You Have Been Given to the Covenant: The Way of the Cross


In " You Have Been Given To The Covenant " Jesus reveals His heart and what he expects from mankind.

It has outstanding revelations straight from the mouth of God.

It is a call to recieve His blood covenant by picking up our cross and following Him.

It is a calling to partake of the communion of the blood of Christ. A " going on " in the blood of Jesus after recieving His blood sacrifice for eternal life. Revealing how we have to keep on recieving His blood of the new covenant.

He challenges His people to come out of the world to be a strong soldier in His army that He is the sponsor of.

It is a call for an awakening in our spirits to an understanding about what God is going to do before His coming. He reveals His sons and daughters. Also, He reveals who the false prophet is that is spoken of in the book of Revelation.

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