The Poetic Edda: Essays on Old Norse Mythology

Paul Acker, Carolyne Larrington
Routledge, 8. feb. 2002 - 300 sider
First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Poetic Edda

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I just got this in the mail; I haven't had a chance to read it or even thumb through it yet, but I'm excited about the extra material. The genealogies seem useful. However, the item shipped was NOT hardcover, as i expected. Les hele vurderingen

Review: The Poetic Edda

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I didn't like how she translated names. Magic-elf sounds shit compared to Gandalf, and it's really fun the first time you realise how much stuff Tolkien lifted from Norse mythology. Larrington steals ... Les hele vurderingen


The Founding of Migarr Vglusp 18 tr Paul Acker
Gunnlǫ and the Precious Mead tr Katrina Attwood Hvaml
Cosmic History Cosmic
Skrnisml 31 68 and OE Metrical
Hrbarsljό as Generic Farce
A Reevaluation
Reading rymskvia MargaretCluniesRoss
Dwarflore in Alvssml
Some Medieval Christian Analogues
Vǫlusp Baldrs draumar and Hyndluljό
General Bibliography

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Om forfatteren (2002)

Paul Acker is Professor of English at Saint Louis University, where he teaches Old English, Old Icelandic, and History of the English Language.

Carolyne Larrington is Fellow and Tutor in Medieval English Language and Literature at St John’s College, Oxford.

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