ....................
Fawkes, Mrs. Ditto

Fenton, Rev. Henry
Ferguson, Major-General ....
Fitzwilliam, Earl of, Wentworth-House

2 Fothergill, Lieutenant-Colonel, Local Militia, Kingthorp 2.






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