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Our only voice Thy Spirit's groan;

Lord, teach us how to pray!
3 We know not how to seek Thy face,

Unless Thou lead the way;
We have no words unless Thy grace

Lord, teach us how to pray !
4 Here every thought and fond desire

We on Thy altar lay,
And when our souls have caught Thy fire,
Lord, teach us how to pray!

J. S. B. MONSELL. 1863. 1120 The Life was the light of men.—John 1. 4. 1 IGHT of life, seraphic fire,

u Love Divine, Thyself impart; Every fainting soul inspire;

Shine in every drooping heart.
2 Every mourning sinner cheer;

Scatter all our guilty gloom.
Son of God, appear! appear!

To Thy living temples come.
3 Come, in this accepted hour;

Bring Thy heavenly Kingdom in;
Fill us with Thy glorious power,

Rooting out the love of sin.
4 Nothing more can we require,

We will ask for nothing less ;
Be Thou all our hearts' desire,
All our joy, and all our peace.

C. WESLEY. 1734.

C.M. 1121 God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be

tempted above that ye are able.-1 Cor. 10. 13. 1 HERE is no sorrow, Lord, too light

To bring in prayer to Thee;

There is no anxious care too slight

To wake Thy sympathy.
2 Thou who hast trod the thorny road

Wilt share each small distress;
The love which bore the greater load

Will not refuse the less.
3 There is no secret sigh we breathe

But meets Thine ear Divine;
And every cross grows light beneath

The shadow, Lord, of Thine.
4 Life's ills without, sin's strife within,

The heart would overflow,
But for that love which died for sin,
That love which wept with woe.




1122 ,

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of

God.-1 John 4. 7.
1 ELOVED, let us love!

Love is of God :
In God alone hath love

Its true abode.
2 Beloved, let us love!

For they who love-
They only are His sons,

Born from above.
3 Beloved, let us love!

For love is rest;

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And He who loveth not

Abides unblest.
4 Beloved, let us love !

In love is light;
And he who loveth not

Dwelleth in night.
5 Beloved, let us love!

For only thus
Shall we be with that God
Who loveth us.

H. BONAR. 1880. 1123 We love Him, because He first loved us.

1 John 4. 19. 1

The image of the Godhead here ; Who soughtest me with tender care Through all my wanderings wild and drear; O Love, I give myself to Thee,

Thine ever, only Thine to be.
2 O Love, who ere life's earliest dawn

On me Thy choice hast gently laid ;
O Love, who here as man wast born,
And wholly like to us wast made ;
O Love, I give myself to Thee,

Thine ever, only Thine to be.
3 O Love, who once in time wast slain,

Pierced through and through with bitter woe;
O Love, who wrestling thus didst gain
That we eternal joy might know;
O Love, I give myself to Thee,

Thine ever, only Thine to be.
4 O Love, who lovedst me for aye,

Who for my soul dost ever plead;


O Love, who didst my ransom pay,
Whose power sufficeth in

O Love, I give myself to Thee,

Thine ever, only Thine to be.
5 O Love, who once shalt bid me rise,

From out this dying life of ours;
O Love, who once o'er yonder skies
Shalt set me in the fadeless bowers ;
O Love, I give myself to Thee,
Thine ever, only Thine to be.


112th. 1124 I will love Thee, O Lord, my strength.

Ps. 18. 1.
1 THEE will I love, my strength, my tower ;

Thee will I love, my joy, my crown ;
Thee will I love, with all my power,
In all Thy works, and Thee alone ;
Thee will I love, till the pure

Fills my whole soul with strong desire.
2 I thank Thee, uncreated Sun,

That Thy bright beams have on me shined ;
I thank Thee, who hast overthrown
My foes, and healed my wounded mind.
I thank Thee, Lord, whose quickening voice

Bids my freed heart in Thee rejoice. 3 Uphold me in the doubtful race,

Nor suffer me again to stray ;
Strengthen my feet with steady pace
Still to press forward in Thy way;
My soul and flesh, O Lord of might,
Transfigure with Thy heavenly light.

4 Thee will I love, my joy, my crown, Thee will I love, my

Lord, my

Thee will I love, beneath Thy frown,
Or smile—Thy sceptre, or Thy rod;
What though my flesh and heart decay,
Thee shall I love in endless day!

TR. BY J. WESLEY. 1740.

1125 The love of Christ which passeth knowledge.

Eph. 3. 19. 1

I passetes knowledge, that dear love of Thine, Would of Thy love, in all its breadth and

length, Its height and depth, and everlasting strength,

Know more and more. 2 It passeth telling, that dear love of Thine,

My Jesus, Saviour; yet these lips of mine Would fain proclaim, to sinners far and near, A love which can remove all guilty fear,

And love beget. 3 It passeth praises, that dear love of Thine,

My Jesus, Saviour; yet this heart of mine Would sing that love, so full, so rich, so free, Which brings a rebel sinner, such as me,

Nigh unto God.
4 Oh, All me, Jesus, Saviour, with Thy love!

Lead, lead me to the living fount above!
Thither may I, in simple faith, draw nigh,
And never to another fountain fly,

But unto Thee.
5 And when my Jesus face to face I see,
When at His lofty throne I bow the knee;

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