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Side 4 - When any officer or soldier is accused of a capital crime, or of any offense against the person or property of any citizen of any of the United States, which is punishable by the laws of the land, the commanding officer, and the officers of the regiment, troop, battery, company, or detachment, to which the person so accused belongs, are required, except in time of war, upon application duly made by or in behalf of the party injured...
Side 3 - Army; for the payment of the regulation allowances for commutation in lieu of rations to enlisted men on furlough, to ordnance-sergeants on duty at ungarrisoned posts, to enlisted men stationed at places where rations in kind can not be economically issued to enlisted men traveling on detached duty when it is impracticable to carry rations...
Side 5 - An act to provide for the disposal of abandoned and useless military reservations,
Side 5 - ... to be placed under the control of the Secretary of the Interior for disposition as hereinafter provided and shall cause to be filed with the Secretary of the Interior a notice thereof.
Side 6 - Pacific; for procuring water at such posts as, from their situation, require it to be brought from a distance...

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