The Nautical Magazine: A Technical and Critical Journal for the Officers of the Mercantile Marine, Volum 10

James Brown & Son, 1841

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Side 757 - The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal granting the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland unto Henr}' Baron Brougham and Vaux, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten...
Side 23 - Now, these observations were made in the very locality from which some of the first waters which I examined were taken, and nothing more is wanting to identify the cause of the rapid decay of' the ship's copper with that of the mortality of the climate. It has been experimentally found, that so small a mixture as a fifteen hundredth...
Side 360 - During these experiments we experienced a heavy shower of rain; but we were so interested by the awful sight before us that we did not care for getting wet. On the opposite side, near a large stone, was the skeleton of a human being, who must have perished on his back, with his right hand under his head.
Side 273 - The crew were at three watches, except upon some extraordinary occasions. By this means they were not so much exposed to the weather, as if they had been at watch and watch ; and had generally dry clothes to shift themselves, when they happened to get wet.
Side 274 - It was my first care to procure what could be met with of either by every means in my power, and to oblige our people to make use thereof, both by my example and authority; but the benefits arising from such refreshments soon became so obvious, that I had little occasion to employ either the one or the other.
Side 273 - ... with pease and vegetables for dinner. It enabled us to make several nourishing and wholesome messes, and was the means of making the people eat a greater quantity of vegetables than they would otherwise have done.
Side 359 - ... and the whole covered with the skeletons of human beings, tigers, pigs, deer, peacocks, and all sorts of birds. We could not perceive any vapour or any opening in the ground, which last appeared to us to be of a hard sandy substance.
Side 742 - feelings,' as I would have been responsible that Canton should be equally spared, with the exception of its defences, and that not a soldier should have entered the town further than the fortified heights within its walls.
Side 694 - ... barometer always foretells their approach, and generally begins to fall three or four days before the commencement of the gale — besides which, there are other never-failing indications of a northerly wind, such as, the change of the current, which, (owing to the prevailing southerly winds,) usually sets to the northward, but runs strong to the southward during northerly winds — frequently preceding them, and giving more timely notice than the barometer. A rising of the water is likewise...
Side 273 - ... spoils not by keeping. A pound of this was served to each man when at sea, twice a week or oftener, as was thought necessary.

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