7s. 1089 Come unto me, all yc that are heavy

laden, and I will give you rest.—Matt. 11. 28.
1 CEARY souls, that wander wide

Turn to Jesus crucified,
Fly to those dear wounds of His ;
Wash in His atoning blood,

Rise into the life of God.
2 Find in Christ the



Peace unspeakable, unknown:
By His pain He gives you ease,
Life by His expiring groan :
Rise, exalted by His fall,

Find in Christ your all in all.
3 O believe the record true,

God to you His Son hath given !

may now be happy too ;
Find on earth the life of heaven :
Live the life of heaven above,
All the life of glorious love.

C. WESLEY. 1740.

S.M. 1090 The Spirit and the Bride say, Come.

Rev. 22. 17.

Spirit to hearts
Is whispering, -Sinner, come ;

The Bride, the Church of Christ, proclaims

To all His children,-Come.
2 Let him that heareth say

To all about him,–Come;
Let him that thirsts for righteousness

To Christ, the fountain, come.
3 Yes! whosoever will,

( let him freely come,
And freely drink the stream of life;

'Tis Jesus bids him come.

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4 Lo! Jesus, who invites,

Declares,- I quickly come;
Lord, even so ! I wait Thy hour :
Jesus, my Saviour, come !

H. U. ONDERDONK. 1828.

L.M. 1091 Take heed test these things depart from thy

heart.-Deut. 4. 9.
1 DO not let the word depart,

And close thine eyes against the light:
Poor sinner, harden not thine heart;

Thou wouldst be saved, why not to-night? 2 To-morrow's sun may never rise,

To bless thy long deluded sight;
This is the time, O then be wise !

Thou wouldst be saved, why not to-night? 3 Our God in pity lingers still,

And wilt thou thus His love requite ?
Renounce at length thy stubborn will;

Thou wouldst be saved, why not to-night? 4 The world has nothing left to give,

It has no new, no pure delight;
Oh! try the life which Christians live!

Thou wouldst be saved, why not to-night? 5 Our blessed Lord refuses none

Who would to Him their souls unite;
Then be the work of grace begun;
Thou wouldst be saved, why not to-night?

MRS. A. REED, 1842.

P.M. 1092 It is done as Thou hast commanded, and

yet there is room.-Luke 14. 22. 1 “ there is

The Lamb's bright

* YEThall of song

room !"

With its fair glory, beckons thee along.


Room, room, still room!

Oh, enter, enter, ! 2 Day is declining, and the sun is low :

The shadows lengthen, light makes haste to go. 3 The bridal hall is filling for the feast,

Pass in, pass in, and be the Bridegroom's guest. 4 It fills, it fills, that hall of jubilee! [thee.

Make haste, make haste : 'tis not too full for 5 Yet there is room! Still open stands the gate,

The gate of love; it is not yet too late. 6 Pass in, pass in! That banquet is for thee;

That cup of everlasting love is free. 7 · All heaven is there: all joy! Go in, go in,

The angels beckon thee the prize to win. 8 Louder and sweeter sounds the loving call;

Come, lingerer, come; enter that festal hall. 9 Ere night that gate may close, and seal thy doom :

[room!" Then the last low, long cry:

“ No room, no
No room, no room!

“ No room!”

H. BONAR. 1874.




1093 Jesus, Master, Have mercy on us.

78. ,

mercy on us.

Luke 17. 13.
1 SINFUL, sighing to be blest;

Bound, and longing to be free;
Weary, waiting for my rest;
- God be merciful to me!”

2 Goodness I have none to plead;
Sinfulness in all I

I can only bring my need;

God be merciful to me!”
3 Broken heart and downcast eyes

Dare not lift themselves to Thee,
Yet Thou canst interpret sighs ;

God be merciful to me!”
4 From this sinful heart of mine

To Thy bosom I would flee;
I am not my own, but Thine;

“ God be merciful to me!”
5 There is One beside the throne,

And my only hope and plea
Are in Him, and Him alone;

“ God be merciful to me!
6 He my cause will undertake,

My Interpreter will be ;
He's my all, and for His sake,
“God be merciful to me!”

J. S. B. MONSELL, 1865.



Stood at His feet, wecping.

Luke 7. 38.
1 EPTH of mercy, can there be

Mercy still reserved for me?
Can my God His wrath forbear?
Me, the chief of sinners, spare ?
I have long withstood His grace,
Long provoked Him to His face;
Would not hearken to His calls :

Grieved Him by a thousand falls.
2 Jesus, answer from above:

Is not all Thy nature love ?

Wilt Thou not the wrong forget?
Suffer me to kiss Thy feet?
If I rightly read Thy heart,
If Thou all compassion art,
Bow Thine ear, in mercy

Pardon and accept me now.
3 Pity from Thine eye let fall ;

By a look my soul recall ;
Now the stone to flesh convert,
Cast a look, and break my heart.
Now incline me to repent:
Let me now my fall lament:
Now my foul revolt deplore;
Weep, believe, and sin no more.



1095 God be merciful to me a sinner.

Luke 18. 13.
1 HEAR, gracious God! a sinner's cry,

For I have nowhere else to fly;
My hope, my only hope's in Thee:

() God, be merciful to me!
2 To Thee I come, a sinner poor,

And wait for mercy at Thy door;
Indeed, I've nowhere else to flee :

O God, be merciful to me!
3 To Thee I come, a sinner weak,

And scarce know how to pray or speak;
From fear and weakness set me free:

O God, be merciful to me!
4 To Thee I come, a sinner vile,

Upon me, Lord, vouchsafe to smile
Mercy alone I make my plea :
O God, be merciful to me!

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