Price 6d. Plain; ls. Coloured:



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Containing the following MAPS, viz.: World :- Mountains

World :-Rain World :-Rivers

World :-Botany England and Wales :-Mountains World :-Zoology and Rivers

World :-Man World :- Temperature

Europe :-Mountains, Rivers, and World :-Winds

varieties of Mankind Set of Outlines for copying the above Maps, price 61.

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OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. “A SERIES OF PHYSICAL MAPS: John Heywood, Manchester.—These Maps are of the same size as those in the “Juvenile Atlas,” but sold separately at a mere nominal charge. The series includes Maps on Botany, Rain, Zoology, Hydrography, Man, &c. In those schools where Physical Geography is taught, teachers will be greatly aided by getting the children to procure for themselves either a part or the whole of this series." - Papers for Schoolmasters.

“Our townsman, Mr. John Heywood, has just issued a ‘Physical Atlas' upon the plan adopted in a former series of maps, and at a price which we understand has insured him the sale of no less then 30,000 copies of that publication. The present collection consists of ten maps, including the mountains of the world, their heights, and the heights of the table-land, the deserts, prairies, &c.; another gives the temperature and currents of the ocean; the mountains and rivers of England and Wales; meteorology, indicating the mean annual temperature of the air throughout the globe; the winds as they chiefly prevail, with the main tracks of navigation; the fall of rain in the proportion ascertained observation from the best sources--a very cleverly arranged map; and the botany, zoology, and ethnology of the world; concluding with a Map of Europe, indicative of the principal mountains, rivers, and the variety of the human family inhabiting its different divisions. Mr. Heywood's enterprise is a great boon to the large masses of people who, desirous of information, have been left in the dark from a want of the means to obtain geographical knowledge. The Atlas is neatly and clearly printed, and wonderfully cheap." - Manchester Examiner and Times.

“John Heywood's PHYSICAL ATLAS.—Some one has said that geography and chronology are the eyes of history; and certainly he that tries to see with others than these organs of historical vision, will not see a great way. The chronological eye has never that we have heard of, been distinguished for its farsightedness. On the whole it has been otherwise with the geographical. D'Anville, Rennell, and more recently Arrowsmith, and especially Johnston, in his great physical atlas, have done much for it. But Arrowsmith is beyond the means of the many; much more even the cheapest form of the atlas of Johnston. As, however, the very best of anything whatever, has ever a next best to it, so here we have a little physical atlas (ten maps in all, and all for 6d.), in which we have, though on a small scale, but with distinct notation, those characteristics that have made Johnston's maps the greatest contribution to geographical science.”—Manchester Guardian.

“PHYSICAL Atlas. Manchester: John Heywood.—This little work contains ten physical maps, at a ren rkably low price. It is intended mainly for schools, and as an introduction to the young student; but it contains a fund of information equally valuable to children of a larger growth. The maps are neatly and clearly engraved ; and taking into account the immense amount of knowledge conveyed in them, must be pronounced the most valuable contribution to the good work of education in this department ever accomplished. They are decidedly the best and

worth of knowledge ever submitted to our notice." - Liverpool Mey

A liberal Allowal

May be obtained through



PRICE 6s.,


Containing numerous correct Alphabets, a valuable selection of Flourishes and Ornamental Penmanship, &c.

BY ASHBY. Nothing contributes so much to establish Freedom and Expedition in Writing, as frequent practice in striking simple bold flourishes, capital letters, &c., by command of the hand. Therefore those who wish to acquire this excellence, will meet with a greater variety of examples in this work than any other of the kind. The want of correct Alphabets in the Black Hand having been long complained of, most minute attention has been paid to the letters, &c. ; and as no expense has been spared in the engraving, it is presumed they will prove a standard to such as wish to acquire precise ideas of their true character, The admirers of th iful part of Penmanship will here find themselves amply gratified. The above may be had in separate SHEETS, price 2d. each; and in

6 Parts, at ls. each.

Price ls. 6d.,

A New System of Book-keeping,

Especially adapted to the business of a RETAIL TRADER, and arranged for

By JOHN LITCHFIELD, Accountant, Manchester.

Five Blank Books for practising ditto, 6d. each.

Price 6d., The

Manchester & Liverpool Spelling Book,

ON A NEW PLAN, With complete Lists of Prefixes, Affixes, Arithmetical Tables,

&c. &c.



Drawing Books, Nos.1,2,& 3.--6d. each.

A SPECIMEN of any of J. HEYWOOD's Publications will be sent free on

receipt of Postage Stamps equal to the Price stated.

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