The Emporium of Arts & Sciences, Volum 1

John Redman Coxe, Thomas Cooper
Joseph Delaplaine, 1812
Contains instructional essays on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to: the art of making gun flints, the construction of a movable table for the use of engravers, preparing ox-gall, blowing up rocks under water, the manufacture of iron and steel wire and gilt buttons, methods of telegraphic signalling (including smoke signals), and methods for preparing varnishes. Also contains numerous reports on topics such as: spontaneous combustion, the effect of magnetism on time-pieces, the remains of a woolly mammoth, the wines and champagne of France, the construction of theaters (and their acoustical properties), the qualities of rapeseed oil, and many other topics.

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Side 65 - ... of the Secretary of the Treasury, an account of the several manufacturing establishments and manufactures within their several districts, territories, and divisions, and to return the same to the Secretary of the Treasury.
Side 283 - Inventions," affirmed that he had discovered " a method, by which, at a window, as far as eye can discover black from white, a man may hold discourse with his correspondent, without noise made or notice taken ; being according to occasion given, or means afforded, ex re nata, and no need of provision beforehand ; though much better if foreseen, and course taken by mutual consent of parties.
Side 160 - Clues, aged 50, was much addicted to intoxication. Her propensity to this vice had increased after the death of her husband, which happened a year and a half before, For about a year, scarcely a day had passed in the course of which she did not drink at least half a pint of rum or aniseed-water. Her health gradually declined ; and about the beginning of February she was attacked by the jaundice, and confined to her bed. Though...
Side 160 - April, 1744, she got up from her bed as usual. Her daughter, who slept with her, did not perceive she was absent till next morning when she awoke, soon after which she put on her clothes, and going down into the kitchen, found her mother stretched out on the right side, with her head near the grate ; the body extended on the hearth, with the legs on the floor, which was of deal, having the appearance of a log of wood, consumed by a fire without apparent flame.
Side 161 - This woman was found consumed on the 20th of February, 1725, at the distance of a foot and a half from the hearth in her kitchen. A part of the head only, with a portion of the lower extremities, and a few of the vertebrae, had escaped combustion.
Side 358 - ... with an angle of about five degrees and a half, which, from repeated trials, are found equal to any pressure, having in no instance receded, and, when required, were easily removed. The vertical wedge is of wood, lined with a plate of wrought iron, half an inch thick. On the bottom of the dock, in the wake of each block, is a plate of iron of three quarters of an inch thick, so that iron at all times acts in contact with iron.
Side 160 - Clues; one leg and a thigh were still entire, but there remained nothing of the skin, the muscles, and the viscera. The bones of the cranium, the breast, the spine, and the upper extremities were entirely calcined, and covered with a whitish efflorescence. The people were much surprised that the furniture had sustained so little injury. The side of the bed which was next the chimney had suffered most; the wood of it was slightly burned, but the feather-bed, the clothes, and covering were safe.
Side 221 - Besides the advantages already stated, my proposed improvement to the capstan has others of considerable utility. Its construction is so very simple, that it is no more liable to derangement or injury than the capstan itself. Its cost can be but small, and every part of it can be made by a common ship carpenter, and be repaired by him at sea if damaged by shot. It will take up but little room, only that of a half-barrel cask ; and it is of a nature so analogous to that kind of machinery to which...
Side 159 - A small lamp which stood on the floor was covered with ashes, and contained no oil ; the tallow of two candles was melted on a table, but the wicks still remained, and the feet of the candlesticks were covered with a certain moisture. The bed was not damaged ; the...

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