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Legendre's Geometry. 8vo. (In preparation.)

To the complete translation of the latest edition of the standard work of Legendre are appended many exercises in geometrical analysis, with hints for their solution.

Analytical Geometry. (In preparation.)


Holmes' Grammars, Readers, Histories.

Introduction to English Grammar.

English Grammar.

12mo. 90 cts.


It is peculiarly clear and perspicuous in its arrangement and style, while its acute observations condense in small compass a large amount of information for advanced scholars and teachers without interfering with the simplicity of method appropriate to an elementary book.

Manual of English Composition and Criticism.

(In preparation.)

School History of the United States.

Illustrated with numerous engravings and maps. 366 pages. $1.50.

Holmes' Primer.


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156 pages.

20 cts.

Holmes' Elementary Speller. 12mo.
Holmes' First Reader. 12mo.

60 pages.

Holmes' Second Reader. 12mo. 120 pages.

Holmes' Third Reader. 12mo.

Holmes' Fourth Reader. 12mo.

35 cts.

192 pages. 50 cts.

276 pages. 75 cts.

Holmes' Fifth Reader. 12mo. 408 pages.


Holmes' Sixth or Academic Reader. (In press.) Holmes' School Speaker. (In preparation.) Elementary School Charts.

(In preparation.)

These Readers are carefully graduated, thoroughly practical, and attractive in pictorial and mechanical features. The type is clear and bold, the paper good, and the binding firm and substantial. The varied selections are admirably adapted to sustain the interest of the pupil. The classification of words in the Speller is adapted to simplify the study of orthography, and secure a correct pronunciation by thorough training in all the oral elements.

English Literature.

An Historical Sketch of English Literature from the earliest times. By Prof. R. M. JOHNSTON and WM. HAND 12mo.


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