Royal warrant for the pay and promotion, non-effective pay, and allowances of her majesty's forces serving elsewhere than in India


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Side 94 - ... to bring with him the articles, of clothing of which he will receive notice, and which must afterwards be kept up at his own expense. He...
Side 238 - Should a pensioner lose his instructions, and make an application for a fresh copy, he may be supplied therewith on making an affidavit of the circumstances under which the original was lost, and provided it shall be shown that the same had not been pledged or improperly disposed of; but if the pensioner be proved to have Jaken a false oath, he shall be struck off the pension list.
Side 177 - To those whose Fathers are ordered on Foreign Service ; or whose parents have other children to maintain.
Side 93 - the son of an Officer below the rank of Colonel or Regimental Field Officer in the Army and Captain or Commander in the Navy, or of an Instructor at the Royal Military Academy or Royal Military College or Staff College - - - - - - 40...
Side 108 - ... civil court, or a courtmartial, or detention in respect of trial for an offence of which he is afterwards convicted, desertion or absence without leave exceeding five days or as a prisoner of war, unless it appear to the satisfaction of a court-martial to be summoned on his rejoining Her Majesty's service, that he was not taken prisoner through his own wilful neglect of duty, and that he rejoined as soon as he could and ought to have done.
Side 72 - Medical officers of the rank of surgeon-major or surgeon shall be placed on the retired list at the age of 55, and all surgeons-general and deputy surgeonsgeneral at the age of 60 years.
Side 229 - Ditto, whether it be the right or the left; but if a Soldier shall have lost one eye by a wound in action, or by the effects of service, and shall receive other wounds or injuries in action, or be otherwise so disabled as to render his discharge necessary, the loss of an eye shall be taken into consideration in fixing the Pension at such a rate as his combined wounds or disabilities may entitle him to receive.

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